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How to Be Witty: 8 Things to Remember When Talking to a Guy

All men like a woman with a good sense of humor so you might be wondering how to be witty. Wit is a special form of humor that you must master in order to be able to communicate with men with ease and comfort.

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Although you might think otherwise, a witty humor isn't something people are born with. They are regular people how have learnt how to be witty along the way. Usually the sense of humor is developed during childhood. However, you don't have to worry if you haven't picked it up yet either. A really fun person is happy at heart, uses situations around them to make people laugh, and can make something funny out of nothing. There are two things you should remember before learning witty things to say: you can't please everyone so not everybody will laugh at your jokes and it is a process so it needs time.


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So, how to be funny? How could you become the witty person you always dreamed about? Remember that this is something you could learn.

1. Be positive

positive woman in red shirt holding thumbs up

There is one common trait that all witty people share: they are basically positive persons. For you to have a witty banter, you must have a positive approach towards life. You might not be one of the people who always see the full side of the glass, but this is a quality you could develop. Every time you find yourself being pessimistic, you should stop. Consciously tell yourself that everything will be alright or that you can do it. This is something that your brain will get used to and after a while it will become natural. When it comes to sense of humor, you simply can't fake being positive.

2. Have a nice laugh

Woman with a nice laugh in a cowboy hat

Witty remarks are always more pleasant if they come from someone with a nice laugh or a warm smile. It's not only about being funny; you also have to be a pleasant person to be around. You can't expect people to appreciate your witty responses if you always look like you are upset or mad with someone. It just doesn't work that way. If you have a nice smile, you can set the atmosphere for a lighthearted discussion that will only enhance your wittiness. In case you wish to become a funny person, you have to make sure people perceive you as a likeable and fun person.

3. Watch comedy shows

couple sitting on couch watching a comedy

If you want to know how to be more witty, it's not enough for you to watch comedy shows. However, a bit of inspiration never hurt anybody. Watching people perform on stage will set the right mood and they will turn you into a happier person. When watching such shows, you shouldn't only listen to the punch line. Being witty isn't only about jokes; it's also about the way you act. Look at the posture of comedians and their gestures. For sure you have a lot to learn from them. The way you act can make all the difference when you're saying something funny.

4. It's in your attitude

Woman with attitude

When wondering how to become witty, you should know that the truly witty people seem to have a mischievous attitude. They have a special air as if they were constantly pulling someone's leg or creating funny situations. These people tend to speak in a way that has several meanings. For this you will have to try to think outside the box and see the funny side of everything that's going on around you. The only downside is that once you've established your image as a witty person, people will always expect you to do something funny, even when you don't feel like it.

5. Your intonation

professional woman talking standing with hand held out

In case you wish to have a witty sense of humor, you should know that it's not only about what you say but also how you say it. You have to know when to pause when you are speaking to someone. In order to achieve this you should read the newspaper out loud every day for about half an hour. Just imagine this: if a serious person told a joke, people might smile. If a funny person told the same joke, people might be laughing halfway through it. If you listen to other funny people you may notice that they all have good intonation.

6. You are allowed to use props

friends laughing hysterically

In order to speak witty words you don't necessarily have to make a joke. As a matter of fact, those are the truly witty people who know how to turn a situation around or how to use what other people say to say something funny. You can use other's lines or questions to make a funny remark or joke. If someone asks you something, you could give them a funny answer. There is always the possibility that they won't understand. The worst thing that could happen is that they think you gave them a serious answer. That isn't that bad, right?

7. Have an air of mystery

woman hiding behind hair

As it has been mentioned before, if you become a funny person people will expect you to say funny things all the time. Remember that you have nothing to prove to them. You don't have to be funny if you don't want to be, just to please those around you. If they think you are a really funny person you should know that sometimes it is enough for you to smile and people will smile or laugh because they will think that you are thinking of something funny. This is one of the perks of being considered a funny person; you don't even have to try.

8. Read some jokes

Woman reading and laughing

Keep in mind that letting yourself be inspired by others isn't cheating. By reading jokes you will learn some lines and catchphrases that might come in handy sooner or later. Jokes will also help you with witty things to say to a guy to seem cute. You can never know when you meet someone you wish to impress with your wit and these lines may turn out to be a lifesaver. Just make sure you don't use them too often or they will become redundant and boring and for sure you don't want that. Be the funny woman you always wanted to be.