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5 No Contact Rule Questions to Ask before Letting Him Go

Saying that you will never go back into a relationship with a guy that has broken your heart and shattered your world to pieces. Here you will find some simple tactics on learning how to stand your ground even if he knows which buttons to push. Know what to expect when you are on your no contact regime so that you can stay a step ahead of the game.

Let him go on the no contact rule. But before you do that, understand. Then, implement.

Anyone who has ever been in an unhealthy relationship will tell you how hard ending a relationship is but the steps to move on is even harder. Some will go as far as to implement a no contact rule but it seems like double work seeing that the hardest time to get over a separation is directly after that breakup; you dread seeing the other person and keep wondering where the relationship went wrong and what if you had done something differently.

Couple in a moment of mutual disinterest

The no contact rule after a break up is simple enough to understand; you just avoid your ex until you have found a way to control your post emotional breakup stress. This post break up advice is not so easy to stick to; it challenges your perseverance and is one of the biggest and hardest steps you will ever take if you have decided that getting over the relationship is the best thing that you can do.

No Contact Rule Explained for Women with 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before You Let Him Go for Good

If you are wondering what is the no contact rule then you might be among the minority that has no idea what strategies can be applied to get over a breakup. The no contact rule is one of the best post breakup advice for women. This is a simple challenge that you undertake directly after breaking up with your spouse that brings you one step closer to letting him go.
It requires you to ensure that over a specific period of time after a breakup, you strive not to make any contact with your ex.
The no contact rule is really not as simple as it sounds, as temptation becomes the biggest obstacle to overcome.
You can say the words, but taking the actual steps to honor your commitment to avoid an ex might not be easy.

How long should it last?

If or not the no contact rule works, will be highly dependent on you and how committed you are to sticking to it. The first step is to mentally decide to implement that no contact rule.

You decide. However long it takes…

How long you choose to implement it is also your choice. Try not to end your no contact challenge before you are sure that you are out of that extremely emotional zone.

30-60 days tops

Always choose a reasonable time span that you know you can handle; for example choose 30 or 60 days no contact. For some people to survive 30 days no contact is more than they can endure. Many of us need a much longer time and are sure that no contact for 60 days is more than doable. Breaking the no contact is harder for some people than others

Does the no contact rule really work?

There is no need to even ask if the no contact rule works. This will depend on YOU and how disciplined you are. If you are serious about getting over your ex, you will need to make up your mind, make your plans and stick to it. Do not create situations where you make it easy to break your rules. This means avoiding your ex at all cost. But is this really feasible? Does the no contact rule work in every situation? Does the no contact rule work on men who you have no other choice but to see every day or even speak to? I mean, what happens if you work together?

Is it easy to stick to?

To uphold the no contact after breakup is particularly challenging for people who has to come in contact with their former partners regularly. For example, if you both live in the same apartment or have children together contact is hard to avoid. In this case the contact would be on a more physical level. Communication via electronic means or in person can occur when certain limits are set; for example, look but don’t touch. These situations are particularly challenging as the more you see them the harder it will become to try to be disciplined and stick to it.

I broke the no contact rule, what should I do?

We have already established that the no contact rule after breakup is a challenge. Reality is, no matter how tough we think we are, there are situations that are beyond us. What happens if I break it? So you broke it? Life itself isn’t perfect so we are not expected to be either. The best thing is that we can always start anew and hopefully we are stronger the second time around; I mean, if we are going to break the no contact after break up five six seven times, why not just jump back into a relationship? Starting all over again is the next best option if you have broken the contact order rules and truly want to get over your ex.

What if it doesn’t work?

It makes no sense to complain that the no contact rule does not work when there are other options available to try to help you to resist going back to get your heart broken all over again. Breakup advice is not limited to just no contact rule. For women, there are many different kinds of strategies to implement to help you get over your ex. For starters, you might want to enjoy yourself a little more. Single life can be a free spirited time for you so spend time enjoying the company of friends and family. There is a myriad of relationship advice for women out there; you just need to know which one applies to you and which you can stick with.