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Things That Make People Happy: 11 Ways to Make Someone Happier

You are not weird by asking yourself how you can make someone happy. Just think about all the things that make you happy. If something makes you happy, most likely it will bring joy to other people as well.

Thinks that make people happy

Are you thinking about how to make someone's day? It proves that you are a good person and you can expect for others to return the favor. There is a lot you could do for the people around you. In the majority of the cases it is enough for you to give them a smile or offer a kind word. The truth is that today's society isn't used to having kind people around. As a result people will really appreciate what you're trying to do and they will be nice to you in return.

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Ways to make people happy

1. Compliments

2. Gratitude

3. Encouragement

4. Food

5. Messages

6. Smiles

7. Coffee

8. Positivity

9. Favors

10. Freedom

11. Support

How Do You Make Someone Happy to Turn Their Day around and Make It a Day that They Will Truly Remember

So, how can you make someone happy? What does it take for you to find what makes people happy and to make it come true for them? One of the most important is, of course, saying something nice.

1. Offer a compliment

If you are wondering how do you make someone happy, you should think of things you don't need money for. One of the best ways to make someone happy is to give them an honest compliment. There are a lot of positive things in life that are left unsaid. You should think of a compliment that is close to a given person's heart.

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You could also think about something that they put a lot of effort into. For instance, if you have a colleague who has been working out a lot lately, you should say something nice about their figure. Just make you offer an honest compliment or they will think you are mocking them.

2. Express gratitude

It doesn't cost you anything to say thank you for the things you usually take for granted. When you are thinking about how to make someone happy, you should know that all people like having their work appreciated. You can express your appreciation by acknowledging their efforts. For example, thank your boyfriend for the coffee he makes you in the morning or your mom for the food she prepares when you visit.

A cup of coffee with hearts made of ground coffee on top of the foam.

Also don't forget about your friends who are always there for you and who always listen to you. It's the happiness at its finest! These are the small things that could go unnoticed it you're not considerate enough.

3. Offer some encouragement

We are living in a tough and discouraging world. This is why it might be important for people to get some encouragement from time to time. If there is someone who is sad or pessimistic about a situation, you should offer them your optimistic view. If you are thinking about making someone happy, this is one of the best things you could do.

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By offering a different point of view, you will show them that the world isn't only black and white. There are numerous shades of grey that people can work with to turn the situation for the better.

4. Get some takeout

Specialists always say that people should never turn to comfort food. However, sometimes this is exactly what people need. Offering good food is one of the best ways to make someone happy. Let's say that you know your way around the kitchen, you could be thinking about something homemade. However, if this isn't the case, takeout food is only one call away.

Toasted bread and a salad.

Most probably you know what their favorite food is. Just order some and sit down to eat with them. Sharing a meal will make it easier for people to open up about their problems and they will appreciate your concern.

5. Surprise them with a secret note

Are you wondering how can I make someone happy? There is nothing a secret note can't handle. If you are thinking about someone close to you, you could hide a note in their lunch box. If it is a colleague, you could leave a post-it note on their laptop or somewhere else where they are bound to find it.

Blank sheets of a notebook

For sure you'd like to have such cute surprises as well. As a variation, you could surprise them with a piece of chocolate that they like or some other sweets. Maybe you have an inside joke of some kind.

6. Cast a smile

You could do a lot of things to make someone happy, but there is one simple thing that most people seem to forget about: smiling. A smile is easy to offer and you should know that smiling is like a disease: it's contagious and if you smile, the people around you will smile too. It is a known fact that if you smile at someone, they feel almost compelled to smile back.

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Just try it: walk on the street and smile at random people. You will make them feel special, thus making them feel better about themselves, and most probably they will smile back at you.

7. Coffee is the answer

If you would like to offer something to someone who is having a bad day, it might be good to know what their favorite coffee is like. As simple as it may sound, coffee is one of the things that make people happy. All you have to do is to prepare a cup or buy a cup from their favorite coffee shop.

Two cups of coffe, sugar bowl, cookies, and flowers on a platter.

In case you want to make your boyfriend happy, wake up early in the morning and sneak out to their favorite place so that he will have his favorite coffee when he wakes up. This will make his day and you can expect him to return the favor.

8. Offer your positivity

Just as in the case of smiling, positivity also catches on fast. If you appear in a group where people seem to be down and you bring a positive attitude, you will see how people change. Adding positive energy to a conversation will turn things around and people will be happy they spent some time with you.

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It doesn't matter whether you're going to a business meeting, a friendly lunch or coffee with friends, you should always have your positive attitude at hand. Although it may sound as a cliche, you should know that the best one of the quotes to make someone happy is "Don't worry, be happy!".

9. Do them a favor

Just this one time; and don't expect them to do anything for you back in return. It's a fact of life that people need others to do things for them. People do favors for each other all the time. If you choose to be one of those people that does others' favors without expecting back anything in return, your life will change in a very important way. You won't hold any expectations from others anymore. The favor could be big or small; it truly is the thought that matters in the end. It's not healthy to take tabs on who owes something to someone else. However, it's human nature to remember others who do favors for us. Only the ungrateful ones who can never remember nice things done for them end up alone. Instead of being the girl who takes everyone's favors for granted, be the one making others happy instead.

10. Let them live their own life

The worst thing you could do for someone's happiness is robbing them of their freedoms. Abusive boyfriends and controlling parents take note. A person cannot make happy feeling like they are living a life like a slave. People happy are truly free when they are capable of knowing the truth and making decisions that they feel are the best for themselves. The close we are to freedom, the happier we are to coexist with each other. The moments where we have to relinquish control to others causes us the most stress. It's the kind of stress that slowly builds up over time and causes us great discomfort. The only way to break out of this cycle is to live for ourselves and let others live for themselves. Likewise, you would want people to let you live your life the way you want to live. This is the best thing that people can do for one another. Trying to control other people makes about as much sense as locking up wild animals in zoos.

11. Offer a shoulder to cry on

Sometimes all they need is to vent. Offer your services in the form of both of your ears and give them the undivided attention they've been craving all along. Allowing someone to share their feelings is bonding closely with them no matter how close they are to you in your life. Even helping a stranger; it could help just to listen to what they have to say. People have problems. If we listen to their problems with an empathetic ear, it could have an even better effect than if we just help them. Listening is a kind of way to help, and it doesn't sacrifice much on your part.
Your friends especially could use your support in times of need. It's the least you could do, and you can be sure that they would do the same for you in similar situations. Being empathetic is part of what connects us as a community and make them happy. Don't underestimate the power of listening when it comes to making others happy.