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Final 4 Regrets of the Dying: Mistakes You Surely Won’t Make

Nobody wants to live a life of regret especially in your final moments of living. Make life more meaningful by learning from the past regrets of the dying, mistakes that can be avoided. Your past can’t be changed, but your future is in your hands.

Regrets of the dying in a nutshell

Do you need a list of the most important things worth doing before you die? Well look no further! Here in a nutshell you will find the 4 most common regrets of the dying. These are things that we are all guilty at in some point in our lives. Well now you can aware yourself to the benefits of taking control of your life now. Begin living your life the way your ancestors wished they could.

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The intention of these 4 commonly uttered regrets is to make you stop wishing and start doing. Don’t waste your youth any longer. Start taking matters into your own hands. Get the most out of life. Take the advice of the elderly generation to pave a better future for yourself.

What are the Regrets of the Dying While They are Lying in Their Deathbed? The Impact of Their Words Could Leave You Questioning Whether You Have Been Living the Way You Want

I hope the regrets of the dying will change the way you think and the way you act. We only have one life. Make it the best one you possibly can.

“I Didn’t Spend Enough Time with the People I Cared About”

This is one of the most common regrets of the dying later on in life. We humans have a tendency to take things for granted in our lives. What’s especially devastating is it can happen for something as important as family members or best friends. They are in our lives, we see them every day, and it starts to get old. Their habits and mannerisms start to wear on us.

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Life is a boat. And while you are on that boat it is important to spend enough time with the people you care the most about or else regret. To do that you had best stop taking those around you for granted and take care of the people who raised you to where you are today, your parents. Enough said. Read on!

How to Stop Taking People for Granted

Understand that acquaintances come and go like the wind. The people that stick around for you in times of distress are special. The way you stop taking them for granted is to treat them with respect and help them when they are in trouble. Showing unconditional love can be as simple as telling someone you are there for them no matter what.

Take Care of Your Parents

When you take someone for granted, you are simply under the false assumption that they will always be in your life. Our mothers and fathers are the easiest people to take for granted sometimes, because they love us no matter what. We don’t have to show our appreciation for them to love us. But we should do it anyways. Because they have always been there for us in times of crisis.

“I Wish I Could Have Focused Less on Money and More on Living”

Life is quite a conundrum. We sacrifice our health and well-being by spending our lives working in order to make money. Then we use that money later in life to pay medical bills for the problems that working caused in the first place. This is the life of a chronic ‘work-a-holic’. Many people are addicted to maintaining a busy lifestyle and often forget to schedule time to relax.

Value Time over Money

A busy lifestyle is admirable, but not if you work yourself to exhaustion. Work to make money, and use your free time to completely separate yourself from work. You should be working to live above all, and not the other way around. Working 60 hour weeks will help pass the time quickly, but are you really in a rush to reach old age? Don’t be a statistic of one of the regrets of the dying and place emphasis on your young life by having fun.

Live Within Your Means

No matter how much money you make, you should always be saving a considerable amount. Being frugal teaches you how to live within your means. It also teaches you the value of a dollar and not throwing away your hard work in one night out every weekend. The money isn’t as valuable of an investment as the time. You can always get money back, but lost time is gone forever.

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“I Wish I Would Have Smiled More”

We often admire those people that always seem to look happy. Their secret to success in life is to always have a smile on their face. And success is a subjective term, as well as happiness. You are only as happy as you believe yourself to be. Smiling is positive body language that helps you make a good impression. You should try it sometime. Really.

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Happiness comes and goes on a moment-by-moment basis. It all depends on you and how satisfied you are with the way you are living.

How Often do You Laugh?

If you don’t laugh every day, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself. Laughing is seriously the best medicine for any ailment. And it’s contagious; in a good way. You can spread your happiness around by laughing more. It’s not appropriate in all situations, but if you are basically ready to smile and laugh at any moment you are on your way. Because by taking yourself too seriously all the time, you aren’t allowing your facial muscles to relax and it becomes impossible to be cheerful.

“I Should Have Travelled More”

Regrets of the dying citizens of many countries wish they could have expanded their horizons abroad. Travelling is one of the best ways to ensure a fulfilled and interesting life. Okay let’s go! Where, you may be asking yourself? Where else but,.. places the dying wished they visited!

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You learn things away from home in a couple days that you would have never learned by remaining in one place for the rest of your life. Sometimes we should look past the cost and give in to our desire to see more of the world. Most who do don’t regret their decision afterward.

Follow Your Passions Early On

If you settle down too early without experiencing enough of what life has to offer, you may be very regretful afterward. Travelling can be done at any age, but it gets complicated when there are kids and mortgage payments involved. Not travelling enough is a common regret later on in life because everyone knows it was within their reach if they just waited a little longer to settle down.

It’s Never Too Late

You haven’t wasted your life thus far, as there is still time left to do these things. Just realize that there are so many things that life has to offer that most people don’t take advantage of. Take a step towards changing your habits and choose not to be regretful when you’re older.