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Why Do Guys Take Cold Showers? 7 Reasons a Guy Would Shower Cold

A lot of people have heard about cold shower therapy, but why do guys take cold showers? Cold water is supposed to make people sick, but the truth is that there is more to that story than meets the eye.

Why would a guy want to take a cold shower?

The majority of people instantly think about James Bond when they heard about guys taking cold showers. Nonetheless, you should know that its story begins long before that. Although it isn’t really an option for women (since they are more sensitive when it comes to such matters), the majority of men find the cold shower quite invigorating.

guy taking a cold shower

Even more, there are some people who have been taking cold showers for years and they seem to be healthier than the people having hot showers. This might give you something to think about the next time you step into the shower and turn on the hot water.

What Does a Cold Shower Do to Guys and Why on Earth Would Someone Shower with Cold Water Instead of Hot Water? – 7 Reasons Guys Show Cold

So, why do guys take cold showers?

Cold water improves circulation

Man having a cold shower
It fires up his circulatory system like you would not believe

Having good circulation is important for the health of your heart and it can also speed up the recovery from work and exercises. When it comes to why do people take cold showers, you should know that when you’re under cold water the blood moves to your organs to protect them and keep them warm. Warm water makes the blood travel towards the surface of the skin. Some people claim that alternative hot water and cold water will help maintain your skin and organs healthier and younger for longer periods of time.

A cold shower can set the mood

guy brushing teeth
It puts him in the best of moods

There are a lot of things that can influence one’s mood. In case you are asking why do men take cold showers, you should know that during a cold shower the brain produces noradrenalin which is known to improve people’s mood. This might be especially important for you in case you have problems with depression or you had such problems in the past. You could be thinking about cold showers as a form of exercise. After you exercise, your brain produces happiness hormones that will make you feel better about yourself and that fill you with energy.

It’s about your looks

Cold water improving his looks
It makes his skin look shiny

The people asking why guys take cold showers ought to know that all showers make people look better. Cold water has some other advantages as well. It is a known fact that hot water strips the skin and hair of their natural oils which is bad for your looks. On the other hand, when showering with cold water, men can avoid having ashy elbows and itches. In many cases, cold water makes the skin look shinier, offering a manly look. Your skin will also be grateful for those minutes spent in cold water because it closes the pores and the cuticles.

Improving men’s immunity

guy doing splits in the air being showed
Increased white blood cell count resulting in a potentially stronger immune system

You may have heard people say many times that cold water makes them sick; your mother may have told you the same thing. However, according to the studies performed in the field, the people showering with cold water tend to have a higher white blood cell count than those taking hot showers. The specialists claim that this might be because of the higher metabolic rate which is trying to warm up the body and that makes the immune system activate, thus producing more white blood cells. Besides the white blood cells, these people also have more plasma, lymphocytes and T helper cells.

Increasing the testosterone levels

muscular guy back in the rain
It may increase his libido

In case you are wondering what does a cold shower do to guys, you should know that it increases the testosterone levels and this is something that men are especially proud of. Although during the 19th century people believed cold water to reduce the hormone levels, today we know that it can increase a person’s libido and increase their energy level and strength. This might be especially important for the men who are going to the gym and are looking for a boost that will last during the entire day. There are some drinks and juice bars that have similar effects, but you can be sure that they’re not as efficient as good old cold water.

Boosting the metabolism

guy doing chin ups
Burn more calories while you sit on the couch… what's wrong with that?

More and more men are trying to live a healthy life and for this it is important to have a healthy weight. As it has been mentioned before, contact with cold water results in a metabolic response because it makes the body use more energy to keep itself warm. This means that the body will burn more calories without you having to do much effort. In case you are thinking about losing some weight, cold showers might be the easy way out that you have been looking for. When thinking about cold showers for men, you have to remember that a longer cold shower isn’t necessarily better.

Breathing and overall well being

guy holding shower head over head
It may improve his breathing

You may have heard a lot of girls talk about why a guy would need to take a cold shower. As strange as it may sound, having a cold shower can improve men’s breathing. This is because men hyperventilate when they are exposed to cold water, which is a natural response. If they panic, things will only get worse, so it is important to maintain calm breathing. Cold showers could teach people to breathe more deeply. One of the best things about having a cold shower is that men see the effects immediately and they last for hours or even the entire day. There is no energy drink that would give them a boost of this kind not to mention that it also helps manage stress.

Should you take cold showers likes the guys?

Naturally there are some other advantages of cold showers as well for men. Some believe that it can increase the fertility, so in case a man is trying to have a baby, giving a shot to cold showers might be the best thing they could do. Nonetheless, don’t be fooled: cold water isn’t a magic solution that will help you handle all your problems (even if it might seem that way at the moment). Also keep in mind that these benefits apply only to men. Women have to be a lot more careful when it comes to contact with cold water, so it is best for them to stay away for it and go for warm shower, but not hot ones.