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How to Lose Weight with Water: Achieve the Perfect Weight

You might be wondering how much water should I drink to lose weight. The truth is that there is a complex mechanism behind your ability to lose weight while drinking water. You will have to learn about this to know how the “diet” really works.

How to Lose Weight with Water Fast and Easy?

In case you would like to lose some weight, you shouldn't look any more: the answer is right in your kitchen. If you are wondering how to lose weight with water, most probably you already know about the water diet plan to lose weight. If there is one thing in this world you can never have too much of, it is water. The studies conducted in the field suggest that the people who drink more water are able to lose more weight in shorter periods of time. This means that the point of the diet is for you to have more water on a daily basis than you did before. Aside from your silhouette, this will also be benefic for your health.


How to Lose Weight with Water - Drink Your Way to the Perfect Weight Using Only Natural Methods without Any Pills

So, how much water should I drink to lose weight? In this case is really more more (usually less is more)?

1. Make a schedule

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When wondering how to lose water weight, you should make sure that you space out water consumption throughout the day. It might be best to drink a glass of water every two hours. If you only drink when you are thirsty, it means that your bod is depleted and it will be more likely to retain water weight to make sure it won't become depleted again. In order to know exactly how much water you need to drink, you should observe the color of your urine. If it is dark yellow, it means that you need a higher water intake. If the color is bright yellow, you should have a glass of water when you wake up and then another one every couple of hours. In case you are looking for water exercises for weight loss, the best thing you could do is to make sure your body is never dehydrated.

2. Drink before eating

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It is a known fact that water is an appetite suppressant. If you drink some water before a meal, you will instantly feel fuller and, as a result, your food intake will decrease. In case you are asking how does water help you lose weight, the simple answer is that it makes you eat less. Specialists claim that by drinking before a meal you can decrease your calorie intake by an average of 75 calories. Doing a quick math shows that by this practice you can cut about 27,000 calories per year. This means about eight pounds of weight loss on a yearly basis. So, the answer to the question does drinking water make you lose weight seems obvious now, right?

3. Add some taste to water

Water is tasteless and this is why some people prefer the more sugary alternatives. Although these are more appealing for the taste buds, they are horrible for your diet. Some people use sweeteners that claim to contain zero calories. However, the studies suggest that these people aren't able to lose weight; as a matter of fact, they will only gain weight. Lemon is a great natural alternative to sugary sodas. But you could be asking does lemon water help you lose weight? Since we are talking about increasing your water intake, it will definitely help you lose weight. The lemons will increase your vitamin levels, thus boosting your energy levels and your immune system.

4. The 8x8 rule

In case you are thinking about how much water to lose weight, you should consider the 8x8 rule. This means that you should drink eight ounces of water eight times per day. If you didn't drink this much before, you might think that it is a lot. However, once you start, you will find it easy to get used to it and soon you won't even notice when you're drinking. This is a very good way to use water to lose weight. You can forget about diets and pills and go for all-natural diet "ingredients".

5. Drink cold water

At first you might think there is no point in drinking ice cold water, but scientists beg to differ. It is known that you can lose weight by drinking water, but if you drink ice cold water, your body will have to work even harder to warm the water up and this way it will burn more calories without you have to do anything out of the ordinary. As an added bonus cold water is more refreshing than warm water. Nonetheless, this might not be a good idea for the people who are sensitive to cold beverages. Burning a few extra calories is just not worth catching a cold and having to take cough medication.

6. Sparkling water

The majority of dieticians say that it is best to drink plain water. Let's face it: you can get bored with plain water in a week, so you might be looking for something to spice it up with. As it has been mentioned before, one of the options is to add some flavor to the water. Sparkling or carbonated water can also be a part of your water diet to lose weight. This is similar to soda without the added sugar and calories. However, you will also have to consider the sodium levels. This might not be a good option for the people with irritable bowel syndrome because the C2O content can lead to gas and bloating.

7. Eating your water

Until now we only mentioned pure water, but there are numerous fruits and vegetables that are high in water. You could have these to increase your water intake. For instance, watermelon is made of 92% water and 6% sugar. Some other fruits that you should think about include cantaloupe, grapefruit, and strawberries. Fruits also contain numerous vitamins and minerals so why not take advantage of everything they have to offer?

In case you are asking will water help you lose weight, there is one more aspect to think about: if you drink enough water, the joints will be more lubricated and you will be less prone to muscle cramps. This means that you will be able to work out for longer periods of time, thus contributing to weight loss.