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17 Most Common Pet Peeves: Things that Frustrate You Beyond Belief

We all have them: a list of the worst and most common pet peeves that irks us to no end. Does anything on this list fall within your list of pet peeves?

Do You or Anybody You Know Have these Common Pet Peeves?

Pet peeves are the things that are slightly annoying to us. Why are they called pet peeves? It’s a mystery. Regardless, the most common pet peeves of people today are universal and experienced multiple times on a daily basis. In any relationship, spot your pet peeves at the source by knowing annoying things men don't know they do.

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Do any of your friends exhibit any of these irritating behaviors? Tell them something like “Stop because that’s a big pet peeve of yours!” Everyone has their own pet peeves. As long as you respect them, they will cut out their pet-peevish behavior eventually.

Take Note of Some of the Most Common Pet Peeves so That You Can Cut them Out of Your Life. It Is Better to Handle Your Pet Peeves than To Ignore Them

Before you overreact and get annoyed with someone or something, understand that it is a pet peeve of yours and begin working on ways to cope with it. Here is a list of the most common pet peeves, in no particular order:

Mouth Noises

This can include chewing food or gum with your mouth open or any unnecessary noise created through smacking your lips. This can be a decisive factor for whether or not we can even enjoy a meal around these kinds of people.

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Advertising and Popups

Nothing is more annoying than watching your favorite TV show being interrupted every 10 minutes for a 5 minute marathon of insignificant ads. One of the worst things about owning a computer is the constant barrage of popups waiting to infect your computer with malware.

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Never Stop Looking at Their Phone

Some people can’t seem to take their eyes off of their phone, not even when they are out with their best friends. Social media has become one of the common pet peeves and has taken the word addiction to a whole new level.

girl in blue talking on phone beside car

4. Parents Who Bring their Children to Movie Theaters

Yeah, we get it. You must always take care of your child no matter where you go. However, don’t make the rest of us suffer during our relaxing time just because you are too cheap to hire a babysitter.

5. Barking Dogs at Night

Wherever you go in the world, you may pray to the high heavens that your next door neighbors don’t have an obnoxiously loud dog. Otherwise you either have to invest in earplugs or sacrifice sleep.

6. Slow Drivers

Stereotypes aside, we all know the culprits behind this phenomenon. If you live in a rural area with narrow roads, slow drivers will turn you from a rational person to a lunatic locked up in a mental institution.

7. Shoppers Who Stop in the Middle of a Crowded or Narrow Path

Basically it’s those people that have no consideration for those around them. Because they are with their kids or friends, they feel devoid of responsibility to move out of the way.

8. People who Cannot Stop Interrupting You

We have all known at least one person with this one of the common pet peeves. They cannot seem to listen to a sentence you say before blurting out their unwarranted opinion on the matter. When talking to them, the conversation is agitating and not organic.

9. Discriminating Traffic Lights

Have you ever had that one barely-functioning traffic light in your empty part of town that kept you waiting far too long? You may go out of your way and take the longer route just to avoid hassles like these.

10. Tailgaters

Tailgating is the act of driving way too closely behind someone’s car. Commonly used tactic as road rage, but sometimes happens for no reason. There are some people that see no problem with following others dangerously close. Solution: drive very, very slowly. Hopefully they get fed up and pass you.

11. Impatient People on Airplanes

Obviously, everyone is in a rush to get where they need to go on time. However, some people must let others know by standing up to reach in the overhead compartment for their bag before the plane even lands. It’s ok to be in a hurry as long as you aren’t rude to others in the process.

12. Waiters that are Either Too Available or Not Available at All

There is nothing worse than having your meal interrupted every 5 minutes by the waiter asking if everything is ok, except for a waiter who serves you your food then can’t be found again. The only solution for a waiter with bad timing is to adjust your tip accordingly.

13. Litterbugs and People who Don’t Recycle

Humans, who don’t care about the world they live make up a self-destructive prophecy. If we don’t care for our home, who will? Eliminate this example of common pet peeves from your life.

14. Not Using Turn Signals when Driving

How hard is it to flip on your blinker? Seriously, show some consideration for others and potentially save lives. We are humans with technology capable of communicating with each other. Stop being lazy and start taking advantage of such modern conveniences.

15. People who Argue for the Sake of Arguing

Have you noticed that some people have no firm beliefs on anything? All they want to do is stir the pot by disagreeing with any opinion that they hear. Don’t feed their insatiable appetite for arguing by not discussing your opinions with them in the first place.

16. People who are Too “Busy”

Fool me once, I forgive you. Fool me twice, whatever. Fool me three times, time to start questioning how busy they really are. Overusing the “I’m busy” excuse is just a way to avoid saying that you are low on their priority list. Don’t question if they are as busy as they say, just take them for their word and put other priorities over them so that you can become “busy” too.

17. Attention-Starved People

Last, but not least on the list of common pet peeves, are attention-starved people. Some people live off of the praise of the others. Their hunger is sustained by validation more than by food. If you know someone who only does things for attention, don’t be the one to give it to them. It’s a pathetic lifestyle that should never be encouraged.