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9 Things to Be Grateful For Right Now: How to Take Nothing For Granted

Life doesn’t last forever. Learn to grateful for the things available to us and not take anything for granted. There are many things to be grateful for. Start living a life of gratitude with a few of these examples.

Things to be grateful for

Appreciate things when you have them. Not before getting them, and not after losing them. Take nothing for granted; It's human nature to chase after things we don't and cannot have, and we easily forget about the blessings in our life we already have. In order to change that, you must make a conscious effort to remind yourself the things you are thankful for.

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Things you could be grateful for

1. Relationships

2. Random events

3. The Challenge

4. Friends

5. Existence

6. Others

7. Freedom

8. Family

9. You

As Long as You Remember to Be Grateful For, You Will Never Again Make People Feel Unappreciated and Harm the World We Live In

Take more time to observe life and what it has to offer and you will realize there are many things to be grateful for. Slow the pace of your busy lifestyle and enjoy the less-appreciated aspects that others take for granted.

1. Your Relationship

The thought that you put into your relationships is what he appreciates the most. The best things that guys love to hear are when you show your appreciation for him. Words like "I understand", "thank you", and "I like you" go a long ways in maintaining a healthy relationship. Be thankful that you have someone to talk to about your troubles, and someone to share good times with. If you remind yourself how lucky you are for being desired by someone else, your life troubles start to melt away.

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First love

It's good to be wanted and loved by someone else. That is why we have relationships. The feeling of our first love will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Relationships always start out good and then we start seeing trouble months afterward. But those who are well-adjusted and thankful for the things they have in life are more likely to keep relationships than have their heart broken.

2. Randomness of Life

Things happen for a reason, they say. I don't think so. Life is just a random assortment of events strung together and taken by most to have such deep meaning. But it doesn't. Life is what you make of it. You could either have a positive view of the events that happen in your day, or a negative one. Depending on which you choose, you are either being grateful or taking for granted that which is unique and special.

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The good days and the bad

Appreciating life and everything it has to offer. Enjoy the good days, and push through the hard days understanding that life cannot always be good for you. Everyone has bad days; it's how you respond to those days and bounce back that defines who you are as a person.

3. Challenges

Everything you experience in life is a blessing. For without the challenges we face, we would not grow as individuals. Learn to take the bad with the good. Because on the road in life, it's not about the destination but the journey.

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By the time you've grown old, you will appreciate all of the challenges you faced as it made you capable of achieving success.

Hang in There

The most satisfying feeling is being able to overcome an obstacle against all odds. Strive to do things that people keep telling you that you can't do. Keep fighting, because the struggle is what makes life worthwhile.

4. Your Friends

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Your best friends are the main influences on your life during adolescence. The person you are today is thanks to your buddies from primary and higher education. If you aren't as close to them as you used to be, be sure to let them know how much their friendship meant to you. Thank them for all the good times. They will be forever grateful and it will solidify your friendship for years to come. There is no such thing as overexpressing your appreciation to old friends.

Finding good friends is hard

You don't only get one group of friends like you do your family; but they are important nonetheless. Taking your friends for granted is not something you should take lightly. If they are there for you in times of need, then do them the same favor. Appreciate each other, because finding good friends these days is like finding a needle in the haystack.

5. Your Existence

Understand that you only get one chance at living. You are a very tiny thing in a big world inside a vast universe consisting of many different living organisms. When you put your own life in perspective, you realize more things to be grateful for and take less for granted. Count your blessings by spending your time around people who care about you and celebrate your existence. Your family and friends will support you through your tough times and celebrate your accomplishments.

Every day above ground

Why would you take your own existence for granted? It's all that you have, when it comes down to it. Yet everybody does it; everybody takes living for granted. People take food, water, shelter for granted all the time. Just taking a few minutes out of your day to be thankful that you are living today can really put your life in perspective and have a word of appreciation the small details of life. Every day above ground is a good one.

6. Other's Existence

What if there was an apocalypse and you were the only survivor? I would be scared. Humans are social animals. Without others around us, we become lonely and depressed. Use this mindset to appreciate the people surrounding you. Start to think about everyone in your area as neighbors. Think about nature, animals, and plants as a gift given to you. They are put here for our enjoyment. We should treat nature with the utmost respect and appreciation.

They deserve your respect

Others only get one chance at living, same as you. So they deserve your respect and appreciation the same way you expect theirs for your existence. Don't take other people for granted; they are important as your mind thinks they are. Assume that each person you meet is important so that you don't take their presence for granted.

7. Your Freedom

Understand that not everyone in life was dealt the same playing cards. Be grateful for your upbringing, good health, and your freedom. Sometimes it takes someone getting thrown in jail to appreciate the feeling of freedom. You are free to do literally anything in life. Your life is in your hands! This is one of the things to be grateful for and never taken for granted. Your right to free speech, and free thinking should be taken full advantage of.

First world problems

Freedom is something commonly taken for granted in first world countries. That's where the phrase "first world problems" came from. It is people who are pampered and spoiled and aren't grateful for the conveniences that they have in life. People always have things they want to complain about. If only they knew that going somewhere else would make them at least temporarily appreciate the home they left. You may live in a great country with many freedoms that you wouldn't get elsewhere. You won't know how thankful you are for them until you no longer have those freedoms. Appreciate being free while you are young and have less responsibilities and worries.

8. Your Parents

Never take your parents for granted, especially your mother! She gave birth to you. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have two parents that stuck around and raised you even if they may have had other plans for their life. It's not your parents' responsibility to make sure you live a good life, it is only their responsibility to make sure you survive. So if they did their job, thank them for it and be forever indebted to your parents for shaping you into the person you are today.

Appreciate your parents while you can

You may be angry with your parents sometimes, and you may wish that you have different parents, but it's important to appreciate them anyways. It's also important to show appreciation for them also. It's likely that they will pass away in your lifetime. If that thought bothers you and would leave you feeling regretful, that means you haven't appreciated them as much as you should have been doing. Don't wait until they are gone to have feelings of regret. Make your time with your parents the best you can so that you are not regretful later. You should always be grateful that your parents have done the things they have done for you. They will always be your family no matter what happens. Take care of them like they took care of you when you were younger.

9. You

We have a tendency to overlook all the good that we have done in our lives, which is a shame. You appreciate yourself by choosing to accept yourself as you are and not what other people see you as.

Appreciate Yourself

If we acknowledge the greatness that is ourselves, we are loving ourselves unconditionally. Love is a miracle cure for overcoming many of life's hardships. Appreciating yourself means not being your own worst critic. Don't beat yourself up over your mistakes; learn from them instead.

What to be grateful for

There are many things to be grateful for. Life is a beautiful spectacle filled with excitement and uncertainty. You should be thankful for every day on earth. Every day above ground is one worth living. Stay strong through the bad days and celebrate the good days. Remember that small things in life that people often take for granted make a big difference in everyday living. Pay attention to these little details and use them as your guiding force towards happiness.