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How to Be Feminine: 11 Secrets of All Highly Desired Women

Find out how to be feminine by exuding the elegance of a proper lady. Women who have feminine features have that certain something about them that attracts all the guys. Learn a few of their secrets and you too can be a classy girl.

How to Be Feminine and Act Like a Proper Lady

Being called feminine is one of the highest compliments a woman can receive. Would you like to behave like a real woman should? Whether you consider yourself a nice girl or a brat, find out how to transform yourself into a woman of class and sophistication. These are the things that men find most attractive.


Remember that when learning how to be feminine, there are simple techniques to help improve your attractiveness. You will be more popular with the guys and be the envy of every girl that sees you walk by. Femininity is a powerful commodity in today's society. Achieve the standard of beauty you see in the celebrities on television and in magazines by incorporating some of these strategies.

A Woman is Defined by the Way She Behaves. Learn How to Be Feminine so You Can Look and Act the Part

Don't ever be afraid to be a woman. Your femininity is what separates you from men and it is an empowering feeling when you embrace how to be feminine.

1. Become a Make-Up Expert

makeup of woman out of bag
Skill up

When it comes to make-up, more isn't necessarily better. The secret on how to be feminine is using your tools effectively. Make-up is just one tool that can be very powerful when used effectively. You may think you know all the tricks to make yourself look as good as possible, but there may be many things you don't know yet. The more research you do about make-up, the better. Learn how to give yourself makeovers depending on the occasion.

2. Learn to Be Shy

young woman hiding face behind straw hat
Be that girl

Femininity has more to do with the way you act than the way to look. Learn how to be that shy girl that every guy chases after by knowing what makes men tick. Being shy comes more naturally to some than others and doesn't work the same way for everybody. If people tell you that you have a shy look about you, then embrace it and find out ways to use it to your advantage. Shy girls are back in style and being shy is very feminine.

3. Don't Cut Your Hair

woman with long hair holding red bag
Grow it out

Hair is one of the features that separate men from women and you want to separate yourself from men as much as possible appearance-wise. If you have beautiful hair, it would be unwise to chop it off. Even if it is inconvenient, learn how to care for your hair and let it grow out as long as possible. Even if a guy says he doesn't care either way, deep down they really do like it. It's just another way to embrace your femininity.

4. Smell Good

perfume bottles

As with make-up, excessive use of perfume is a big no-no. It's better to have no smell at all than to have a smell that overpowers other people's smell receptors. Find a reliable perfume that gets you compliments often and apply it every morning. A little bit goes a long way. Just a faint scent of a good smell can send a guy into a frenzy. When it comes to perfumes, expensive brand names aren't always the best choice. So experiment a bit to find what works for you.

5. Be Outspoken

There's no better way on how to be feminine than directness. Guys like girls who play hard to get initially, but that game gets old after a while. Be outspoken and you will come across as a classy person who stands up for herself. Different personalities can be seen as feminine, but society has changed since the old days. A traditional girl who is afraid to speak her mind may be attractive to some, but an outspoken girl is more often highly desired by guys.

6. Pay Attention to the Little Things

woman filing nails
Do your nails

Things like doing your nails can go a long way and you'd be surprised how many guys take notice. The details of femininity are what make an average girl an insanely attractive one. If you have cute features, then play them up. If you have sexy features, then flaunt them. Use all the weapons you have at your disposal for the greatest success.

7. Avoid Arguments

hair pulling argument between women
Be cool

Relationships can be a tough business. However, if you keep your composure then you keep your femininity. Don't be baited into arguments by people who can't respect you. Part of being a woman is being mature enough to know when your presence is needed somewhere. So instead of inciting hate, let it go and continue about your day. You have better things to do than spend your time letting your emotions get the best of you.

8. Never Swear

There's nothing more unfeminine than a girl who is ignorant of the way people perceive her. Learn to mind your tongue and carry yourself with dignity regardless of who you are talking to. When you bring yourself to the level of a man, then you will be treated like a man. If you are a lady of class then you will not stray from feminine principles. You can express yourself with words that don't offend others.

9. Speak Softly

woman speaking while projecting voice with hand
Soften up

If your voice is loud and brash it can intimidate many guys and turn them off in the process. To learn how to be feminine, you must speak softly so that you come off as someone gentle, who would never hurt a fly. If you have a naturally lower voice than other women, it's especially important to speak softly. Speak so that people have to listen and your words will become more meaningful.

10. Love Yourself for Who You Are

three woman enjoying time in car on road trip
Be you

There are certain things about yourself that you cannot change. Embrace these things and use them to your advantage. Feminine features are subjective, so find out how to make your features womanly in their own way. Your body, personality, and appearance are all unique to you. Instead of knocking yourself down all the time, learn to love yourself and everyone else will follow.

11. Live up to your own expectations

Let's face it. The times have changed. What was once considered feminine is now seen as patronizing and chauvinistic to many. And we kinda have to agree. Because yes, we've gone a long way before and since March 8, 1917, and that is not something to be neglected or forgotten.

Still, the most important thing still stands: The choice is all yours. You're the one in charge of choosing which lifestyle is the right one for you, so it's only your concern. There's no such thing as an official femininity scale to which you have to oblige and based on which you can be rated. As a woman, you are in charge of your own scale. You are the one dictating your own rules, and you are the one who should follow them.

When it comes to being feminine, the only expectations you should live up to are your own and no one else's. So set your expectations right where they should be.

Read, learn, and grow

If you have the opportunity, take it.
If you don't have the opportunity, make one yourself.

On your way to growing into a feminine woman, don't focus only on the physical aspect and enhancing your physical features. There's a lot more to you than meets the eye, and you should always be aware of that.

And don't stop working on it. A feminine woman who wants to be an IT expert is still a feminine woman. A feminine woman who wants to be a mechanic can also be a mechanic and remain feminine. And she can do one hack of a job in both areas. But she would still have to work, learn, practice, and gain experience in the field.

And if your dream is to be a housewife and a soccer mom, there's not a single person in the world who can tell you your choice is wrong. If it's your passion and your goal, go ahead. You know you will be the best mom. Because you and me know that you will be there, raising young people, learning them to be kind-hearted and hard-working, just like you are. And you will also be supportive of their choices, whatever those may be.

Your femininity is not defined by what you do or how you do it. It's defined by the way you relate to other people and to yourself. It reflects your attitudes to learning and developing as a mature, reasonable person. It reflects your kindness and your compassion.

Be supportive

If you want to know how to act feminine, consider it a two way street. What you put forward you will get back.

The way you think and act will echo back to you. For that reason, make your goal not only to be feminine but also to supportive, positive, and loving. Let those things out and they will echo back to you. Otherwise, you can't expect them in your life.

So be supportive of the other women in your life, and of the other women you see struggling out there. Show them that you understand and that you do care, and lend a helping hand if you want one in return. Because a true feminine woman is ready to stand her ground for what she believes in.