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How to Be Romantic: Have the Romantic Relationship You Dream Of

It is not difficult to find romantic ideas for couples. However, if you do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. Find some romantic ideas that you could adopt and implement in your relationship to make it more thrilling.

Use Romantic Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

While romance comes naturally to some people, others have to be looking for romantic relationship ideas. If you are one of these people, you might be wondering how to be romantic. You shouldn’t be looking for things that others find romantic; find something unique and special that says something about your relationship. For sure you have your silly things that only you understand. You could use these to create a special atmosphere and offer a magical experience to your boyfriend. You can be sure that he will return the favor and you can expect a treat. Relationships are all about giving and taking.

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1. Give him gifts

When it comes to romantic ideas, the majority of people think about giving gifts. This might be a good idea, but remember that your relationship shouldn’t be about gifts and money. Think about symbolic gifts that mean something special to the two of you.

2. Go on cute dates

When was the last time you went on a date ? a real date? Something you put thought in and was worried it wouldn’t work out. Plan a special event just for the two of you. For instance you could repeat your very first date ? what could be more romantic than that?

3. Show him you care

If you are looking for romantic ideas for couples, you don’t necessarily have to think about things you give him, but your attitude and your feelings for him. You are supposed to be together because you love each other and because you care or each other. Make sure he knows this.

4. Check up on him

How often do you ask him how he is and really mean it? Usually when people ask how we are, we simply say “Fine” and then move on. Dwell on this and make sure that he is really fine. Don’t take a monosyllabic word for an answer. Try to gain some insight into his life.

5. It's the little things that count

You may have laughed about how you remember all those little things about your relationship. Most probably you remember when you danced together for the first time, what song you’ve heard, when he gave you flowers for the first time, and so on. You see, it’s those little things that really count in a relationship.

6. Put on some background music

If you want a special night, don’t forget to put on some music. If you are looking for a romantic gift, just think about a quiet night home with some music, candle light, and the two of you talking and laughing. No uptown restaurant can beat this atmosphere.

If you want a special night, don’t forget to put on some music. If you are looking for a romantic gift, just think about a quiet night home with some music, candle light, and the two of you talking and laughing. No uptown restaurant can beat this atmosphere.

Use Romantic Ideas for Couples to Make Your Relationship More Interesting and More Fulfilling for the Both of You

What romantic ideas could you use? Is there a special event coming up and you would like to celebrate or it’s just another day spent with him?

1. Give him gifts – men are like children

Although you might think that he is too old for gifts, the truth is that everybody loves gifts. When looking for romantic gift ideas for him, you should think about all the things that he loves (aside from you, of course). As an example, you could be thinking about concert tickets, a new CD, a book, or some records (if he happens to love old records). If he likes sports, you could buy some tickets to an important game or buy a ball with an autograph. A trip to a special arena could also be a great gift that he can enjoy with you.

If he happens to be a gourmet, for a romantic gift you could offer a cookbook, a dinner at a posh restaurant, a subscription for a cooking magazine, a cooking tool, serving dishes, or even enrolling him in a cooking class (which could be good for the both of you). In case he likes to read, you could get him a new book (maybe even a first edition), an e-book reader, or some new e-books. The more outdoorsy people might enjoy new sports clothing, binoculars, sunglasses, a guidebook to a new location, or a new backpack and other supplies.

2. Go on cute dates – the ones you will remember

A date becomes romantic in the moment you put thought in it. However, make sure that this date is especially tailored to his needs. In case you are looking for romantic ideas for anniversary, there is nothing better than having a picnic in the park while listening to his favorite artist. If you would like to have something more intimate, listen to a jazz concert in a small café (while enjoying some cake and coffee). In case you play an instrument, you could play him a romantic song. If he prefers the outdoors, you could go camping or on a hike. Going horseback riding is also a date none of you will ever forget.

When looking for romantic ideas for couples, you should know that men just love a good, home-cooked meal. If you know your way around the kitchen, prepare your partner a nice dinner with dishes he likes and have a meal by candle light while listening to your favorite songs. Cooking together can also be a romantic thing to do. If none of you are good with cooking, you could look for all your old favorite places and eat a meal in town.

3. Show him you care – because you do

When was the last time you told him you loved him? You might think that he should already know, but sometimes it just feels good to hear it. The romantic ideas for her are something like the romantic ideas for him as men and women want the same thing. You should let him know you care about him in playful ways. For instance you could slip a note in his lunch box with a heart on it or simply write that you love him. You could leave notes of this type in all kinds of unexpected places. You should slip some that he will find at his workplace, especially if he is stressed about his work. This will make him smile.

As one of the most romantic tips, you could create a trail of post it notes that he should follow and there should be a prize at the end. For instance, you could set up a romantic snack of chocolate and strawberries that he needs to find. While he will have fun following your clues, you will both enjoy the result. If you would like to offer something more practical, think about something he wanted to buy for a long time, but never did. Just make sure your budget is big enough for such presents.

4. Check up on him just like you used to

Did you send him any texts that didn’t have anything to do with grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning? It might be time to bring back the magic of the old days and send him a text only to let him know you are thinking about him. You don’t necessarily have to think about money when it comes to getting a romantic gift for boyfriend. Keep in mind that you are the biggest present he could ever get and all the rest are details.

In the same time you don’t need a romantic place to do something romantic. For instance, if you have the time, you should surprise him at work and take him to lunch. No matter how much work he might have, he will appreciate the fact that you thought about him and made sure he actually had lunch.

5. It's the little things that count – god is in the details

While he might be thinking about romantic gift ideas for her, you should make sure he knows how much you love him. Think about small gestures to show him how you feel. For instance, you could offer to give him a massage after a hard day. If he has to spend a lot of time behind a wheel, you should make him a CD with songs that remind him of the better days.

If you just love romantic things, you should take a day off from adulthood and behave like children again. Enjoy everything you are ashamed of enjoying at your age and make sure he does the same. Deep down all men are children (and women are no exceptions).

6. Put on some background music

Couple dancing

When you find yourself longing for romantic nights, you should put on some slow music and ask him to dance with you. The rhythm and the movement will carry you away and you will forget about your worries for a short while. For a few minutes there will be nothing in this world but the two of you. This is the moment you should be thinking about a romantic saying.