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Benefits of Drinking Water: 9 Reasons to Drink More Water

We all know about the importance of drinking water but only a few of us really drink enough of it. The good news is that it is not possible to drink too much of it, so you should drink as much as you possibly can.

Benefits of drinking water

It is a well-known fact that the human body is mostly made of water. Regardless of the activities you engage in, your body loses a lot of water, which needs to be replaced and this is why you have to make sure you have enough water. If you aren't drinking water, you could become dehydrated. Living in a warm climate or performing physical exercise leads to a more rapid fluid loss that needs to be replaced. Aside from preventing dehydration, there are many other benefits of drinking water as well. Some of them could really make you start drinking more water.

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Reason to drink more water

1. You are water

2. Weight loss

3. Boost energy

4. Your skin

5. Kidney health

6. Moods

7. Ease pain

8. Detox

9. Cancer prevention

The Benefits of Drinking Water and All the Right Reasons for You to Start Drinking More Water than You Did until Now

So, what are the benefits of drinking water? Are they really as spectacular as they are supposed to be? Will they make you drink more water?

1. Water is important for the body fluids

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As it has been mentioned before, water is important for the body. When it comes to the health benefits of water, you should know that your body is composed of as much as 60% water. It helps with absorption, digestion, creation of saliva, circulation, maintaining body temperature, and the transportation of nutrients. The brain and the kidney are constantly communicating regarding how much water the kidney should eliminate and how many reserves does the body need. If the body is low on water, the brain sends the signal of thirst. This is the time you should be looking for your water bottle. Some specialists claim that you should drink even before feeling thirst because it is one of the first signs of mild dehydration.

2. Keeping the calories under control

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Okay, you may not be ready to go on a water diet just yet; but that still doesn't change the fact that dieticians say that you should drink water to lose weight.

Though water and weight loss don't have a direct causality, it is known that one of the benefits of drinking hot water is that it can help you speeds up your metabolism. Aside from this, by drinking water, you cut calories from your diet from other beverages. Another aspect to think about is that the foods high in water seem to be larger. They require more chewing and they get absorbed more slowly, making you feel full for longer periods of time. You could be thinking about foods like broth-based soups, fruits, vegetables, beans, and oatmeal.

3. Boost your energy

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Did you know that drinking water makes you less likely to feel tired?
If you don't have enough fluids in your body, the balance of electrolytes and fluids will be broken and you will become fatigued. If the muscles don't have enough water, they can't perform. For sure you know about the importance of drinking water, especially if you have been working out. Specialists claim that you should be drinking water before, during, and after your exercises. When thinking about why do we need water, you should know that during workout you sweat a lot, which means that water is eliminated from the body. In order to replace it, you should drink at regular intervals.

4. For a youthful looking skin

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Not giving your body enough water is bad for the skin?
It is a known fact that the skin is the body's largest organ and as such, it needs a lot of water to function properly. If you are wondering about the health benefits of drinking water, you should know that the skin isn't just for beauty; it protects the body against excessive fluid loss. Although water can help keeping your skin firm and youthful, you shouldn't think that by drinking more water the wrinkles and fine lines will disappear. However, dehydration does make the skin wrinkled and dry and this can be helped in some degree by hydration. In order to lock water into your skin, you should be using a high quality moisturizer.

5. Water is good for the kidneys

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Water helps you detox.
There are numerous benefits of drinking a lot of water. The body fluids are meant to transport the waste products. One of these waste products is blood urea nitrogen, which passed through the kidneys and is eliminated. As a result, the kidneys cleanse the body of toxins. If you drink enough water, the urine flows easily, it is odorless, and it has a light color. However, if you become dehydrated, the odor, color, and concentration increase because the kidney will work to make reserves. The importance of water is widely known; if you don't drink enough water, you will have higher chances of kidney stones.

Can't get enough detox drinking water?
It's never too later to start a detox plan. Before you drink half a gallon of water (which doesn't help you), find out how the water detox works. You'll be glad to you.

6. Improving your mood

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As interesting as this may sound, if you are asking what are the benefits of drinking water, you should know that dehydration also affects your mood along with your ability to think. Studies in the field suggest that dehydrated people usually have a worse mood and their cognitive functions are also affected. This is why you should track how much you drink. It might be a good idea to drink regularly, such as every hour or once every couple of hours. While you could have other fluids as well aside from water, it is still your best option to avoid dehydration.

The advantages of drinking water are that it makes us feel better and happier. It improves our attitude knowing we are doing what we can to stay healthy. Dehydration has a lot of negative effects on the body that are largely unknown about. Even mild dehydration, which can be seen in the dark yellow color of your urine, means that you could be benefitting from water in more ways than one. Needing water means you aren't drinking enough of the most available resource to you, which isn't a smart idea. We can't think clearly when dehydrated. If you've ever been in a hot tropical climate where you are sweating a lot, you might notice that you are more irritable than usual. That's the effects of dehydration on your body and mind. You need more than regular amounts of liquids if you are to stay cool under the pressure of hot and humid temperatures.

7. It can make pain better

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Although you may have never thought about this aspect, one of the benefits of drinking warm water is that it alleviates pain. It doesn't matter whether you have a headache or menstruation cramps, warm water is one of nature's best remedies. The warm water has a calming and soothing effect on the stomach muscles which will instantly make muscle spasms and cramps better. In case you are suffering from cramps, you should have some warm water as it increases the blood flow to the skin and it relaxes the cramped muscles. As it has been mentioned before, drinking ginger tea to boost your metabolism may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

8. Your best detox routine

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Clear liquids will cleanse your body

The best detox plan in the market is a clear liquid diet. This means consuming water, tea, and clear soup broths all day long. Hot liquids and cold liquids will boost your metabolism and keep your immune system in check. Plus, the feeling of hot steaming tea during cold summer nights will keep your sinuses clear and your face pores will open allowing easy transfer of toxins out of your body. You will feel cleansed and feeling 100% on a diet consisting of mostly liquids. We tend to forget that our body is made up of mostly water, and the amount decreases with age. So the older we get, the more water we actually require in order to replace the liquids lost. It is a daily cycle of replacing what is lost, just like with solid foods. You drink liquids to give yourself energy in the short-term and keep a youthful appearance in the long-term. The benefit of water show up in ways we won't recognize until later. If only more people knew the benefits, people would be drinking double and even triple the amount of water they are currently drinking.

9. It fights cancer

Clear that bladder as often as possible

The cancer cells in your body are flushed out with the more liquids passing through your system. Some people don't like drinking a lot of water because they dislike frequent trips to the bathroom. But trust me when I say: the more often you go to the bathroom, the better. It's good for your bladder and prevents constipation. It also prevents the buildup of toxic chemicals in your gut and staying hydrated reduces the risk of many different types of cancer. Water and health go hand-in-hand. The greater your water intake, the less health problems you will have later on in life. This should be common knowledge in today's modern society, but it isn't. The good news is that at least you know now so you can start taking better care of yourself. The most deadly diseases can be prevented with the simplest cures, which is amazing I think.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of drinking more water. Although you should consume everything in life with moderation, water seems to be the one thing you can never have too much of. Just make sure that water is good for you. For instance, some people can't drink carbonated water, while other people may still feel thirsty after drinking still water. You just have to find what works for you.