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Solo Travel: 10 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Will Change Your Life

Have you ever considered making a drastic change in your life? Consider the many reasons why you should begin a life of solo travel today and broaden your horizons. You will never look at life the same way again.

Why You Should Get Out the House and Solo Travel Today

Solo travel is every landlopers' dream. Once you take the solo travel route, you'll never be able to go back. Travelling alone is not for the weak-hearted or weak-minded. If you weren't a strong and worldly person before, you will be after travelling and learning about a new culture. The power of new experiences is what all people yearn for, so be sure to check out these seven places to visit before you die.

Girl sitting on top of a van.

Travelling with friends can be fun, but traveling solo can be a life-changing experience for the better. Your beliefs about the world will be improved and your perspective will get broader. There will be nobody to slow you down or get in the way of your growth. You are in full control of your fate and you can go at your own pace.

From the Many Benefits of Solo Travel, the Most Important Is that You Become More Independent and Gain the Capability to Think More Freely

It is a known fact that it is hard for a woman to travel alone. With pressure from society and your family, it can get complicated and almost impossible to break free like a true landloper. Don't give up on your passions. Pursue what you want the most in life.

Meet New Friends

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Boost your people skills

Why should every woman travel alone? Because traveling solo is less lonely than you think. By bringing someone along on your adventure, you have someone to share and talk about your experiences. But you are also costing yourself the opportunity of meeting new people. Without the company of someone you know, you will be more motivated to start up conversations with other people. Travelling will change your life as you know it.

You Don't Need a Companion to Enjoy Yourself

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You have enough time for yourself

There is no right or wrong way to travel. However, the ones who try solo travel separate themselves from mostly everyone else on Earth. Some people love it and others don't. You can travel to make friends and strengthen a friendship you already have. But the primary purpose of travelling alone should be to discover yourself. There is no better way to realize your strengths and limitations than solo travel.

You Will be Truly Free to Do What You Want

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There's no one to boss around

By travelling alone, you have no limitations, no plans, and a lot of room for error. With someone else tagging along, the logistics of getting places means things will never happen the way you want. But if you only have yourself to worry about, there are fewer expectations. You are expecting mistakes to happen. Learning to deal with those problems yourself will make you a stronger person. You can't be dependent on friends and family your entire life.

You Travel with Fewer Expectations

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Less can easily be more in this case

And less expectations means less disappointment. With others, you have high hopes and high expectations of your journey. When you travel solo, the only expectations you have is that unexpected things will happen. When you are traveling alone, you learn how to expect the unexpected. Contrary to those that believe a life of solitude means being antisocial, people who are alone often experience the best social experiences anybody could have.

You Are in Unique Company

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You have no idea how fun you can be

Solo travel is a rare thing and taking up this adventurous lifestyle would put you among a select few of individuals. On your journey you will most definitely find people with similar interests. The friendships you forge on your travels will be etched in your memory. Your memories will be stronger when you are alone, as you are more focused on the atmosphere than on the person you are with.

You Will Become More Mature

Girl holding a plane ticket.
And that is hardly a bad thing

Solo travelers are often hardened by life experiences of suffering numerous hardships. They have withered the storm and aren't afraid to put themselves on the line. There will be some hiccups along the way when you go somewhere you aren't familiar with. It's a necessary part of life and you might as well learn life's toughest lessons when you are young and full of dreams.

Waiting for Others Can Be a Drag

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Your plans, your time

Have you spent your life being dependent on others? You might have been wasting a lot of time without even realizing it. If you have ever wanted to travel abroad but had nobody special to go with, don't wait for the right person. The right person might be waiting for you somewhere out there. People have some of the best experiences of their lives because their desire to solo travel is greater than their fear of being alone.

You Can Be as Spontaneous and Unexpected as You Want

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And no one's mood can affect that.

Spontaneity is the spice of life. And since you have nobody holding you back, you are free to leave things up to chance. Of course you should plan your adventures to a certain extent. Your survival should be the number one priority. If it's your first trip away from home, plan a little bit more extensively. But planning everything is never as much fun as just "winging it". Use solo travel as an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Travelling in Groups Doesn't Always Mean Safety

cross crountry backpacker woman
But you should still be careful

Sure, having a companion while walking outside at night would be preferred in some areas. But being somewhere unfamiliar should make you have your guard on anyways. All that's in the way of you having a safe journey is yourself. Safety concerns should not persuade you not to have the trip you are dreaming of. Consider booking a trip to a country or area of the world that is safe and traveler-friendly.

You Don't Have to Feel Entirely Alone

Homesickness on your first travel away from home is inevitable. Make sure to keep ties with your friends and family the whole time. Send an occasional email to check in and let them know how you are doing. Your journey can become shaky sometimes, so it's a good idea to remember not to completely disregard your past relationships.