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Benefits of Being a Vegetarian: 9 Reasons to Go All Veggie

Contrary to popular belief, humans are not born carnivores. Vegetarians often live healthier and longer lives than others because their nutrient rich diets. Good health is one of the reasons of becoming a vegetarian.

Benefits of being a vegetarian

Before we go into why everyone's talking about going vegetarian,what's does it mean? The term vegetarian refers to a person who consumes no animal products, including fish. Most vegetarians still also consume dairy products in their diets. Vegans are people who adhere to a strict diet of fruits and vegetables, with no dairy.
In order to see the benefits of being a vegetarian and to learn how to become a vegetarian, you must understand how to replace animal protein with plant protein to meet your daily nutritional requirements. Make no mistake: it is possible to meet your needs with a vegetarian-based diet. You can recover from many ailments with a few adjustments to the way you eat, . It's a simple concept that you should only eat the most natural foods that grow straight in the Earth's soil.

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Reasons to go vegetarian

1. Longevity

2. Lower disease risk

3. Weight loss

4. Improved bone health

5. Cancer-free

6. Saving innocent animals

7. Lower food cost

8. Liberation is wonderful

9. More energy

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Not sure how to start? Most people find that a gradual change to vegetarian habits works the best. For those who have eaten meat their whole lives it's a difficult transition. The people, who make the switch, will see the many benefits of being a vegetarian.

1. Vegetarians live longer

People who eat red meat are more susceptible to serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease than their vegetarian counterparts. Many of the chronic diseases that plague many people today can be prevented and cured through a diet with more fiber and nutrients that only plants can provide. Being more conscious about what you put in your stomach also leads to better life choices, such as exercise and eating in moderation.

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2. Vegetarians don't have to worry about cardiovascular disease or diabetes

By reducing or limiting your exposure to meat, your blood pressure will lower without having to worry about saturated fat or cholesterol. A vegetarian diet rich in grains and nuts can also improve glucose levels in those suffering from diabetes. Switching to a vegetarian diet has proven time and time again to have miraculous effects on the cardiovascular system. Some plants have even been shown to reverse the negative effects that meat has on your body.

3. Vegetarians have lower body weight

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Vegetarians have a weight-loss advantage over their meat-eating counterparts. Excluding animal products from your diet can help you lose weight regardless of how much daily exercise you do. The explanation is simple: better eating habits lead to slimmer bodies. Whether you are looking to make a serious overhaul to your diet or just want to lose a few pounds for beach season, look into the benefits of being a vegetarian.

4. Vegetarians have stronger bones

Contrary to popular belief a vegetarian diet helps you absorb more calcium on average than a diet with meat. You wouldn't think that's the case when you picture a sharp-toothed meat eater, but it's true. Meat has high acid levels which must be neutralized by your blood stream by leaching calcium from the system, the same calcium that's crucial for healthy bone growth. Some great sources of calcium in a healthy vegetarian diet are tofu, dark greens, and cereals.

5. Vegetarians are less likely to develop cancer

Consuming meat at least five times a week can increase your risk of colon cancer. So, it's no wonder that an underrated form of cancer therapy involves eliminating meat from one's diet, especially processed meats such as sausage and bacon. Cancer risk is higher for those consuming animal protein compared to plant protein diets by a longshot.

It's also worthy to note that many of the cancer-causing properties of meat are found mostly in processed meats produced from factories. Again, when purchasing meat the only safe way to go is certified organic. It is still not completely clear what methods these big factories and corporations use to provide their meat so cheap. They cut corners in order to make profits, at the expense of our health. It's not easy to make the transition to a vegetarian lifestyle, but anything worth having in life is never easy. That includes your health.

6. Vegetarians are more conscious of animal abuse in food industry

Do you think it's ethical to kill animals for food when there are plenty more options available to us? If we were to use more of earth's natural resources to feed humans rather than animals, we would have less world hunger. A vegetarian diet is safer, considering the artificial means many animal farmers use these days to make their animals bigger. Animals are fed so many genetically modified substances, that it's astounding that they are approved for consumption anymore.

Save the earth one animal at a time…

Animals grown to be eaten are often exposed to unsafe conditions. They live in dirty and overcrowded spaces. These farms should be called animal jails instead. Looking at the conditions that these farmed animals grow up in would make you want to dedicate your life to vegetarianism. The benefits of being a healthy vegetarian include saving the Earth one animal at a time.

Don't buy your eggs unless they are confirmed cage-free variety. If you are going to eat meat, refuse to contribute to the torture of animals in factories and instead opt for outlets that only serve animals that came from a farm.

7. Vegetarians save money

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Someone can spend much less on raw ingredients purchased from supermarkets than on meat. You can save a large chunk of your weekly spending on meat and consume a lot more healthier foods instead . These days, junk food is priced very cheaply, which is a shame. If more people bought more vegetables and fruits, they would be in greater supply and cheaper for the public. You should always prioritize nutrient-dense foods over the processed goods starting to overtake the marketplace.

At first, the vegetarian lifestyle will seem expensive and unsustainable depending on your budget. But over time you will see that you will actually be saving money. You will be healthier, thus your hospital bills will be lower. You will be an experienced organic shopper, thus you will find the best deals the more experienced you get. You will know what to look for, and you will get into good habits with spending your money. You will be eating less calories and more nutrients. There will be less deficiencies in vegetarian diet plans and thus you will have little to worry about in your life other than exercising regularly. Your money will not matter if you are unhappy and sickly all the time.

8. Vegetarians are more liberated from mainstream society

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When you abandon the idea that you must eat meat every day to survive, you gain a mental advantage over the norm. You are living an alternative lifestyle, thus doing your part to make a change that hopefully more people will start to follow. It's a growing movement. You are already starting to see a western trend shifting towards eating healthier foods. Fast food chains are shutting down and supermarkets are starting to stock a wide range of organic options.

The future is starting to look bright again for the health of people all around the world who are turning their backs against processed and artificial foods and instead looking at a veg diet plan. Of course everyone wants to be healthy, but most people just aren't educated about what kind of foods are good for their bodies and what isn't. If you are a newbie to the organic food scene, just remember a few simple rules when shopping at the supermarket. Prioritize natural foods grown from the earth, check the labels and see if you recognize the ingredients, and pay close attention to the quality and expiration dates of what you are buying from now on.

Make a positive impact on your environment

Not only is a vegetarian diet liberating for people, but also for the animals themselves. One of the greatest benefits of being a vegetarian lies in the fact that you are doing your part to spare the lives of hundreds and thousands of innocent animals throughout your life. It's also good practice to take your part in freeing animals from exploitation and cruel treatment. Vegetarianism is not a fad or some outward shallow lifestyle choice to brag to your friends about. It's about making a positive impact on our environment.

Vegetarianism is good for the environment in numerous ways. Advantages of vegetarianism are fossil fuel, water, and soil conservation. It takes a lot more resources to feed and house animals than it does plants. That plus the business ethics behind how animals bred for consumption are treated leaves a lot of improvement to be made. If everyone in the world were to just consume half of the meats they were eating and double of the vegetables and fruits they were eating, the difference that would make would be astounding. Because right now resources on Earth are not infinite, and our current lifestyle is not sustainable. It's time to start thinking about our future for our children and grandchildren. If you really want to make a difference about the environment, changing your eating habits could be the most vital step.

9. Vegetarians have more energy

Do vegetarians have more energy than meat eaters? Veggie eaters weighed in and yes; Vegetables and fruits are nutrient-packed with all the essential vitamins you need to live a healthy lifestyle. No kidding around, you have more energy when you eat them.

How to start eating vegetarian

Not sure how to start? Most people find that a gradual change to vegetarian habits works the best. For those who have eaten meat their whole lives it's a difficult transition. The people, who make the switch, will see the many benefits of being a vegetarian.