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What Does My Dream Mean? 6 Confusing Dreams Finally Explained

Dreams can be confusing to decipher. In order to find out what your dream mean, you have to dive into your subconscious and you may learn things about yourself that you never knew before.

What Does My Dream Mean? Dream Experts Weigh-In

How to interpret different types of dreams has been debated since the dawn of times. Now we will shine some light on some of the more confusing dreams that we have all likely experienced once. There are many dream explanations that aren't accurate, but these interpretations are from the experts of the subconscious themselves. Because our dreams are a sneak peek into our subconscious mind, telling us things we are thinking deep down but aren't aware of.

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What Does My Dream Mean?

1. Deceased Family

Have you ever had one of those creepy dreams where you met a dead family member? You aren't alone. The true meaning is debatable, but there are leads to the truth.

2. Snakes

Snakes in dreams tend to be as scary as the ones in real life, don't they? Our stigma of snakes is one of pure fear. But are our dreams about them really that bad?

3. Water

Dreams about water are very interesting, and have been discussed about the true meaning. Some people have these dreams and some people don't.

4. Death

People are innately afraid of death. So it should come as no surprise what the true meaning behind these dreams is, or should it?

5. Tests

Dreams about tests and schoolwork signify something very important to our lives. Whether or not it affects your actual schoolwork is unknown.

6. Paralysis

Dreams about being paralyzed are truly scary. But the meaning behind the dream may be even scarier. If you have these kind of dreams, then it is regrettable indeed.

The meaning of your dreams will forever remain a mystery until you look into them yourself. It starts with some research, and then some lucid dreaming techniques to recall your dreams. Meaning of dreams are not impossible to discover. What a dream means depends on the context of each dream and where it fits into your life right now.

What Does My Dream Mean? 6 Common Dreams Still Not Quite Understood by Common Sense. Here Are a Few Interpretations

What my dream means could be confusing to those not knowledgeable about the subconscious. Meaning of dream is psychological territory, which is a preview to our most hidden thoughts.

1. What Does My Dream Mean: Meeting Family Who Passed Away

When you start having dreams about a family member who has passed away, the reasons could include feeling guilty or regret subconsciously. Perhaps you didn't spend as much time as you could have with him or her. Now that they are gone you realize that you took them for granted a bit. If it's a family member that you didn't know very well, then the dream and meaning could be more spiritual. A dream could be spiritual if it is a recurring dream. It is said that your dream is a channeling between you and the afterlife for your loved one. Through your dream they are trying to communicate with you. If you believe in that sort of spiritual stuff, it is very interesting theory by spiritual dream experts. Furthermore, the dream about a deceased friend is thought to have the same meaning as any other loved one in your past life.

2. What Does My Dream Mean: Snakes on a Plane, Or Anywhere

If you have dreams about snakes, it's likely that you are facing some challenging issues in your life right now. A snake is the symbol that you could possibly be dealing with a situation that needs to be taken care of but you're putting off. Dreaming of snakes is an indication of a healing process and a transformation within you. Snakes move on the ground, which is associated with being grounded on the Earth. This interpretation is that you are dealing with difficult times, yet everything will work out as time has intended. The world will keep spinning, regardless of the result of your life. So deal with your problem the way you see fit, and try not to seek any deeper meaning behind these dreams of snakes.

3. What Does My Dream Mean: At the Beach or Ocean

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Dreams about water are connected with strong emotions. The meaning behind the ocean is that we really aren't in control of our lives as we think we are. The ocean is a vast place and the world is mostly water. Most of the areas underwater are still unexplored and mysterious. That's what your life is: a mystery. It's pointless to figure out most of it because most of life is unexplainable. Just like the expression "going with the flow", your dream about water is telling you to relax and take life as it comes to you. Perhaps you've been trying too hard to make things happen for yourself, when really you should just be enjoying life as it comes to you.

A Sign into the Future

These dreams are often a wakeup call telling you to deal with your stronger emotions. Pay close attention to these dreams as they often connect meaning of my dream to your emotions at the current time and have subtle clues about what you should be doing at this point in your life.

4. What Does My Dream Mean: Death and Dying

Death about dreams aren't as bad as you think. They may be scary, and sometimes realistic nightmares waking you up from your slumber. But all dreams about death really mean are that you have something in your life that's ending. You are reaching the end of a phase and your dream means about death is a transition out of that. It could be a job or a relationship. There is always subconscious anxiety about things ending because it causes change. We are naturally afraid of change in our lives and these dreams are a way to resolve that anxiety. Your dreams about death are telling you to either move on from the past or embrace the future because the past cannot be changed anymore

5. What Does My Dream Mean: Schoolwork or Classroom Setting

Dreams about education often indicate you are going through a very important phase of your life right now. You are growing and learning lessons. Any dreams about tests, schoolwork, or a classroom indicate your own personal growth. Recently you have learned many new things about yourself, and you have gained insight as to what to expect from yourself in the future. This dream could also indicate that you should be more open-minded in your endeavors to avoid any new lessons being clouded or lost. You want to expand your knowledge, you want to expand your awareness. This dream is your subconscious way of telling you that perhaps right now is an important stage in your life to start thinking about the future. Because the decisions you make about your education now will decide what you will be doing soon. The classroom setting can be a nostalgic dream for many of us who haven't been in a classroom in a long time.

6. What Does My Dream Mean: Being Paralyzed

Dreaming about paralysis and not being able to move is a common scary dream. The feeling of not being able to move your extremities is all very real and an extreme relief when you're awake. This is sometimes called sleep paralysis, when you wake up in a sweat not being able to move. Dreaming about being paralyzed can cause us to feel paralyzed for real when we wake up and it causes great anxiety. Paralysis dreams have a very dark meaning that you feel stuck in your life right now. It could indicate that things are very difficult and you feel like there is no way out. You have worries holding you down, and nowhere to turn to for help. This subconscious worry stems from an inability to think outside the box.