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How to Be Sarcastic: Develop Your Comedic Side and Your Sharp Wit

Being sarcastic has two sides: positive and negative. Learn how to be sarcastic and choose to use your new powers of wit for good and shut down everyone trying to bring you down to their level.

How to Be Sarcastic and Win Your Friends Over

Congratulations: you want to learn how to be sarcastic. It’s not an easy form of humor to master, but just remembering certain sarcastic phrases to use in certain situations can boost your sense of humor immensely in your conversations with friends. You can also use some sarcastic humor and tell some funny jokes to your boyfriend.

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It doesn’t take someone extremely intelligent to be able to use sarcasm effectively. It’s an ability that can be developed and perfected over time. You can begin your journey at becoming a comedic genius and impressing your friends anytime you choose to. We will help you with some of the basic fundamentals of sarcasm.

Have You Been Described as Boring and Humorless? Prove Them All Wrong and Learn How to Be Sarcastic by Cracking Sarcastic Jokes after Jokes

Don’t be that stick in the mud with your group of friends anymore. Make your voice be heard by making everyone laugh. Learn how to be sarcastic.

What is Sarcasm?

Before starting the sarcasm tutorial, you must understand what sarcasm is first. It’s not complicated. Sarcasm is a type of satire that makes a contradictory or ironic statement to downplay the seriousness of a situation. Satirical humor is a popular choice to elicit laughs from people in modern society. It makes fun of seriousness and plays on the lighter side of things.

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It’s not so obvious at first when to and when not to use sarcasm. Next, we will go into the timing of sarcasm so that you can make your usage so swift no one will ever know you were being sarcastic, right...

When to Use

When directed at a particular person, sarcasm can often create negative feelings. So, instead of using it to talk about people, use it to talk about ideas or events instead. For example: It’s raining outside, yet you say “We have a great weather today, don’t we?” with sarcastic emphasis on “great”. You are essentially saying it’s a terrible weather in an ironic tone.

Talk to People Who Use Sarcasm

The first step toward learning how to be sarcastic is to take notes from the people well-versed in it. The more time you spend around people who use sarcasm, the better you will become at it. It’s not difficult to find people who like to use sarcasm these days. For sure your friends use sarcasm. The most sarcastic people would be able to flip any serious statement around to make it seem ridiculous with a simple one-liner.

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Some say the best way to learn how to use sarcasm is to watch how sarcastic person use it themselves. To do that knowing the signs of a sarcastic person is a definitely must have.

Signs of a Sarcastic Person

A sarcastic person is easiest to recognize by them making jokes you don’t understand yet but that make the people around them laugh. These people like to use “inside jokes” that only they and their buddies understand. You can also find this humor listening to many famous stand-up comedians. Sarcasm is a form of indirect humor that is acquired by learning from the best.

Practice Sarcasm for Yourself

Test out a few of the things you’ve learned from others and try out a few jokes with your friends. The first few times respond sarcastically with a couple of harmless lines. Usually people ask you how your day was and you reply “fine”. This time, you say “awful!” They ask why and you say something insignificant like “I broke a nail on Saturday”. Maybe this example would be enough to garner a smile from some people. In order to get real results, however, you must get creative.

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The best way to get good at using sarcasm is to try try try again. Just so that you know not to come off fabular, while trying you will experience bumps along the way; but don’t let that stop you. Say, “yes, I can!”

Try and Try Again

The best way to get creative with your sarcastic remarks is to exercise and memorize. Every sarcastic comment you identified and its effect on the audience should be stored in the back of your mind. Then, through trial and error, you will find for yourself which jokes are the most effective in certain situations. Through perfecting your craft you will improve with your timing and decision making. Practice is the key when it comes to how to be sarcastic.

Start with One

Even if it’s just one joke you use in one certain situation, that’s fine. You may become a broken record, but practicing sarcasm with one style is better than practicing no style at all. Don’t try to take on too many jokes too quickly or you may overwhelm yourself. Stick with jokes you know that work at first and then you can experiment when you become more comfortable with the art of sarcasm.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Sarcasm is a difficult form of humor to execute if you aren’t well-practiced in it. You will most likely experience some trouble making people laugh initially, especially if you weren’t considered as the sarcastic “type”, but don’t give up. Keep trying to make people laugh. When you find what’s working for you, you will gain confidence in yourself and your humor will become more apparent to others as a force to be reckoned with.

The Art of Comebacks

Sarcasm is a popular form of humor world-wide, especially, but not limited to, a use for retaliation. If someone is making fun of you and you want to get them to back off non-violently, sarcasm will stop them dead in their tracks. Sarcasm is best used to make fun of society rather than individuals, but it’s up to you how you want to use it.

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What is sarcasm without comebacks! I mean if you are going to be sarcastic there is no point unless you have sly comeback skills. Here’s how you use sarcasm for the ultimate comeback. Watch out!

Asking Questions

Asking questions in a demeaning tone is a great way to passively defend yourself and make others look foolish in the process. “Why”, “Is that so”, and “Really” with a smile are ways to play down someone’s insult and not care about their presence. These examples of sarcasm are a sure-fire way to improve your sharp wit.

Faking Excitement

“Wow” and “No Way!” make it seem like you care about what someone has to say. Whether you actually do or not can be left for interpretation. The point is to fake the exclamation to highlight the insignificance of what someone just said. Pretending you care is an excellent building block on how to be sarcastic.

Ignorance is Bliss

A simple form of sarcasm is to display an insincere understanding of someone’s feelings. Let’s assume your boyfriend is chewing you out, telling you about your flaws and mistakes. After every insult he hurls at you, you reply with “Uh-huh”, “Okay”, or “Got it”, all with an emotionless expression on your face. He gets more frustrated and you can silently laugh at how his words don’t hurt you anymore.