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How to Catch a Man Who Is a Gemini with Zero Failures

Well it might not hurt to try but if all else fails, this is still an option so do not throw it out just yet. Here are some tips on how to catch a man based on his (and your) astrological sign.

When it comes to relationships and dating there really are no guarantees. Some say it has to do with faith others believes that luck is the primary reason some relationships even happen. If you are like some persons who relies on horoscope signs to tell what lies in the future then you can safely admit that for you, faith plays a key role in relationship and dating.

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Now the question now lies with how to get a good man based on astrology. Does it really work? Can you really find your life partner based on whether his astrological sign matches yours? Yes; with zero failures you can catch the legendary Gemini man!
Here is how to catch a man.

How to catch a Gemini man

Some say that that the Gemini man is the biggest catch. The reason being not because he a big something or another. No; it's because simply hard to catch. Ask a grumpier old woman and she will scream. Catfish Hunter! Or Gemini man! I either case, you are in for a run for you money trying to catch a Gemini man.

Be open-minded

You can never tell what will happen in a situation unless you try it. Many women realize that just sitting around and waiting for Mr. Right to come along doesn’t cut it. They have tried many methods and it just doesn’t seem to be happening. They are still single, dateless and no matter how much effort are placed into keeping an eye out for that dream guy to happen along, he seems to be very stubborn as he has yet to appear. Know how to land a man by his astrological sign
So maybe you have really been trying but what has never crossed your mind is that maybe the ones that past you be were just not your fit. A lot of women will admit that many times they become interested in a guy, get disappointed when they realize it would never work and then down the line they begin to feel grateful that that ship has sailed. Why? They realize that after looking carefully they really wouldn’t consider being with the person even though there was an initial interest. Now if their astrological signs were aligned maybe the outcome would have been different right? Well maybe. Recognizing that there is a possibility that astrological signs do play an important role in whether or not relationships work is the first step.

What does his sign depicts?

What does his astrological sign says about him? Is he moody, fun loving, mysterious? If you are interested in a man who is a Gemini and want to know more about him, and I mean really go below the surface, find out what sign he is. This is an easy task as all you need is his birthday. In no time you will be getting the entire deep down information that you need. You can use the information to your advantage to try and get closer to him.
Catch a man by matching up your sign to his to see if it fits yours or if there is a serious personality clash; too much alike or way different. Some people are firstly infatuated with each other but after a while when the original excitement wears off; they begin to turn on each other. Many will say that there signs might not have been compatible (i.e. the dreaded personality clash). If you find someone who seems to be your perfect match, it could mean the stars are aligned in both your favors. Libra and Sagittarius for example are said to be perfect matches. Of all the astrological signs Libras are said to be sociable, outgoing and adventurous quite similar in nature to Sagittarians.

What is up with Gemini men?

It is widely believed that Gemini men are really hard to pin down when it comes to relationships. In fact, there is a popular belief that they seem to always want to elude anything that requires commitment, including their jobs.  Gemini is represented by the twin so there is a belief that Gemini men are two faced and not really trustworthy. All is not lost as you can still learn the know how to catch a Gemini man, that is if your sign is compatible. The best match for a Gemini is the Aquarian.
Tom pin down a Gemini man is almost impossible. You won’t need to act like him, but try catching him halfway. Meet him in the middle. Gemini likes compatibility but you would have to be quite flexible in order to keep up with all that they think he needs to achieve.

Why are Gemini men and Aquarius?

Gemini men are always looking for more. They dislike being pinned down to just one thing. Worse yet, they are often described as having spilt personalities and can seem elusive. Gemini on the other hand is flexible and understanding. They will adjust easily and will quickly adapt new ideas and principles if that is the case. Aquarians and Gemini complement each other simply because the Aquarian can easily accommodate the ever changing Gemini allowing her water sign to determine which way is perfect. 

What of personalities likes and dislikes

Some people will argue that it all depends on the likes and dislikes. That is what determines compatibility. If there are too many things that one does not like about the other then the relationship might not get the opportunity to take shape as all the effort will be spent arguing about the things that are going wrong and smothering all that could be going right.
Learning what sign you are compatible with is an easy task. Whether or not you chose to use it as the only source of determining whether your relationship will or won’t work is up to you. The bottom line is to ensure that you are happy with whom you are and happy with whom you are with. There is no need to learn how to get a guy to like you. If it was never meant to be, no matter how hard you try, it will never work whether or not you astrological sign are aligned with his.