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Never Settle for Less than You Deserve: 4 Reasons Why You Deserve Better

Life is just a series of risk-reward moments where you decide what is best for yourself. Some may call this selfish, but it's undeniable that you should be your top priority. Furthermore, in order to satisfy your best interests you should never settle for less.

Never Settle for Less in Your Relationships

Don't settle for less than you deserve! That applies to everything in life. If you consider yourself a person of high value, which you should, then you should set a high standard for who you associate with. That could include friends, boyfriends, or co-workers. In this article we will present how to convey your image as a person of high worth. Once you have set a standard for yourself, you can expect only the best from yourself and the people around you. This is the recipe for success: building a life of high quality and never settling for less.


Never Settle for Less

1. Always Look to Upgrade

In relationships, you can get caught up in the progress-defeating emotional baggage that is inevitable when settling for a relationship that you don't truly deserve. Meanwhile, others reap the benefit of getting a lot more dating experience.

2. Friends are a Dime a Dozen

We sometimes have the bias that our friends are the best possible friends. That is why we gravitated toward each other in the first place. But if you make an effort to branch out, you may find some hidden friendships waiting to be initiated.

3. Aim for Perfect

Never expect to achieve perfection, but never give up in your pursuit of achieving the perfect life. If you set high standards for yourself, your achievements will be especially satisfactory and your rewards will be greater than the risks.

4. Embrace Change

Embracing change is a part of any optimistic person's agenda. You can either accept change as inevitable or settle for less than you deserve. It's your choice.

Oftentimes we have a bad habit of accepting things in our lives that aren't necessarily good for us or are holding us back. This is a trait of someone with low self-esteem and the people and things you associate with don't often speak true of your character. You must filter out inferior things from your life in order to make room for what's truly great. That way you can enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Don't make the mistakes of those that were regretful on their deathbed.

It's Easier Just to Accept a Life of Mediocrity than to Risk It All Trying Something Dangerous. This is Why You Should Never Settle for Less

Once you have the attitude that you deserve the best in life, great things will come your way. You will eat the best foods, see the best places, and meet the best people.

1. Never Settle in a Relationship

In relationships don't underestimate the concept of "never settle for less". Girls often tend to lower their standards and try to change guys in order to get them to act the way they want guys to act. This is manipulation and a lot of effort for nothing as most guys are stubborn in their ways. The way to handle this is to keep your options open.

You Will Never be Alone

There is a world half-full of guys out there. There is no limit in options so you should never feel like you are stuck in a relationship. In fact, life is so filled with possibilities women often sell themselves short because they don't realize how much more is out there waiting for them. Don't sell yourself short: start meeting people and expanding your horizon. New people can teach you many things if you choose to listen.

How to Not Settle for Any Less than You Deserve

In order to be able to not settle for a guy, you have to control the relationship and you have to keep moving forward. The one in control of the relationship holds all the cards and is the one that can either end it or speed it up. When you control the pace of the relationship, you have established yourself as the one with value. If you can remain emotionally unattached from the outcome of the relationship, you will practically have him eating out of your hand.

2. Good Friendships are Not as Rare as You Think

Never settle for less when it comes to friendships. If it feels like a friend doesn't act like a friend sometimes, it means you can do better for yourself. You enjoy life by being cheerful and being cheerful attracts new friendships into your life. If you look forward to the future, then it's a never ending cycle of social growth. The moment you settle for what you have is the moment you decide to stop growing.

Different Friends Serve Different Purposes

Having a best friend is ideal, but the reason why friends come and go is because it's possible or even inevitable for you not to grow tired of seeing the same friends every day. You need variety in your life. Variety is the spice of life. That is why you should put yourself out there and never settle in your friendships. The only way you will find quality friends is by meeting many people. Otherwise your standard will be stuck on whatever you settle for.

Importance of Having Different Friends

Instead of settling for a single group of friends, make an effort to monkey-branch into other social groups too. This way you are making yourself known in a wide range of circles. You are spreading your influence. Whenever meeting someone for the first time, lay on a little extra charm and impress them.

3. Strive for Perfection

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Never settle for the way you look. Always aim for better. Never be satisfied with your appearance or else you will slip in things like your diet and personal hygiene. In order to look your best at all times, you can never settle for less by following other people's expectations. The only expectations that matter are your own.

But Settle for Progress

You don't find happiness in perfection, you find happiness in progress. If you have a goal and you constantly move toward that goal, then life is fulfilling. If you are always stopping along the way to smell the roses, it will take you a lot longer to experience the happiness of progress. In order to have progress, you must make constant changes. Settling is the number one way to become sidetracked from progress.

4. Your Fear of Change

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Why are people so terrified of change and taking risks? This is the main reason why people settle for less. They are stuck in a linear way of thinking that the particular city they live, the friends they have, and the relationship they have are the best possible for them at this point in their life. But this simply isn't true. If you don't embrace change then you cannot progress. You are simply drifting through life and complaining about first-world problems. All the while you make excuses to justify why you haven't made the necessary changes to solve your problems.

It's all a matter of whether you settle for what you have or aim higher. You should live your entire young life in a constant state of never settling. Life is too short to settle for anything less than what you deserve: the best. The only way to reach your maximum potential is to never settle for less.