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What Your Eye Color Says About You: The Window to Our Souls

There are bright eyes and dark eyes, eyes that are warm, cold, welcoming, and distant. What your eye color says about you could be surprisingly accurate. If you have an open mind you can actually find a lot of truth in the color of your eyes.

What Your Eye Color Says About You: Who Are You?

Are eyes really the windows to our souls? Research says that the color of our eyes is a surprisingly accurate indicator of our personality types. Each person’s eye color is unique to only themselves. So, although there are people similar to you, just like fingerprints, your eye color is yours only. Eye color is an interesting topic because what your eye color says about you could ultimately decide the types of friends and relationships you are best suited for.


Eye color can also be a point of major attraction in people. Find out the signs he likes you more than a friend just by looking into your eyes. Eye color is not just a sign of beauty, but a major indicator of your personality and the types of people you are most compatible with. Embrace your eye color, because it is who you are and what makes you unique.

Eye Colors

1. Brown Eye Color

People with brown eyes are independent and thirsty for new experiences and adventure. Since brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world, many people share the same traits.

2. Blue Eye Color

Blue eyes are a sign of vitality and youth. They could also mean that someone has a higher tolerance for pain, while also being less agreeable than most people. They are also very caring and loving partners to have in a relationship.

3. Grey Eye Color

Grey eyes are a sure-fire sign of someone with natural leadership abilities. They are quick to rise up to any challenge and are very persistent individuals. Grey eye color means someone is strong, and don’t have to be aggressive to get their point across.

4. Green Eye Color

Green eye color is a sign of someone in tune with themselves and reality. They are passionate and they are also among the most intelligent people on Earth. Green eyes are the rarest eye color and for a good reason: they are exceptional thinkers.

5. Black Eye Color

People with black eyes are mysterious and hard to read. They are also optimistic and live life to the fullest. True black eyes are hard to come by, as most dark eye colors belong to those with dark brown eyes.

6. Hazel Eye Color

Hazel eyes are the sign of someone who is a thrill-seeker and is always unpredictable. They like to take the bull by the horns and live life spontaneously. Hazel-eyed people thrive on a good times and never refuse the chance for an adventure.

What Your Eye Color Says About You: Did You Know that Your Eye Color Has Hidden Meaning? It Can Be Analyzed in Many Different Ways

Your eye color reveals a lot about you. It reveals your ancestry, your past experiences, and can even tell people things you don’t even know about yourself.

1. What Your Eye Color Says About You: Brown Eye Color

You appreciate adventure

Brown eye color is the most common eye color in the world and is considered a dominant trait in the genepool of humans. Brown eyes can often vary between a dark earthy brown to a light brown color. People with brown eyes are appreciative of new adventures. They are independent and caring and are never afraid to say what’s on their mind. They are outgoing people who care more about the environment than living a life of materialism. They are motivated to become successful and are determined to express themselves the best they can. They are trustworthy and are the kind of people who would make the best friends. If you happen to have brown eyes, you are most likely someone who will go out of their way to help others. It’s a good thing that brown eyes are the most common, because the world needs more of these types of people.

2. What Your Eye Color Says About You: Blue Eye Color

You are full of life

Do you have a pair of baby blues? This could mean that you have a higher pain tolerance than others. People with lighter blue eyes can often be less agreeable. These people are also far more competitive than other types. On top of that, there is just something about the color of blue that is just refreshing to look at. Blue eyes are arguably the most sought-after eye color, as suggested by the number of people who use blue eye-contacts. People with blue eyes are peaceful and full of life. Blue eyed people often have fulfilling relationships and make good life partners. Blue eyed people are concerned about the well-being and happiness of others.

3. What Your Eye Color Says About You: Grey Eye Color

You are a leader

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish somebody with grey color eyes because they are often combined with other colors or the color might change according to their environment. Grey eyes are a sign of natural leadership. They are strong and wise, and possess many attributes that make up a successful person. They are also real gentleman and proper ladies and are the least aggressive out of all of the eye colors. Grey eyes suggest the kind of person that will give their best and take their passions and relationships very seriously. The reason why they have such creative minds is because of their inner strength and ability to think logically and rationally. People with grey eyes tend to have a positive effect to those they come in contact with.

4. What Your Eye Color Says About You: Green Eye Color

You care about the environmnet

Green eye color and those who have it are said to be one with the earth. They are in touch with themselves and humanity. They care about the environment and they understand the importance of keeping it clean. They don’t often take other people for granted and have a mysterious aura about them. They are always the first to take an interest in new things. People with green eye color are passionate and intelligent beings. They find ways to live spontaneously and keep themselves busy. They are also known for living life to the fullest and not being afraid of a challenge. One negative thing about green eyes is that they signal a person who can easily become jealous and are is protective of their significant other.

5. What Your Eye Color Says About You: Black Eye Color

True black eyes are a rare spectacle. Normally you will see dark brown more often and eyes that are almost the same shade as the iris are about as common as green eyes. Black eyes are associated with night, thus mystery and intuition are the main characteristics of people who have them.

You are a mystery

People with black eyes are a closed book; good luck trying to get any juicy gossip from their own lives. Sometimes they have a tendency to distrust others and are very selective about who they let in their lives. However, they are very faithful to their partners and give their best effort in all aspects of their lives. They are optimistic and often show themselves in high regard.

6. What Your Eye Color Says About You: Hazel Eye Color

You are a thrill seeker

Hazel eye color is a combination of brown and green and is a very attractive and elegant eye color. People with hazel eyes are known to be thrill-seekers and enjoy having a good time with others. They like to go with the flow and can adapt to any environment. Hazel-eyed people are also a tad mischievous. The child in them never dies and they are very playful people. Their childish behavior can sometimes be off-putting, but, if you can handle their spontaneous nature, they make good partners or best friends.