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How to Be Kind: Why Is Kindness the Most Important Virtue?

So you are interested in how to be kind. We all want to become a better person and it’s no secret that kindness is a virtue important enough to research. Success is meaningless if you have to achieve it through being a jerk.

How to Be Kind and Get Everyone on Your Side

If you are the life of the party, but nobody can seem to remember your name afterwards, then there may be something lacking from your personality. In case you were to be a little more kind and made people feel special, you would become more memorable. How to be kind is a technique that will make you very popular within a short amount of time. All you have to do is treat others the way you would like to be treated and you are on your way to being a kind person.


How to be kind

1. Hold the Door Open for Others

How often are you guilty of not opening the door for others? Chances are you underestimate the value of the impact of a small thing like this. It requires very little time and effort from your part. Small sacrifice, potentially high reward.

2. People are Allowed to Be Wrong Sometimes

Give others the benefit of doubt and allow them to make mistakes. We are all human, after all. Be empathetic when someone is struggling and pick others up instead of kicking them while they're down.

3. Highlight his Best Features

Everyone has their strengths and you should play on them. Make everyone serve an important role in your life by telling them how important they are to you. Make people feel special and they will remember your kindness forever.

4. Use Compliments Wisely

Compliments are a powerful thing. Anyone who tells you to use compliments with caution isn't giving you the right advice. They should be used liberally, as there should be no such thing as brown nosing. You are merely being a kind person.

5. Cheer Up

Put a smile on your face whether it's a good or bad day. You could potentially turn a bad day into a great day just by projecting kindness on your face.

There are many ways to improve your kindness factor. In fact, there are so many options that you can practically work on improving yourself all day if you put your mind to it. Anywhere where there are people, there are opportunities to show others what a great person you are. If you are dedicated to a life of kindness, you can start with a few of these examples.

People Would Much Rather Be Around Someone Who Knows How to Be Kind than Someone Who Only Thinks About Themselves

Kindness is such an underrated virtue and the impact it has on humanity spreads positive messages. Do kind things because it is the right thing to do.

1. How to Be Kind: Hold the Door Open


It doesn't matter who it is behind you. Everyone appreciates someone who is courteous and nothing shows courteousness quite like someone who opens doors for others. Don't just do it out of obligation, do it with a smile on your face like you are happy to help. This is a small gesture with big implications. Small things like this make the world go round.

2. Let People's Mistakes Slide

woman comforting another

Seriously, people are too critical these days. How can anyone be expected to be confident with themselves if they are being put down all the time? If someone makes a mistake, they don't need to be constantly reminded of it. Instead of criticism, point out a way they can improve and move on. It never helps to criticize unless it is constructive criticism.

3. Play Up to Someone's Strengths

puzzle pieces supporting each other

In order to be a part of a team or a group you must make everyone in the group feel useful. They need tasks that help them play to their strengths. Make sure everyone knows what their role is and that they are doing a good job.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Compliment

Woman complimenting a male friend

People love compliments, regardless of how they react. Some people aren't as good as others at taking a compliment. Don't be one of those people who can't take a compliment. Appreciate everyone's compliments and compliment them back. Make everyone feel wanted and appreciated by pointing out what they are wearing or how you like something they changed about their appearance.

5. Be Happy

happy woman with eyes closed breathing fresh air outdoors

Smile and be an approachable person. That way you actually get the chance to be kind. First you have to impress others with the way you look and the way you carry yourself. Then, when they are drawn in by your positive aura, you back it up by showing kindness to them. Many people know how to be kind hearted, but not everyone knows how to look kind.

6. How to Be Kind: Don't Forget Common Courtesies

small gift in hands of woman

Always express your gratitude when somebody shows you kindness. This can be as simple as saying ‘thank you'. You cannot say these words too often. Some people see common courtesies as a sign of weakness, but these people are not trying to be as kind as you. We would not be a civilized society without phrases of gratitude. Be the best person you can be by remembering these kind courtesies.

7. Help a Cause

woman holding charity box

Donation and volunteering is an excellent way to help a cause. Donations don't have to be extraordinary. Just donating your time is sufficient and goes a long way in improving your community. People are always in need of a helping hand. If someone you know is sick in the hospital, send them a token of goodwill or a message hoping they are doing well. It's little things like these that show you have a kind heart.

8. Be Wary of Negativity

woman blowing flower
Blow away negative energy when no one is around

Whether the negative energy is coming from you or someone else, start ignoring it. Stop complaining all the time and stop being a pessimist. On the long run, it is healthier to have good thoughts and to be surrounded by people that have good things to say. Life is too short to be talking bad about yourself or other people.

9. How to Be Kind: Be a Gift-Giver

woman in sunglasses enjoying shopping

Buying gifts doesn't have to cost you a whole lot and the things you buy are a lot more important to others than the luxuries that you buy for yourself. After a while material possessions get old. But the feeling knowing you made someone's day better is priceless and gift-giving never gets old. Find ways to express your kindness with small tokens of gratitude.

10. Have Kind Role Models

woman in blue head scarf

There are many people out there, including your parents, who have a wealth of knowledge about the world and that should not be taken for granted. Learn from other people's social successes and failures and incorporate everything you learn into your own life. Have a role model or a mentor who guides you on the path of kindness. The crowd you hang out with makes all the difference in turning you into the kind of person you want to be. Pick and choose your friends and role models carefully.

11. Kindness Knows No Boundaries

woman sitting on window sill reflecting on view of city drinking a cup of coffee

Don't pick and choose your requirements for who deserves your kindness. Everyone deserves to be treated equally. Be kind because it is the right thing to do, not because you like someone or out of an obligation. Without kindness, we are all just animals fighting over scraps. To be a civilized person, you must look past race and social class when treating people with kindness. Regardless of their background, they will most likely return your kindness. Being kind brings so many rewards that it makes no sense not to practice it.