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Recurring Dreams: What These 9 Dreams Reveal About Your Secrets

Dream interpretation is a tricky business. Especially reoccurring dreams, which reveal the deepest and darkest secrets in your subconscious. However, it is possible to interpret recurring dreams meaning. What do these 9 common recurring dreams say about you?

9 Recurring Dreams that Provide Life Answers

To interpret what type of dream it is, psychology experts delve deep into your subconscious when dealing with recurring dreams. What do recurring dreams mean and what do yours say about you? Surprisingly, they say a lot about you and repressed thoughts that are below the surface. All of your deepest secrets can finally be understood once you harness the knowledge of your recurring dreams meanings.

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Recurring Dreams Meanings

1. Falling

Ah yes, the ever-so-common falling dream. We fall to our dooms. It is truly scary, and is also the most common nightmare. It says a lot about your real life.

2. Apocalypse

Apocalypse dreams are where the world is ending. Zombie apocalypse dreams seem to be all the rage these days. Our imagination really gets the best of us sometimes.

3. Teeth Falling Out

Teeth falling out is a bizarre recurring dream to have. It’s also the top 5 most common dream to have. But the hidden meaning behind this dream may surprise you.

4. Being Tardy

This is by far my least favorite recurring dream, because it’s so realistic. The moment after you realize it was just a dream: phew!

5. Cheating Partner

Another scary dream to have more than once. It also has a very deep meaning behind it. It’s important to take these dreams with a grain of salt. But don’t ignore them.

6. Being Chased

Being chased by a stranger with a weapon ranks up there high as the worst recurring nightmare. This dream has a less obvious meaning than you would think.

7. Glass in Mouth

I’ve never had this dream, but have known people who have had it more than once. It sounds like an uncomfortable experience, having to pick shards of glass from your mouth.

8. Flying

Not a recurring nightmare, but a recurring dream nonetheless. An exhilarating and revealing dream about the inner-workings of your mind.

9. Showing Up Naked

A funny yet also not funny dream if you fall for it. It’s such a realistic dream. And it’s too much information to handle. It tells us something surprising about ourselves.

If you are skeptical about your dreams having any meaning, then clearly you underestimate the power of your own subconscious mind. Although your recurring dream meaning doesn’t show what’s on the surface, it’s important to understand what your underlying thought process is. Your dreams can tell you if you carry stress, anxiety, or are just unhappy with life. The first step is to analyze the dreams that are most common in your nights sleeping. They provide the most information hidden in our subconscious.

9 Surprisingly Accurate Common Recurring Dreams Interpretations that are Highly Likely to Hit Home For Many People With Vivid and Repetitive Dreams

You now hold information over your hidden thoughts. This gives you the power to act on them and make meaningful changes in your life. Recurring dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves.

1. Free-Falling

We’ve all had those repetitive dreams where one minute you are enjoying a cocktail on the beach then all of a sudden you are walking straight off of a cliff. Those kind of nightmares where you just start falling to your death often wakes us up in sweats before we actually hit the ground. Falling dreams are a red flag in our subconscious mind. It indicates that we are carrying a lot of stress in our lives. The exact science behind this dream is unknown. Yet it is one of the most common kind of nightmares to have for people who have serious problems going on in their lives.

2. The End of the World

These are the nightmares that truly fill us with terror. A zombie apocalypse being the most common, end-of-the-world scenarios are the most memorable nightmares because of their realism and imagery. These dreams are common because they are correlated to big changes going on in our lives. Whether the change is good or bad, it causes anxiety that differs from your usual stress of everyday living. End of the world recurring dreams are nothing to panic about. Embrace the changes that are happening in your life and move on from the scary nightmares.

3. Your Teeth are Falling Out

Another common nightmare with slightly more confusing meaning. It is thought that if you have repeated dreams about teeth falling out, that means that you are low on confidence. Since teeth are a symbol of status, having them fall out in your dream could signal that your self-esteem has taken a blow in real life.

4. Showing Up Late

Showing up late in your dream is an indication that you are overwhelmed and overworked in your real life. As a result, you carry a lot of anxiety about showing up late and making a bad impression. To stop this recurring dream from happening, then lighten your workload and start to take some relaxing time for yourself. Don’t be so quick to make commitments, and live life more spontaneously.

5. Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Pump the breaks for a second: it’s just a dream! These repeating dreams happen when your subconscious is trying to tell you something. You could be paranoid, or the dream may be happening because his habits have changed recently and your trust is starting to waver. It’s not an absolute, but the dream is a cause for concern. After all, our subconscious mind is only a layer below our conscious mind. It holds all the thoughts that are too painful for our conscious mind to think about. Don’t ignore your dreams; there is meaning behind them.

6. Being Chased by a Psycho Killer

These are personally my least favorite dreams. The nightmares where you are getting chased by the “bad guys”, signals something in your life that you are currently running away from. If this is a recurring dream, then it is your subconscious trying to tell you to face your problems head-on. This dream is more common among women who are dodging the issues in their life. You can’t live in constant fear by running away from your problems, or nightmares about being chased will happen.

7. Having a Mouth Filled with Glass

Your mouth is simply filled with small pieces of broken glass and you are dreaming about the struggle of removing them from inside your mouth. Kind of a bizarre and disturbing recurring dreams to have. The hidden meaning focuses on your mouth, which is about communication. The shards of glass needing to be removed signals that you have things to get off of your chest. If you hold in your thoughts any longer, then you will have this dream more and more. The way you have to carefully remove the glass shards from your mouth, is the same for how you should carefully speak what’s on your mind.

8. Flying Up in the Air

This is a recurring dream, but not a recurring nightmare. People report actually enjoying this dream, as it makes them feel like they can experience a fantasy from a bird’s perspective. But the meaning is not good. Flying is a sign that you have issues in your life that are out of your control, which is the worst feeling. Dreams about flying are merely trying to compensate and make you feel freer than you actually are. Flying dreams are a way to escape your current reality.

9. Showing Up Naked to the Party

Or a dream about showing up naked anywhere. This recurring dream indicates that you are in a vulnerable and anxious state. You are likely to have this dream if you are putting yourself in a new environment and you don’t know what to expect. Changes are happening that are putting yourself in the spotlight, and your subconscious fears about you being judged.