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How to Smile: 14 Ways to Look Natural While You Are Smiling

Learning how to smile may seem a no-brainer, but you may need some tips and tricks in situations when you really do not feel like smiling. We have some up with some solutions for you that will take care of your problem.

How to smile

Smiling comes naturally to most people, but if you're not one of them, you may want to learn how to smile. The truth is that there might be more to it than just curling the sides of your mouth. You have to know what kind of smile reach situation requires and you will have to show a fake smile from time to time.

Girl in a black top smiling.

Ways to look natural while smiling

1. Tell yourself jokes

2. Be more positive

3. Life healthier

4. Get hypnotized

5. Professional help

6. Simple being busy

7. Pretend you are in a parade

8. Don't worry about your double chin

9. Wear lipstick

10. Use your lip shape

11. Dental care

12. Know your face

13. Smile with your eyes

14. Practice

Show the World Your Beautiful Smile and Learn How to Get the Perfect Smile that Will Amaze the People Around You

So, what do you have to do to get a great smile? Besides learning the basic stuff, you will have to practice a lot, so prepare to show your bright smile.

1. Tell yourself a good joke

young blond woman in red jacket joking

Have something to smile about.
When you find it hard to smile, remember a good time or a joke to get your mind off the present moment. A mere memory has the power to shift you appearance from sad-looking to happy very easily. The power of visualization on your mood is a very effective way to look happy. It is possible to trick your mind into being happy and smiling more than you usually do. The trick is to stay persistent and never give up your goal of smiling more.

2. Get positive

positive looking woman smiling with gesture

Take positivity seminars, courses, and self-help books to eliminate any negative vibes in your mind. It's likely that negative energy that's preventing you from smiling as much as you should. The key is to remain optimistic, and over time you will naturally begin to smile more. The healing powers of positivity can be seen in people who are smiling and joking with each other even when life throws obstacles at them. Some people just seem to naturally shrug off negativity and manage to smile anyways. Learn from these types of people. You may never be as naturally positive as them, but you can learn many things from them about positivity that could help you in your life.

3. Healthy routines

smiling woman holding kettlebell

A healthy lifestyle consists of both routine and time off that routine. Make good choices and have healthy habits that aren't destroying your health. Making decisions based solely on money will never make you happy if it is sacrificing your health in the process. Wealth cannot achieve health one-hundred-percent of the time. You cannot be healthy and smile if you are sick all the time. Happiness is just as much about mental health as it is physical health.

4. Hypnotism

Smile unconditional.
An extreme method you could look into would be hypnotism. If you doubt the power that hypnotism has on your mood, just read about other people's experiences. After testimonials, you can try out for yourself. It's simple enough to hypnotize yourself; the results of which vary according to person. As for a professional hypnotist whose job it is to make you happy, all you have to do is ask him to work his magic even if just for a day or a brief moment of happiness. It is quite possible that hypnotism can make you photo smile more consistently. You never know until you give it a try.

5. Seek professional help

Talk about your problems with smiling.
If you don't have a good friend to talk with about your problems, that's a big aspect of someone's life that's missing. Consider talking to a therapist instead and see if your mood improves. Just having someone to talk to and get things off your chest can make you better smile throughout the day.

6. Become busy

Try doing something completely different for 30 days.
Give your lifestyle a jumpstart out of the usual mundane Monday through Friday routine that you are used to jumping through the hoops ever so autonomously and start taking more vacations. Life is too short to have the same routines for the rest of your life. The truly happy people are free to do the things they want for more time than most people. They are also busy living, and far too busy to have negative thoughts about other people. Being busy is one of the keys to enjoying yourself more in the moment and not thinking about things outside your control.

7. Do you have a parade smile?

If you want to have a beautiful smile, you should make it natural and gentle. You should smile as if you were at a parade. This means that you should have a smile you can hold for long periods of time. Slightly open your mouth and make sure that the curve of the upper lip follows the curve of your teeth. The upper teeth will touch the lower lip and you can raise your cheek a bit. You shouldn't be thinking of the smile you have when you see an old friend. This would be too much and it would make you look weird.

8. Do you have a double chin?

In case this is something you are worried about, you should learn how to get the perfect smile. Don't think it is your fault; it's all about posture. You may notice that if you bend your head forward or you slouch, you will look like you have a double chin. If you would like to have the perfect photo, you should slightly turn your head to the side and drop your chin a bit. This way your face won't be in square with the camera and you won't have to worry about the double chin problem anymore.

9. Lipstick is your friend

You may not have any friends, which is okay as long as you have lipstick.
When looking for the perfect smile, you have to remember that lipstick is your friend ? if you know how to use it, that is. You should find a color that matches your skin tone. The right shade will make the teeth look whiter, so you can offer a big white smile. You should be thinking about colors like cherry red, plum, rosy pink, berry or whine. The colors with blue or pink undertones can make the teeth appear whiter. However, you should also know that if you get the wrong color or if it is too strong for your complexion, it could ruin your smile.

10. You have to take care of yourself

You can't expect yourself to keep smiling if you feel like you don't have perfect teeth. They might be yellow and in this case you should see a dentist. You may also have cracked, chipped, or missing teeth that also means some time spent with a dental professional. Aside from your teeth, you also have to think about your gums. You can expect to have healthy teeth unless you have healthy gums. Just think of all the celebrities who don't mind showing their teeth and gums because they are both healthy.

11. The shape of your lips

The people with a full upper lip should avoid smiling too brightly. You should have a smile that shows your teeth but doesn't thin your lips. On the other hand, if you have a thin upper lip, you should have a smile that makes the upper teeth touch the lower lip. This way you can draw the attention from the thin upper lip. You may refrain from a teeth smile is your teeth aren't perfect. The good news is that you can hide them behind your lips. If your upper teeth are too long, you could try hiding them behind the lower teeth.

12. What is the shape of your face?

Believe it or not, the shape of your face may determine the kind of smile that looks good on you. For example, the people with oval shaped heads can have just any kind of smile. You can always smile even if you have a longer face shape, but in this case you should focus on the horizontal aspect of your teeth. In case you happen to have a round face, a longer grin would balance the wideness of your face. A wide smile can help a square face as well, making it look rounder.

Smile according to your facial shape

Do you have an oval, round, or square face? Studies show that a longer vertical face is more suitable for a horizontal smile. The symmetric smile with teeth with the mouth parallel to the eyes is good. A wider smile will help a shorter face to appear more friendly and outgoing. These are merely a couple tips on smiling based on your facial shape. Find out what kind of smile would work best for your appearance. Since our facial shapes are all different, there is no one-smile-fits-all scenario. You might find out something you never knew about your smile before. Perhaps you would look better by only smirking instead of a full smile. Some people look better with their teeth showing and some don't. The face of your shape has a big impact on your smile. Facial shape is a very underrated aspect of teeth smiles that should be incorporated more into our smile theory.

13. It's all in the eyes

In order to make people believe that you have a genuine smile, you should have smiling eyes as well. You can make them smile by lifting your cheeks a bit. Usually this doesn't come to people if they don't have a genuine smile, so you should practice it in front of the mirror. Don't worry if it looks weird at first; you will get the hang of it. Actually, playing with the eyes is the best way to make sure that your smile will look natural and that it will convince people that it's the way you feel inside.

14. You have to practice

Smiling is just like any other "sport" you might practice: you won't get the perfect hit unless you spend some time on the field. It is enough to practice smiling for 5 minutes per day. This will improve the looks of your smile and it will also do wonders for your mood. Let's not forget that smiling is the best medicine. Practice your way to a brighter smile and a better life. It may seem difficult at first, but you will learn fast and it's like riding a bike: you will never forget how to smile.

What if you don't have a perfect smile?

You shouldn't be ashamed of not having the perfect smile. You have to learn to work with what you have. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't try improving it, just to make yourself feel better about it.