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7 Things True Friends Do that Normal Friends Never Understand

Are you good friends with someone, but aren’t sure if it is “true friends” territory? Having true friends is a euphoric kind of friendship that brings a rush of good comfortable vibes every time you are around them. True friendships are so rare, some people might never get to experience them.

The Secret for Achieving True Friendship

True friendship is when you don’t need to express your feelings in words; she knows how you’re feeling. When you have found your true friends, you will know it. They are the ones who matter the most because they have proven themselves worthy of your time. A strong friendship is one where friends make sacrifices. It is very important how to know when you have found a true friend, because they don’t often show up in our lives. The secret to a lasting friendship is to not wait for people to offer friendship to you. Be the first to offer a helping hand. You will eventually be able to separate your real friends from the fake ones.

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Things that True Friends Do

1. They Don’t Judge

True friends don’t judge you for your flaws. They also don’t gossip about you around others. They value you for who you are; both the negatives and the positives.

2. They Stick Around

True friends stick around no matter what. Even if it means sacrificing a part of themselves in order to remain friends with you. Recognize who these people are, and stick around for them too.

3. They Don’t Have Expectations

A true friendship revolves around both friends having little to no expectations of each other. This leads to them never having to disappoint each other, because they have mutual respect.

4. They Make Time

Even when they are busy, a true friend will free up time in their schedule to see you. Maybe not all the time, but realistically you would want a friend to be there when you need her the most.

5. They Don’t Get Jealous

True friends are past jealousy. They do not envy each other and want what they can’t have. They are on equal playing field and don’t fight over petty things.

6. They Have No Ego

It’s sometimes difficult to let go of your ego. But non-stubborn people are often true to each other and place the friendship above their own sense of pride.

7. They are Honest and Forgiving

Not only will a true friend stick to their commitments, but they will also understand if you cannot keep your commitment. Just be aware that it’s a two-way street. True friendship is about forgiveness and honesty.

It’s easy to lose touch with friends. People come and go in our lives, unless you refuse to let it happen. If someone is worth the effort, we will make the effort to keep that person in our lives. True friendships are meaningful because things in life are better when shared with someone else. It is worth your time to nurture these kinds of friendships.

Having Close Friends is Important so You Have a Support Group to Rely on in Times of Trouble. True Friends Make Life a Happier Place

If you take true friends for granted, you might not get another opportunity at true friendship. Try showing your appreciation for their presence once in a while.

1. They Don’t Judge You

True friendship is such where you can be yourself around each other. She never judges you for your goofy and naive side. Your flaws are what brought you together; it is your flaws that will keep you together. True friends embrace your strange quirks and that is why you love her. Usually, friendships like these just happen. You don’t have to force it. You two might have met through a common interest, or through a mutual friend. However it happened, consider yourself lucky that it happened. If you find a friend like this, hold on for dear life. A good friendship is sometimes hard to find.

2. They Seem to Stick Around When Others Disappear

Negative feelings have a tendency to distance most people from each other. Negativity is contagious and people would rather not deal with it; other than true friends, of course. Negativity is inevitable for everyone sometimes because people have problems all the time. With a true friendship though, you will never need to face those problems alone. She will always be there for you when others won’t. I consider my best friend like my family; because family helps each other regardless of the circumstance. Likewise, if you have a real friend like that you should always offer your support to her in times of need. With real friends, you never need to ask. They just do it.

3. They Never Have Expectations of You

A true friend is one that will have her priorities already set in her life. She enjoys your company, but she isn’t building her life around you. You cannot build your life around one friend, because unless you are the same person your expectations of each other will never align perfectly. This is ok, because healthy friendships are those where both friends understand that they need their personal space sometimes. A real friend will never expect your friendship; a real friend is friends with you out of unconditional love. There is nothing that holds a strong friendship together quite like having little to no expectations.

4. They Will Make Time

Friends are so caught up in their own lives sometimes, they forget about previous engagements made with you. It happens. But if it happens consistently, you can be sure that she’s not a true friend. True friendships require sacrifice. That means sometimes sacrificing your time for the other person and clearing up your schedule to make time for her. If you are important to her, she will do the same. Most people are slow to lower their guards and be the first to sacrifice part of themselves for the other person. The girl who has no problems with making herself vulnerable will make the most true friends in her life.

5. They Don’t Envy Each Other

Friendships are fulfilling when both of you don’t think about the things you wish you had that she has. There is no power struggle in a true friendship. You are merely enjoying each other’s company. The friendship is equal, and the give-and-take aspect is balanced. You two are a team, and without mutual effort the friendship will slowly fade away. But real friends know when to give and when to take. There is no jealousy involved. You both support each other and you genuinely want her to be happy. This level of friendship is only attained when both of you are happy with your own life. When you love yourself, you can love others and thus help each other grow.

6. They Put Aside Their Ego

Relationships are about compromise. A real friendship is no different; disagreements have the capability of making or breaking a friendship. Disagreements will happen. What matters is how the two of you handle the disagreement. If you allow your ego to get in the way and admit your mistakes the friendship will never progress into one of true friendship. A real friend will admit when she’s wrong. Heck, a true friend will even admit she’s wrong when she knows she’s not wrong. That’s how life-long friendships are born. Put aside your ego now.

7. They Never Break Promises. But They Also Forgive

All you have in this life is your word; never break it for anybody. Especially a true friend that you hold near and dear. In life, you will always be judged by the commitments you make. Be careful about breaking your word; this reflects poorly on you. A real friend will understand if you flake and vice versa. Forgiveness is an important aspect of life that cannot be understated. When you make promises, keep them. And forgive others when they fail to keep promises. With this philosophy, you will find out yourself who your true friends are.