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How to Understand Men: 8 Secrets about Men Finally Revealed

How does a girl learn how to understand men? They are so difficult sometimes! Fear not, as there is new evidence suggesting that there are a few secrets in the dating world that can help you finally figure out men once and for all.

How to Understand Men when They Make No Sense

There were certain things that many women just didn't understand about men until now. The secret about understanding men has been largely debated, but this new evidence will leave no more room for interpretation. This is end-all advice will red-pill you about how the male mind works. After reading this you will finally be able to read his body language when he's trying to flirt with you and gain the upper hand on men in all your future relationships.


How to understand men

1. Men are Visual

Men respond better to visual stimuli than women. If they see something they like, they won't be distracted by anything else. They remember things better when seen for themselves rather than read about or heard about.

2. Men Want to Be Loved

Men need love just as much as women do. Men aren't truly happy unless they are in a fulfilling relationship with someone who cares about them. Showing that you care regularly can go a long way in keeping your relationship balanced.

3. Men are Physical

Men respond better to physical activities than to social or emotional obligations. If you want them to learn or understand something, the best way is to get their mind activated through something they can get their hands on.

4. You Cannot Force Commitment

It's impossible to make a man commit if he's not ready. True commitment is what separates the men from the boys. Before you try to change him, try changing yourself first.

5. Men Value Loyalty Most of All

A girl who is loyal to her man and nobody else is a girl that every man will want. Nothing is more attractive to a man than a girl who is faithful and thinks the world of her significant other.

6. Men Have Limitations

Nobody is perfect, men included. This means you should understand their flaws and weaknesses and not let them frustrate you. If you can understand the way men think then you can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

7. Take His Word for It

If he says something, you should just respect it and leave it alone. Reading between the lines for what he truly meant or how what thinks about you is just a waste of time and energy.

8. Men Get Lonely

Men require companionship just like anyone else. In order to appeal to the mind of a man, make sure he knows that you are there for him in times of need.

The differences between men and women are a lot more evident than people lead us to believe. We just decide not to question these differences. There are plenty of things that men don't understand about women, but in comparison men are way worse! All's fair in love and war, so don't let him manipulate your heart any further. Take advantage of these secrets revealed in order to understand your man. Understanding guys is the first step in order to better predict his future behavior and avoid stress.

If Your Relationships Seem Tricky, then First Find Out How to Understand Men and You Will Have Keys to the Kingdom of Secrets

No more misunderstandings and messy breakups. Once you learn how to understand men, your love life will go so much more smoothly and effortlessly.

1. Men are More Visual

Man following something with his eyes

Men's imagination is lacking and thus rather than hearing or reading about stories, they are more receptive to visual stimuli than women. This means that they are more easily distracted when they see something they desire. If that something is you, chances are that he's already noticed you and is thinking about the next thing he wants to say to you. If you want a guy's attention, a nice personality helps, but you have to flaunt your best physical attributes to attract a guy when wondering how to meet men.

2. Men Just Want to Be Loved

woman hugging man in sweater outdoors

When it comes down it, men are the same as women in their need for love. Whether they show their sensitive side or not, they require the touch and closeness of a companion in order to feel fulfilled. The secret on how to understand men isn't as complicated as you might think. The human need for social interaction is required amongst all of us and no matter how guarded a guy is, their shield can be brought down with love.

How to Handle a Man

You don't handle things by beating around the bush. You confront them directly, as this shows courage. All people are competitive, but men are more competitive and often more stubborn, as we all know. You must respect his space and his opinions at all times. When he is pushing your buttons, back off and let him win occasionally. If he's a good guy he will let you win sometimes as well.

What Men Want

Sometimes all a man wants is to be wanted. There is no better way to show a man you want him than doing nice things for him. Sometimes all that is required is that you cook and clean and he will be a happy camper ready to stick by your side through anything. If a girl knows how to take care of a guy, he has no reason to look anywhere else for companionship.

3. Men are More Physical

man in camo doing push ups on shore

Men would rather express themselves physically than emotionally. Although men want to be loved like women, they also want to be loved without the emotional drama that comes from being in relationships. Furthermore, when it comes to expressing their love, most guys would prefer to leave the talking for later.

Men are Less Emotional

A man's brain works different from an emotional point of view than women's. There is a reason why he doesn't often tell you how he feels. It's because he would rather express himself in other ways. Expressing feelings is something foreign to most men. They sustain their social life around seeing rather than feeling. The emotional mind of a man works differently from a woman's.

Do Men Lack Intimacy?

No matter what your expectations are for how romantic a guy should be, you will never get him to act the way you want. Men love sports and games where they get to actively participate and use their mind for doing things. They form bonds with their friends and girlfriends through doing things together instead of sitting down and having conversations.

The Role of Communication

Communication is a huge part of relationships and if there is a lack of communication, a small disagreement can turn into a major argument. So always explain yourself and your reasons for doing things as soon as possible to avoid any miscommunication. Since it's in a man's nature to solve problems with his hands instead of talking, only talk to him when he's in a mood to do so. If you try to confront a guy while he's in the middle of something, that's recipe for disaster.

4. You Cannot Force a Man into Commitment

quarrel between couple in park

If he's not ready then he's not ready. If you feel like the relationship has run its course, then it's time to move on. You aren't getting any younger and some guys just don't see the value of a committed relationship. You will never know how he feels about it until months or years pass without moving the relationship forward. No matter how hard you try, you cannot pressure a guy into commitment.

You Cannot Make Them Grow Quicker

If you want some advice on how to understand men, the first thing to remember is to let a man be a man and let boys be boys. You cannot turn a boy into a man. They go through this transformation on their own regardless of how you think they should be. Guys are iffy on commitment because they've had bad experiences of being burned by their serious girlfriends in the past. If a guy says he isn't ready for a commitment, you shouldn't question his motives because there is always a good reason. It's just one of those things you have to accept the way they are.

5. Number One Thing Men Want in a Relationship: Loyalty

couple wearing jeans holding hands in middle of park

There's a reason why most guys are dog owners instead of cat owners. It's because dogs provide them the loyalty they need from a companion. The secret to understanding your man is that the thing he values most in his girlfriend is her loyalty. If you have undying loyalty to your man, he will do anything to keep you in his life. Being a loyal partner should be a two-way street, but for men it's just a little bit more important.

Number Two: Respect

The thing that men want in their relationship is a respectful girl. You should know when to give the reigns of the relationship over to the man. Men are traditionally the ones to lead the relationship and make the important decisions. Culture has somewhat changed the traditional gender difference and roles, but many still apply in relationships and there is nothing less attractive to a man than a woman who tries to be the man of the relationship.

Letting Him Take Control

Sometimes you have to know when to let him be the man of the relationship, because his pride is on the line. A control freak is an unappealing trait, especially in a girl. While men certainly love a strong woman who is firm in her beliefs, undermining a man's pride is the last thing you want to do. See things from a man's point of view. What are the aspects he values the most? Compliment him on his achievements and satisfy his need for respect.

6. Men Have Limitations

man in black shirt with head tilted up thinking

When all you want to know is how to understand men, you have to understand that they have their innate flaws. Accept men for what they are instead of scolding them all the time. They won't change anytime soon. The sooner you learn the limitations of the man in your life, the sooner you can work around them and establish a relationship based on understanding your man.

Men Aren't so Good with Details

Men are very factual-based, so when it comes to details, they miss a lot of the things we think they should have known or remembered by now. Sometimes they don't appreciate the little things women do to please them like giving yourself makeovers or dusting their room occasionally. This is something that you just need to accept about men and love them unconditionally despite their flaws.

Men Have Limited Attention-Spans

When you start talking to him, you can only grab his attention for so long until he is distracted by something else. Sometimes men are like children. You have to find ways to keep him entertained so that they will listen to what you have to say. You do this by varying your tone of voice and emphasizing the important parts of your speech. If you speak too long without varying the tone and content of your message, you most likely lose him fast.

He Can't Read Your Mind

Don't expect men to magically understand what you need in every moment. Women have higher emotional IQ's, but men rely less on intuition and more on effective communication. You must know what you want, first of all. If you are at the point where you can effectively communicate, then you no longer have to assume that he understands you. In case of some men, you have to wait for years until he finally understands what you were trying to do or what you meant when you said something. They don't read in between the lines, so lay everything out if you want him to understand you.

7. Take Them for Their Word

surprised man presenting case of self

Some of the best advice you will ever receive about men is to just take him for his word. You can't worry about things all the time when dealing with a man because most of the time it's not worth worrying about. In relationships women tend to think way more than man do. Since it's in women's nature to read between the lines, they can overthink things.

Sometimes It Is All in Your Mind

When you ruminate in your thoughts, you can make up fantasies of things he did or said that never really happened. This can be a way to sabotage yourself in any relationship. If you don't trust him to do the right thing, then he will never be the right one for you. The things he does when you are apart may seem insensitive, but you could see it in a different light when you are together. Next time put your mind at ease and give him the benefit of doubt. Your mind often plays tricks on you.

8. Men are More Prone to Loneliness

man standing alone on country road

Men are particularly prone to being lonely because they are less capable of reaching out when in need than women. This innate male trait is especially crippling when suffering from loss, which is why it takes men a lot longer to get over a breakup than women. This is also why the majority of breakups are initiated by women. Men in stable relationships tend to be happier and live longer than their single counterparts.

How to Win a Guy's Heart

Be your man's best friend and always be there in his times of need. Guys are supposed to maintain the image of being self-sustainable and never in need of assistance. This could not be any further from the truth. They need us as much as we need them. Don't let his cries for help go unnoticed. They will be subtle, but you should always be looking for the signs that you can help. If he can't rely on his girlfriend, he will surely find someone else he can rely on.