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6 Vivid Dreams that Seem Even More Realistic than Real Life

Have you ever had one of those very vivid dreams where you wish you could wake up but you aren't sure if it's a dream or reality? Or even wackier: a dream that is so real that you store it in your subconscious as something that really happened in your life?

Vivid Dreams are the Most Memorable Dreams

Waking up from a vivid dream can be difficult when you think you are just living your real life. And when you do wake up, it's even harder to accept the fact that you just had a dream; if it was a good dream of course. Waking up from a realistic bad dream can be one of the most relieving feelings possible. In order to have realistic lucid dreams, you have to understand when you are having a dream and when you are not having a dream.

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Vivid Dreams

1. Relationship

Dreams about your relationship can either be comforting or scary. But more often than not they are realistic dreams that can tell us a lot about where the relationship is headed.

2. Pursuit

Being chased is a classic recurring dream that can seem very real. Yet it's simple to accept as a dream afterward because the thought of us being chased by bad guys isn't very realistic.

3. Fantasy

We have very vivid dreams about paranormal things that cannot be explained. Afterward, we are astounded to find that it was our own imagination that did all the work.

4. Everyday Lives

Our boring dreams about work or school can be the most realistic. Even worse, those are the types of dreams that are hardest to separate from our mind's reality.

5. Anxiety-Provoking

Anxiety-provoking dreams like taking a trip to the dentist are always more lifelike than they need to be. Who needs to dream about going to the dentist? It's scary enough in person, as it is.

6. Dreams Inside of Dreams

Dreams transitioning into another dream can be a crazy experience where you aren't sure if you are awake or excessive dreaming anymore. Best to let the dream play out before waking yourself up in a frenzy.

There are different kinds of realistic dreams; too many to count! But we have categorized the main dream types for you, and there is no doubt that you've experienced the realism of one of these types of dreams. To be able to distinguish from real and fantasy takes experience having vivid dreams every night. Then once you are able to separate your dreams from reality, you can start to understand the meaning of your dreams better. They can reveal your hidden thoughts about your real life better than any other method!

In Order to Separate Your Lifelike Vivid Dreams from Your Actual Reality, You Need to Pay Attention to the Clues of Your Subconscious

What are your vivid dreams trying to tell you? When you start to understand the hidden meaning behind your dreams, you can start to better understand your life in general. Dreams are the window to our soul, which is why they can be very realistic.

1. Vivid Dreams about Your Boyfriend

Dreams about your relationship often tell the story about how you are feeling with him in the present moment. Whether you are comfortable, unsure, or unhappy with the relationship will manifest itself into various scenarios of your subconscious. How you feel about him will decide what kind of story it is, whether it is a nightmare that you wake up in sweats about or one that makes you happy when you wake up.

A Sign of Things to Come

Dreams about you two breaking up are often a telling sign that he may not be the one for you. Dreams sometimes have a way of predicting the future accurately; especially dreams about relationships. On the other hand, dreams that are always happy in the context indicate that you are happy with the relationship. If you are skilled in the art of lucid dreaming, you are able to remember your dreams much better. The extremely vivid dreams may give you clues as to how you are feeling about him in ways you may not yet understand yourself.

2. Realistic Dreams about Being Chased

Being chased in our dreams signifies feelings of anxiety building up in our everyday lives. We need to escape from all the bad things in our lives, so we do it in our dreams. Sometimes we are running from bad guys, or people we know, or even things we have no clue of. We are just running away because instinctively that's what we do when problems seem out of our control. And it all seems very real in our dreams. So real, in fact, that if we are caught by whatever is chasing us then our dream ends and we wake up worried that we will die for sure. But then we realize it was just a vivid dream, and we can't believe that we just had 30 minutes or an hour experience of feeling like we were about to die. It is a very surreal experience.

3. Dreams of Fantasy and Adventure

These are the types of pleasurable vivid dreaming that we wish would never end. Our imagination is in full force as the inner-workings of our subconscious conjure up mental images that stretch reality into a realistic fantasy. The things in our dreams are sometimes too bizarre to explain, yet it all seems so very real. Our imagination is made up of our past experiences. If you had an active imagination growing up, and read many books and watched many movies; then you have a lot of different material to have dreams about.

The Consequence of Dreaming too Much

The sky is the limit in your dreams; you dream about anything and everything. Dreams can really be a wonderful thing in this type of scenario. But getting carried away with our dreams could happen by trying to substitute reality with fantasy. Our dreams are only as real as we make them. They only happen for a few moments in our lives. Our real lives may be more boring but it is what you make of it.

4. Having Vivid Dreams of Our Everyday Lives

Dreams about work, school, or quality time with the family can be an interesting yet scary experience. Because our dreams have the potential to get crazy and unrealistic at any time. Yet they start out normal enough, by the time they get crazy we actually believe it is happening! Thus your actions in these realistic dreams can cause you to wake up and wonder later on what parts were dreams and what parts were real.

For Example:

Have you ever been talking to someone, and referenced something relating to them, and they had no clue what you were talking about? You were remembering an event in the past about them, but it turns out it only happened in your dream! You were having a vivid dream about your friends or family and you believed it was real. Have enough of these types of dreams, and you won't be able to separate real from fantasy. Then you will have to be careful of the experiences you share with people; because they might just be in your mind!

5. Intense Dreams Provoked by Anxiety

These are the types of messed up dreams as a result of the stress you carry from your everyday life. These types of vivid dreams can manifest themselves into recurring nightmares or dreams that you wish you could forget. Examples of these types of dreams are your parents kicking you out of the house, your friends being angry at you, your boyfriend dumping you, you failing the test or job interview, etc. Dreams have a way of taking small fears in your life and putting them in the spotlight of your mind. Now all of a sudden your subconscious fears become very real and it is up to you to understand why you had this dream

Understanding Your Vivid Dreams

The trick to deciphering your dreams is to focus on the underlying meanings; not on what actually happened in your dream. There is underlying meaning in basically all parts of your dreams. You aren't familiar with the meaning, but through your subconscious you can connect the dots to figure out what the dream meant. The dream itself doesn't predict your future; rather your dreams are a gateway into your subconscious which is vulnerable to interpretation.

6. Dreams Inside of Dreams

These are those types of vivid dreams where you are unsure of whether you have woken out of or not. They are called "false awakenings". Because sometimes you wake up from one dream into another dream, and so on. I've only had it where I woke up twice in one night. Some people just keep having it happen over and over in their sleep cycle. Crazy stuff! If you've ever had a cycle of dreams like this, you would know that it's very difficult to separate the real from the fantasy any longer. These abnormal dreams are a window into your soul. Imagine never being able to actually wake from your sleep cycle; only waking up from a dream into another dream. It's trippy to think about, but I'm sure it happens.

How to Remedy False Awakenings

Sometimes the only way to know if you are in a dream or not anymore is to pay attention to the details! Can you pinch yourself without pain? Do details about your surroundings seem off? Normally our subconscious mind tends to slip up on the details. Thus, we can spot inconsistent information in our dreams to be able to distinguish reality vs fantasy. The only issue is whether it's a dream you want to wake out of or not. Some dreams were so enjoyable that I forced myself to finish out the dream even knowing it wasn't real. That is some serious mind-controlling lucid dreaming right there.