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Long Distance Relationship Advice with 5 Reasons Why You'll Be Okay

Making a relationship work can sometimes be hard on its own, and doing the same when you are in separate towns or states even harder. But apart from trust and compromising, there are other things you can for a relationship to last, all you have to do is be bold and read on.

Long distance relationship advice and tips to handle being separated like a pro

Let us make it clear in the first place, before we even move on to anything else: for a long distance relationship to work, a couple has to be committed. No couple who didn't care enough for each other made it through a long distance phase.

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Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain, but if with the right person to give meaning to it, they are something that can be successfully obtained. Of course, there's as a slim chance you'll ever find something as "Long Distance Relationship Manual" that contains answers to everything, but there are ways around certain problems, and there are certain traits a couple needs to have to be successful in this sort of relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Advice to Make It Possible: 5 Reasons You'll Be Okay for Long Distance Relationships That Will Help You and Your Significant Other Overcome the Trouble the Mileage Brings

Here are 5 reason why you long distance relationship may not going off course as you thought.

1. Support

It's of major value to always be supportive. Yes; encouraging your partner is one of the long distance relationship survival tips amongst many others you will need to make it work.
If it is hard for you, it is also hard for him: you must understand that both of you are together in this even though you are miles apart. One of the first rules, or if you like more, advice for long distance relationships is that you have to support each other. There are going to be some rough patches, no matter how hard we tried to make everything as easy as possible. There are going to be a loads of decisions made along the way and, and if you want him to respect and support you in yours, you have to do the same for him. Otherwise, it all lacks sense.

2. Communication

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Communication speaks for itself

In every relationship, communicating with your partner is of crucial importance if a relationship is to succeed. With that in mind, if we thing about long distance relationship as a very specific situation, it is pretty clear how important communication can be. Also, think about this: how many times have you noticed by your boyfriend's expression or the way he clenches his fists that something was wrong? Many, of course. So, you came to a conclusion based on his body language, and not on what he said. And how are you going to do that if he is, for example, three states away? You can't be on Skype all the time. That is why you should ‘abuse' the advantages of ‘the almighty Internet' and applications that make communicating so easy and do your best to preserve your relationship. But don't bore each other to death, find the rhythm that both of you like.

3. Jealousy

More often than not, even the people who have never before been jealous, start being so once they get involved in a long distance relationship. And from one point of view it actually is easily understandable: even though you're special someone is in touch with you, there are still a number of people he socializes with in a new town, and so on. But if you think you have the right to be jealous, so can he be. And constant outbursts of jealousy won't bring you anywhere, you'll just end up constantly arguing until one or both of you decide that it is to tiring to continue it anymore. Instead, turn to the tip No.2 and talk about what you are missing in a relationship, and try to find some interesting ways to make up for that.

4. Countdown

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Find something to keep yourself motivated

Try to organize in advance when and where you are going to meet next time. It will give both of you the additional motivation to look forward to the next time you'll finally see each other and it will make everything else more bearable. Otherwise, especially if you really do see each other rarely, after some time it could seem like it's been eternity, and that there is only eternity without seeing each other in future, and eventually, you'll get tired of that.

5. Equal effort

Do not be the only one who is doing everything in her power to make it work. Because it won't. Eventually even you will be tired of it, let alone where he will be by then. The same rule applies vice versa. It takes two of you to make a relationship works, and this is not only long distance relationship advice, it is rather universal. If you are the one who always initiates conversation, and who always takes long boring trips just so you could meet, and he is the one who is taking everything for granted then something is wrong. And there are two ways you can deal with this, get him to talk to you about it and change something, or if he is not willing to cooperate, get it over with, because, obviously; he is not worth the try.

Sade is not the only soldier of love

Not everyone can make a long distance relationship work, you have to be bold enough to even enter one, and then to succeed. And that is exactly what the great columnist Meghan Daum says in one of her essays from the collection "My Misspent Youth".
"Contrary to what the cynics say, distance is not for the fearful; it's for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love." One of the reasons for stating this is precisely because distance can be one of the greatest challenges for modern day relationships. So if you successfully go through all the other little challenges it brings with itself, you can really consider yourself a courageous person. Be proud of yourself! And keep on being bold; you'll need that later in life.
However, this won't be the only quote we will use to help you see that this kind of relationship can really work. One of the long distance relationship quotes that really gets the pure meaning of it all is coming from the mind of Leona Lewis: "Obviously, a long distance relationship is hard. But, like anything worth having, you make it work." And it really says it all. If both of you think it's worth it, go on, fight for what you have and eventually make it work, for the sake of true love, it is worth the price.