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6 Valuable Time Management Skills More People Should Have

More people should have better time awareness. Without time management, we would all have no direction and no drive to get important things done. Only those with effective time management skills are able to accomplish great things.

Prioritize Your Life with Time Management Skills

Time management is a skill that can be learned quickly.
All you have to do is make these simple strategies a habit and you will find that time is more often on your side. Try out a few of these pointers to see what works for you. If procrastination is your arch-rival, you have come to the right place. Let's put time wasters in their rightful place.


Time Management Skills

1. Take notes

2. Calendar up

3. Reflect a little

4. Plan ahead

5. Prevent distraction

6. Deadlines

Lighten the Load Off Your Mind and Manage Your Time Effectively with Some of These Time Management Skills to Make Your Day Easier

If everyone used at least two or three of these time management skills, society wouldn't feel as hopelessly rushed as it does now.

1. Carry Around a Notebook

woman in grey sweater taking notes with white pen

Call it your notes, planner, calendar, or whatever you need. You should have an all-utility pad to write on because you have things you need to remember. Don't rely on your short-term memory to recall past thoughts because you are losing so much that way. You have hundreds of important thoughts daily, yet they go to waste because you don't write them down.

Always Have Paper at Hand

Another idea is to wear shirts or pants with extra pockets. Carry around a handheld notebook so you can jot down ideas whenever they come to you. The simple act of writing an idea down can save you a lot of frustration and it only takes a few seconds of your time. In order to manage your time effectively, you have to be prepared with a notepad at all times.

2. Keep a Calendar or Two

brown desk calendar on grey background
Get a calendar

Have a calendar at home, at work, or anywhere you spend a significant amount of time. If you are really bad at remembering long-term goals, consider getting a calendar that spans longer than a year. If you don't have somewhere to write down your future plans, then it's possible to forget your direction in life.

3. Set Aside Time for Reflection

woman in white floral dress sitting alone thinking riverside

Either at the beginning or end of your day, practice good time management skills by thinking about all of your important ideas so that you don't procrastinate when you are supposed to be productive. Some people think best when they are in the shower. But the shower serves a purpose and the purpose isn't to daydream. It is wasteful to have your important thoughts at inappropriate times so be mindful of when you decide to ponder.

4. Plan Everything Beforehand

napkin with a goal without a plan is just a wish written next to coffee cup

If you are tired of barely getting going through the motions of your days of your life, then start planning everything beforehand for a change.
In case you aren't big on planning, it is a huge weakness. If most people only realized what power that a little bit of planning had on their lives, they would be capable of so much more, if they were able to use their planning time more effectively. There is no such thing as being over-prepared. Set aside times every day to make your busy schedule the best it can be.

5. Eliminate Distractions

woman pressing finger on phone screen

An effective example of time management skills is knowing what is hindering your abilities. The people and things that always manage to distract you are things you need to either limit or eliminate. If you add up all of the distractions in your day, you would be surprised by how much time it wastes. Distractions add up over time. If you learn to eliminate distractions, you will begin to start managing your time more effectively.

Own a "Do Not Disturb" Sign

If you live with roommates or work with an office full of people, things can get distracting sometimes. Eliminate distractions at times when you need to focus by having a "do not disturb" sign. Might be a strange concept to some, but think of all the extra work you can get done. It works in hotels, so why shouldn't it work as part of your everyday life? People respect someone dedicated to their craft. Think of ways to let people know that you cannot be disturbed and you won't have to worry about distractions any longer.

Turn Your Phone Off

This is by far the biggest distraction for most people. Put away the cell phone, as your email and social media accounts can be checked later. If you would limit our cell phone usage to half, you probably would still be using it too much. Phones should really only be used in your free time, or in case of an emergency. Prioritize your time better by only giving your attention to things that will benefit you on the long-run rather than those that make other people feel better.

6. Set Deadlines

Realistically speaking, you are capable of accomplishing a task within a certain amount of time. The more time you are given for something, the longer it takes for you to complete it. You work harder with deadlines opposed to having excess time. So next time you are really motivated to do something, set a deadline to complete all of those tasks and get them out of the way. Challenge yourself by making a short deadline and reward yourself for each difficult challenge overcome.

You Can't Always Finish Everything

Part of time management means knowing when to take a break. It's impossible to get everything done. Time management skills are important because if you can't manage your time, you can't manage anything else. Know when to call it quits and leave unfinished work for later. Your time is precious, so learn to prioritize by the importance of your daily chores. If you can't finish what you set out to do in a day, you can always put it off till tomorrow.

Time management and life planning

Learn how to start planning your life with some simple time management tips that you can make a regular part of your life. The trick is to organize your tasks effectively enough to be able to get things done throughout the day. This will help you with stress-related health problems and make you more productive in every facet of life.