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When Should I Wake Up? Waking Up a Bit Earlier Boosts Your Health

You might think that the time when you wake up has nothing to do with how your day turns out. This is not true. Find out about the best time to wake up to maximize your potential every day and get an energy boost.

When is the best time to wake up for you

You might think that the later you wake up, the rested you will feel. As logical as this may sound, it is not the case. Actually, when asking "when should I wake up", you should know that the sooner you wake up, the more rested you will feel.


Naturally, you shouldn't take it to extremes and sleep for only three hours per night; that's not enough rest to keep you going. Nonetheless, it's not good to sleep for 10-11 hours either. When you wake up you will feel even more tired than when you went to bed and you will be wondering when is the best time to wake up. This is what we are here to help you with.

When Should I Wake up to Make the Best of My Day and to Get an Energy Boost While Protecting My Health?

So, when is the right time to wake up? Is there a given time which is suitable for the majority of people or is it something personal?

1. Waking up at 5am

woman waking up with pillow on head
There is a lot you could get done so early in the morning

In case you are wondering what time to wake up at, you should know that the majority of people say you should set your alarm to 5am. Although at the moment this might seem horribly early, you should know that there is a lot you could get done that early in the morning. In case you take a look at the schedule of the most successful people in the world, you will notice that they are all early risers. Even if you have a hard time waking up, you can be sure that after a while you will get used to it and will become second nature. You should know that working out in the morning is more effective than working out in the evening and your brain functions better as well. You could also use this time to step on the scale.

Those extra three hours

If you thought there was no point to waking up earlier, you thought wrong. Timing your wake-up when the sun rises provides many health benefits you would not receive without naturally waking up to a visual of light through your windows. It is a much more relaxing and easier way to wake up from bed than suddenly with your alarm clock. It's the way we were meant to wake up when it's hard to wake up. There's a reason why roosters start crowing way too early in the morning. They are supposed to be our natural alarm clocks. Early morning is the time of the day where we can actually get the most done. But after the invention of the 8-5 shift at work, we think that waking up as late as possible is the best for us. But those extra three hours in the morning makes all the difference.

2. You will become more proactive

woman sitting in front of chess board
Take control

If you find the best time to wake up in the morning, you can be sure that you will be more proactive than ever before. According to the studies conducted in the field, the people who wake up early often say that they like to set long-term goals for themselves and they also feel like they are in charge of the things that are happening to them. Although you might believe in fate, you must also believe that you have some level of control. Apparently, being an early riser will make your job easier from this point of view.

Make the most out of extra time

Waking up earlier will certainly spur you on to get more done through the day, there is no disputing that. It's because the chemicals in our brain start to form sooner and we recognize that all of a sudden our days become filled with more possibilities. Thus we want to make the most out of the extra time we have and our motivation starts working overtime. Success secret of the pros is to wake up earlier than everyone else.

3. You can have a good start

woman on morning jog

In case you don't wake up early, most probably you are on the run all morning to make sure you won't miss your bus and won't be late for work. However, if you can learn how to wake up on time, you will have time to create a morning ritual. Maybe you like to have a shower in the morning or put your makeup on in peace and quiet. A lot of people like to get some exercise or go for a jog before hitting a road. If you wake up earlier with only one hour, you will be amazed by how much can be done in those 60 minutes.

New opportunities

You will find that once you have that extra morning ritual time, opportunities will start opening up that you didn't even know possible. All of a sudden you aren't wasting that time late at night doing something unproductive and instead doing something in the daytime light that will establish a better start to your day. Early to bed early to rise is a lifestyle choice for those who want to do more and worry less.

4. There will be quiet

woman holding a cup of coffee standing in front of window in bathrobe reading newspaper
Find quiet

A lot of people say that nowadays everything seems to be so noisy and loud. They are just looking for quiet. If you are one of these people as well, you can be sure that you will find quiet in the morning. In case there are some activities that you can't perform if there are distractions, morning is the right time to get them done. By changing your average wake up time, you can also change your schedule and you will see that you can fit a lot more activities in only one day. Nobody ever said that it's going to be easy, but the benefits will make it worth your while.

Morning ritual

Your morning ritual sets the mood for your day. If it's cluttered and rushed, then your day will be less than pleasant. If you wake up early, give yourself time to have warm tea and a bagel with cream cheese, and a shower, then your day's outcome will be vastly different. You will notice the difference almost immediately when you start waking up early.

5. Do you usually have breakfast?

Woman having breakfast
Have enough time to eat breakfast

As a matter of fact the question is: do you have time to have breakfast? If you wake up early, you can be sure you will have time for the most important meal of the day. What could be more pleasant than reading the paper while eating a croissant and drinking some coffee or tea? You could have time for this in the morning, among many other activities. Eating on the run isn't good for your stomach not to mention that eating while sitting down is a lot more enjoyable. Make having breakfast a part of your everyday routine.

Get your mind working again

A good breakfast is more important than any point on this list. Eating something after you wake up is imperative for your mind to start working. Without your morning meal or snack then your body is playing catch up from the fasting you did through your sleep times. Not to mention you will be grumpier and look less approachable to everyone.

6. Do you think about goal setting?

woman in glasses taking notes in green surrounding
Set goals

For sure you have some goals in your life and there is no better time to revise them than in the morning. This is also the right time to make a plan for your day based on the tasks you have to accomplish. If you have short term goals, you might want to revise them and make a plan that will take you one step closer to your goal every day. Once you know what you have to do to achieve your goal, you should make sure you do it first thing in the morning. This way you won't have things hanging over your head the rest of the day.

7. Getting to your appointments

countless hourglasses
Be on time

If you happen to have appointments early in the morning, it is a lot easier to be on time if you set the right time to wake clock. Being late for appointments is always a bad sign as people may believe that you aren't punctual and that you can't be trusted with important tasks. As an added bonus, if you leave home earlier, commuting will be easier as well because there is less traffic. You can be sure that your boss will notice it as well if you are always the first to arrive to the office and this is something they will appreciate.

Always in a rush

If you have a habit of being late for everything, then waking up happy is especially important because being late is a habit that is easily correctable soon. Being late is also a sign that you are living a rushed life. Instead of using your mornings to have a relaxing wake-up, you are rushing out the door which always leaves the possibility for you to forget things. If you allow yourself ample opportunity to prepare yourself through waking up earlier, then life will become easier and more enjoyable.

Set your biological clock

In order to get used to waking up earlier, you should also get used to waking up at the same time every morning. This way you can set your biological clock and after a while you won't even need an alarm to get up.