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Beauty Yourself Up: 5 Hair Transformation Tips

Changing your appearance doesn't have to be radical. Sometimes all you need are some minor hairstyle changes that will make you look entirely different. Here are some tips on various types of hair transformation and what you should pay attention to before getting them done.

5 Tips For Amazing Hair Transformations

Changing the way you look doesn't always have to be big. It is more important that you get the effect that you want. That can all be easily done with a simple change of a hair style or the hair color. It's like putting on a new accessory—it can make your appearance a lot brighter. The only difference is, this accessory is a bit more permanent than your regular lipstick or eye shadow.


That is why it is important to do some research before you go to your hair dresser and do anything with your hair. After all, making a call can lead to getting the effect you didn't want and can ruin the vision of your perfect new hairstyle.

5 Pieces of Advice on How to Beauty Yourself up with Some Simple Hair Transformation Tips That Will Change Your Appearance

Whenever you are thinking about making a change in the way you look (and we are not talking about your make up routine), one of the most interesting ways to go is to change the way your hair looks like. Still, there are many ways to do that, which is why you have so many options to explore before you really do anything and transform your hair into a certain fashion.

1. Choosing a hair color

When it comes to hair color transformation, there are some aspects you need to think through before you get your hair done. First off, start your research by defining the color from the color palette. Either brown, or blond, or even a daring red - it is important to find out which of all those colors really suits your skin complexion.

The next thing is to define if you have warm, cold or neutral undertone. That can make your hair look really natural and give your face and the whole appearance the extra sparkle, or make your face look pale and like something is a bit off. You can do that by matching silver or golden jewelry to your skin and seeing which one suits you better. If you can't really decide, than you're probably neutral.

One more thing you can do is to visit some of the makeover sites, upload a photo of yourself and see your hair transformation online. That might not be the real outcome, but it might give you some idea on how it would look. After you have all of these points defined and explored, the only thing left is to pick the right hair color.

2. Hair length matters

They say that hair is the frame of the face, which is why it's so important to get the right hairstyle that will accentuate your good side. Different hair length can easily change your appearance in no time. In order to get the idea about which length is the best for you, take the time to figure out what is the shape of your face, because that will determine the shape of your haircut, too.

There are five basic face shapes: Oval, heart-shaped, square, rounded and long face. Different haircuts look differently on each of those face shapes. There are various tutorials about figuring out your face shape that can help you out with that. You can look them up on the Internet. After you're done with that, the next step won't be as hard. Search through magazines for popular haircuts of famous celebrities.

In order to get a more precise idea of how some hairstyle would look on your face, there are lots of websites that give the possibility to see what you would look like. You just need to upload one of your photos and start experimenting with all those styles you can find. You can choose from the section with short haircuts for women, with all sorts of hairstyles for short hair, or look what you would look like with a really long hair.

3. Do you prefer curly or straight hair?

There is no doubt about it - every girl wants the hair type she doesn't have. Those with curly hair want their hair straight, and those with straight hair do everything they can in order to make it curlier.

The difference of having straight or curly hair can give a totally different perception of your looks, as well as of your age, making huge impression on people around you. Some girls look better with straight hair, with even their figure looking more slim and slender, and the only thing they had to do is straighten their hair. Other girls look more youthful with curly hair on, wild and messy, but also pretty romantic and interesting. Either way, this is one more aspect you should think about when considering changing your hair. Look up for various long or short curly hairstyles in hairstyle magazines and experiment with them on online makeover sites as well. You might be surprised with what really looks great on you.


One more question that always seems to be a great part of considering a new haircut (and which can certainly make you look different with its mere presence) is: Getting fringes or not? Having a simple straight hair, without any layers or curls is one thing; but adding fringes to it may alter the whole looks, bringing some edge to the whole appearance, as well as putting your eyes under the spotlight. Also, it's the same thing when you have short or curly hair.

It is important to consult your hair dresser and explore a little bit before you decide on getting them. If you think that fringes (or bangs) suit only one face type, think again. Heavy bangs on a square face, or gently arched ones for the rounded face, or even side bangs for a heart-shaped face-they all work just fine. After all, there are so many types of bangs, so if you really want them, you'll find the right shape. The only thing you need is some researching and a good hairdresser that will know how to guide you if you are in the wrong direction and give your face the looks that you want.

5.Layers are fun

One of those tiny tricks that can make both short, medium or long hair look a lot more interesting without changing anything else is layering. Layering your hair will give you a different texture, add dynamics and give a pretty amazing touch to simple hairstyles. Having your hair layered can also ease your daily styling, making it a lot more practical as you won't have to spend hours in front of the mirror.

What’s even better is that you can really have fun with your layers. You can add some fringes to it, and it will look even more amazing. Or you can color each layer in another color if you feel daring. Curling layered hair - from bottom to the top or just a couple curls here and there - a piece of cake.

It will still have the looks of your long hair with the difference that you will have a lot more free time and the possibility of having a lot more curls. But, just like in the case of fringes, there are different types of layering, so you will want to do a little research or ask your hairdresser for an additional advice.

An awesome thing about hair transformation: In case that you’re still in two minds on whether or not you should actually do something with your hair

Yes! You need this hair transformation. If you actually opened and are reading this article, deep down inside that you want to do something different with your hair this time. And let me assure you: Your hair will be grateful to you for this.

Whatever is the actual reason you want to make this kind of change, the chances are you won’t regret (well, if you’re thinking about that repelling purple hue, maybe you will. On the other hand, if it suits your personal style: who cares, go for it).

Getting a new hairstyle can make you feel better about yourself, it can make you feel prettier, more confident, and refreshed. We love this kind of change in our life, and we always appreciate comments and compliments of the people around us, and that is a good thing, right? After all, this will at least brighten up your day.

Apart from getting a confidence boost, with your new hairstyle you can gain a huge plus when it comes to your hair’s health. Benefit from that change: Layering is extremely beneficial for your hair as it makes it less heavy and gives it space to breathe and improve in quality, while staying pretty much the same length.

And if you decide on changing your hair color, make sure to opt for organic and ammonia-free hair dyes which will make your hair look and be so much healthier, while at the same time being super trendy. Today you can easily find those products on the market and they are usually easily affordable (not to mention healthier). Could it get any better?