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What Your Favorite Color Says about You and Your Personality Traits

Colors and meanings have always been an interesting topic to consider and people have always been fascinated by the power of colors. It is a known fact that colors can influence your mood, but is there more to the matter?

Learn What Your Favorite Color Says about You

In case you are wondering about the meaning of colors, you may be interested in what your eye color says about you. The truth is that the eye color is a physical attribute that has nothing to do with your personality, so the chances of a direct connection are very slim. Your favorite color, however, might tell a different story.

Plates of different color.

We all know about the power of colors (including them being able to make you look slimmer), so why wouldn’t you believe that colors have something to do with your personality as well? Read on to learn more about the matter at hand.

Find out Everything about What Your Favorite Color Says about You to Learn a Little Something about Yourself

So, what your favorite color says about you? Do you have any hidden personality traits inside your favorite color? Or is it just a myth?


woman with pigeon
Freshness: such a lovely notion!

It is a known fact that white is the symbol of purity, naiveté, and innocence. In some cases the meaning of this color is that you have great ideals and you are striving for impossible things. In case you are asking how do we perceive color, you should know that it’s not only about the way your brain works, but also what you want to see. All people add a specific meaning to colors. In case of white, there is also a connotation of youth and freshness that might be alluring to you. If things have been hectic lately, it may also represent a desire for simplicity or a simpler life.


red purse accessories

There are many different meaning connected to the red color. Mainly it is linked to vitality, health, and strength. When it comes to the favorite color meaning, you should know that red is usually chosen by outgoing, vigorous, impulsive, and aggressive people. These persons are ambitious and they can be abrupt at times. It is also common for them to take sides and they are also quick to judge. The good news is that these people are optimistic and they don’t like monotony. They tend to be restless and they are seldom aware of their shortcomings. It is difficult for them to be objective and they don’t really admit their mistakes.


pink high heels and pearl necklace
Girly, but also maternal

You could think of this color as a gentler sister of the color red. Usually it is linked to affection without passion and love. It is common for the women who like pink to be maternal. If you are interested in the favorite color personality of pink, think of someone who needs protection and to be sheltered. These people need to feel secure and they need a lot of affection. It is possible for them to wish to seem more fragile and delicate. In the majority of the cases the people who like pink are gentle and they have a certain charm.


orange scarf on white background
Such a lovely color!

This is often considered the color of luxury. It is usually chosen by people who simply love to have fun and that are socially active. This one of the favorite colors shows that, although these people are fun to be around, they are often more dramatic than needed. Nonetheless, they mean no harm so they are popular and really agreeable. The color itself is often associated with strength, curiosity, restlessness, and fearlessness. In the majority of the cases it is chosen by young people or by people who are young at heart. As the time goes by, people tend to be interested in other, more “mature” colors.


woman in yellow shirt
Shrewd, not jealous!

There is a lot that this color stands for, including imagination, wisdom, and happiness. In the majority of the cases the people who choose yellow are mentally adventurous and they are looking for self-fulfillment and novelty. If you are thinking that “my favorite color is yellow”, most probably you have a shrewd and sunny personality with a good sense of humor and a special sense for business. Yellow is also the color of intellectuality and everything that goes with it. These people often have good ideas and they are aware of their mental capabilities. Although they are mentally capable, they prefer not to have any responsibility, choosing the freedom of thought.


woman holding macha green tea
Patience at its best

You may be thinking about harmony and serenity when it comes to green. It is also the color of peace, renewal, and hope and it is usually preferred by sincere and gentle people. If you are wondering about the colors and meanings, you should know that green-loving people are usually frank, sociable, and community-minded people, but who also like peace and quiet. These people are patient, modest, and self-effacing, so there is always the possibility for them to be exploited by others. Usually they have a good reputation and they are also civilized and refined. All in all, we can say that it is good to be a green-person.


blue haired woman
Sincerity and confidence

Although blue may not be the most common favorite color, if this is the color of your choice, it means that you are trustworthy, reliable, and conservative. You may not be trusting with people at the beginning, but this lasts only until you are certain that they can be trusted. You don’t rush things – you prefer to think things through and do everything at your own pace. You need time to process events. In most of the cases these people are sincere and genuine and also very responsible. Blue-people may seem self-controlled and confident on the outside, but they also have a vulnerable side. They find it easy to keep their cool until their emotions take over.


woman in black suit sitting in dark room
Sophisticated or just reserved?

The people who like black find power and prestige important. These people are strong-willed, independent, and also determined. They aren’t really emotional and they appear as a dignified and sophisticated person. They seem in control even when they feel insecure. Black-people don’t really let others get close to them. They aren’t really good at sharing their feelings and they prefer to keep to themselves.

Once you make up your mind regarding your answer to the question “what is my favorite color”, you will be able to learn a lot about yourself. The good news is that this question isn’t difficult to answer.