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Wondering How to Get His Number? 8 Ways That are Not Desperate

A lot of women may be asking how to get a guy’s phone number. Although usually men are asking for your number, you can pull it off just as easily if you use the right approach. This is what we want to help you with.

8 Great Ways to Get a Guy’s Number with Style

It is common for women to expect men to ask for their phone number. However, what would stop you from asking for his number? You don’t know how? Read on for some foolproof methods to get his number. There is nothing wrong with stepping out of the stereotypes from time to time.

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The truth is that most men like women who take initiative and don’t just sit there, waiting to be approached. If you wish to know how to get his number, you should just think about how men ask for your number and come up with something similar; if it works for them, it will work for you too.

A List of 8 Great Ways to Get a Guy’s Number that You Like without You Seeming Desperate to Get His Attention

Getting a guy’s number isn’t rocket science. However, you might want to play it safe and it is best to make it all look like it was his idea in the first place.

You should make it seem like a joke

If you want to get a guy’s number and you have a natural sense of humor, you could make it seem like a joke. You could say something like “If I had your number, I could share with you more of my wittiness”.

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The best thing about this approach is that you won’t seem to be asking at all, but no men would be able to resist your charm. In the end you will get a guy to give you his number without even asking. This is a good method for the women who don’t even want to give men the chance to blow them off.

Does he have a phone?

Let’s face it: there is almost no person in the world in our days who doesn’t have a phone. You might want to casually ask him whether he’s got a phone. Most probably he will say yes and he will offer to give you his number without you actually asking him.

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The good thing about this method is that you give him a hint that you want his number, but you don’t have to say it out loud. When asking how to get a guy’s number, this is an approach to think about that is playful yet elegant in the same time.

You should really keep in touch

In case you seem to hit it off and you are already having a great conversation, you should tell him that you should talk more. When it comes to how to get a guy number, you might want to give him hints that you’d like his phone number. At this point most probably he will understand what you want without you asking.

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However, if not, you could tell him explicitly that you’d like to contact him in the future and that you’d like to have his phone number. This is something that no man could misunderstand and for sure he will give you his number.

You might want to make some plans

When talking to him, most probably you will find something that you both like and you might want to make plans together. When it comes to how to get a guy’s phone number, you could mention that it would be a lot easier to make plans if you had his phone number.

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For instance, there might be an exposition at a museum that you both would like to see. In this case you could suggest an exchange of numbers: you give him number and he gives you his. Although this may seem all very practical, you can be sure that he will understand the subtle hint.

You might have common friends

Although you might think this is something kids do in junior high, in case you have common friends, you could ask them for his number. This is one of the easiest ways to get a guy’s number, but you have to be sure you won’t seem like a stalker.

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It is always better to go directly to the source and ask him. If this is not a possibility, when you call him, you should present yourself, tell him where you met and who gave you his number. This way he will be less likely to get upset with the friend that gave him out.

Use a napkin

This might sound like a cliché, but if thousands of women managed to pull it off, so could you. One of the mistakes girls make is them not being confident enough. In some cases you have to give something to get something. If you give him your number, he will feel like he owes you and he will give you his number as well.

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However, in situations of this kind some women might appear a bit desperate. If you’re asking how not to appear desperate, you should make sure not to give it up too easy or too soon or he will think you would give your number to just anybody.

You could ask for his business card

Business cards have been invented for a reason: for people to be able to get in touch with each other. In case you’re wondering how to call a guy, you might want to ask for his business card. This will make you look really professional. Maybe you could offer him your card as well. This is the way to get the guy in case he is in a suit and looks very preoccupied with his job.

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If everything else fails, you could turn to technology

In some situations it might seem almost impossible to make him give up his number. If this is the case, you could use other methods to get some contact information. For instance, you could send him a friend request on Facebook or Twitter. Once he accepts, you will be able to see more information about him, maybe even his phone number.

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However, make sure that you avoid the dating mistakes of stalking him online. You don’t have to keep chatting with him or writing him messages about things he’s not interested in.

In case you find yourself asking him for his number repeatedly, you have to ask yourself: am I desperate? As you can imagine, men don’t like women who keep nagging them for their number, so you might want to give it a rest.