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7 Single Girl Problems Most Girls Do not Realise Are Real

Being single sometimes brings completely new problems you least expect. Find out what are most common problems single girls have and learn how to deal with them so that you never again feel weird for choosing to be single.

Problems Only Single Girls Have to Deal With

Being a single girl in a world where everyone has someone can sometimes be very frustrating. No matter how much you like being single or you don’t feel the need to share your life and your time with anyone, there are situations when you can’t help but feel that being in a relationship would be much easier.

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Recognize some of the most common problems single girls have to face with and learn how to overcome them.

Being Single: Recognizing and Dealing with 7 Most Common Problems Only Girls Who Are Single Have to Face Every Day

There are definitely some perks of being single and although you are well aware of them, sometimes the following problems happen too often which makes you feel absolutely desperate.

People Think You Are Too Picky

When they hear you have been single for a while, strangers, friends and even your family think that your standards and expectations are way too high. They even blame you for being single and you got tired of constantly hearing that no one is good enough for you.

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What you should realise is that only you know the truth; it’s not that you expect a prince charming, you just want a normal person who’s compatible with you, who shares your interests and views on life, and these days it’s difficult to find that. Bear in mind that your expectations and standards, no matter what others say, shouldn’t be lowered just in order to be in a relationship.

Watching Movies Alone

You have to admit that people in relationships make a perfect romantic date out of a miserable rainy day. They snuggle up and watch movies and you cannot help but want that on some occasions.

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Constantly watching movies alone stops being enjoyment and it seems to you that it would be much better if you could nest your head on someone’s chest and hug them tightly if a scary scene comes. Be patient because one day your perfect boyfriend will make a perfect company for you to watch movies with, but don’t rush anything.

Going on First Dates and Meeting New People

In the beginning it was fun. You were going out constantly and meeting new people and started going on dates. But too much time have passed and you got tired because you still haven’t found the one you would start a relationship with. However, you already know the pattern of first dates, and sometimes, even at the beginning of a date you know that you are just wasting your time.

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You don’t enjoy going out any more and you secretly hope that the right person would just walk into your life without you searching for them. The solution for this problem is easy. Make sure that you know something about a person before you go on a date, and chose only those people who attract you and who are fun to be around so you don’t waste any time going through unnecessary dates with people you don’t like at all.

Friends Setting You up with People

Only a single girl knows a feeling of being a kind of experiment for their friends. You became an object for matchmaking and everyone with a single friend thinks you should meet them and that you would be the perfect match. The truth is they would try to set you up with anyone because they think you desperately need a boyfriend and people in relationships want their friends to be in relationships too so they can go on double dates instead of you being the third wheel every time.

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Being Independent Is Great but You Would Occasionally like Someone to Take Care of You

You are a strong, self-sufficient person who takes care of herself and has no problem with running errands alone, lifting heavy objects alone, changing the bulb or doing anything by herself, but it comes to your mind now and then that it wouldn’t be so bad to have a helping hand here and there.

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Being an independent single girl is admirable, but we are the gentle gender, we like the be taken care of even though we can do everything by ourselves: it’s sometimes nice to know that you don’t have to. Although a boyfriend gives you a sense of security, doing ordinary things with a wrong person can be even more difficult than doing them by yourself.

Being Too Comfortable with Being Single

You have been single for so long that being single is the only way you know. You have your own time management and organisation and everything in your life is perfectly ordered. Moreover, you don’t know if you would have any time for a potential boyfriend when someday you have one.

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Don’t worry, when a boy you really like comes into your life, you will definitely want to make room for him in your life. Although now it seems that you are too used to life as it is, you will quickly adapt to a new relationship when the time is right.

Explaining People You Are Single by Choice

When you tell people you are single you get the “Sorry for you” look and people tend to assume that something is wrong with you or that nobody wants you. That makes you feel awful every time, no matter how much you are certain that being single at this moment is a perfect option for you, their looks and comments make you want to be in a relationship just to avoid them.

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Explaining to them that you like being single and that nothing is wrong with you never seemed to help but you always try, unfortunately without any success. So, forget about all the explaining and don’t let the things they say make you doubtful. Nothing is wrong with being a single girl.

Maybe you have been single for too long that it became the comfort zone you don’t want to exit, or you like being on your own, you’re not sure whether you would like to commit to anyone at all. However, people around you will usually make it difficult for you to believe that being single is completely acceptable. Single girls are usually a target of numerous preconceived misconceptions, but you have to deal with it. Moreover, there are times when even you question yourself and think that having someone just to say you have a boyfriend is a better option than being single, but really it is not. Be aware that being with a wrong person would consume your time, energy and will do nothing to your well being. Being in a bad relationship is worse than being alone. Single girls have a lot of fun so before rushing into a relationship think for a while if you are ready to give up on all the perks single girls have and give yourself some time. Yes, there are problems only single girls have but they are not so difficult to deal with.