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8 Rules to Obey in Friends with Benefits for Women That Work

Most probably you have thought about being friends with benefits before, but you didn't know where to start. If you follow the basic rules you can be sure that things won't get awkward with you guys and both of you will enjoy your (complicated) relationship.

Make a "special" friends with benefits relationship work out for you

A lot of people have preconceptions regarding being friends with benefits but if they follow the friends with benefits rules they can be sure that they will have a long-lasting relationship and they will have a lot of fun together. While some are afraid that things will get awkward, let’s not forget that your relationship is what you make of it.

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If you play by the rules everything will be alright and you will be in a win-win situation. In fact, you can think of this situation as a big game; the only difference is that there are no losers just winners.

8 Rules to Keep in Mind regarding Having Friends with Benefits to Make Sure That Nobody Gets Hurt in the Process and That Everybody Will Enjoy It That Women Should Follow

How do you know if you are doing the right things while trying to make friends with benefits work? Here are some rules of engagement to enjoy your time with him while keeping your heart safe.

Don't let him feel into your touchy feely side

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There is no place for feelings with your friend with benefits

The first and foremost rule that you have to remember is the reason you got into this relationship in the first place. You know the expression “no strings attached”? This is the attitude that you have to practice with your new “friend”. After a while it is normal for you to develop certain emotions towards them, but that is the time you should have a cold shower and remember why you didn’t want to date the person in question in the first place. Make sure that you pick someone that you wouldn’t normally date. This way it will be more difficult for you to get involved.

Don't play the same game with your real friends if you wish to keep them

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Leave your friends out of it

Do you know what Justin Timberlake Friend with Benefits is all about? That is a romantic version of the relationship. However, reality is really cruel. This is why it is best not to be thinking about your friends if you are searching for a friend with benefits; these are the people you should be friends with without benefits. It is best to choose someone you just met or who is a distant acquaintance. This way it will be less complicated and less awkward even if the relationship lasts for a longer period of time.

No texting

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Send no texts

In case you are thinking about the friend with benefits rules you have to remember that you shouldn’t text them unless it’s about setting the date of your next meeting. Even though you have a friends with benefits relationship, you can never know who they are showing your texts to and this way you can save yourself a lot of embarrassment in the future. Try to keep your texts as short as possible and right to the point. They will understand what you mean and you can be sure that once you broke it off there will be no teasing regarding the texts you’ve sent.

Break every rule

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Try everything you want with them

If you wanted a boring and conventional relationship, you’d have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now. However, since you have a friend with benefits relationship, you should make the best of it. This is the time to try everything you were ashamed to try with your previous partners. Some people say that there are certain things in life that all people should try and this is your best shot. The best thing about being friends with benefits is that you don’t have to worry that your friend will judge you especially if the friend with benefit rules are well understood.

Eat breakfast alone

breakfast in bed
No coffee in the morning

In case you are looking to become friends with benefits you have to remember that your relationship serves a purpose. In case your friend stays at your place in the morning and makes coffee or pancakes, your relationship will stop serving its purpose and it will become something different. This is why it might be best not to spend the night at each other’s place. This is something your boyfriend or girlfriend should do and this is not the case! Although at first it might be weird, you will get used to it and you will see the advantages.

Never ever say goodbye

two people hugging goodbye
No need for a kiss goodbye

Again, this is something you do with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but not your friend with benefits. For sure you have heard a lot of friends with benefits stories that ended with the two being together. It all depends on what you want and most probably you don’t want to be together with your friend. When leaving it is alright to say something like “talk to your later” or “see you around”. This way you won’t seem insensitive, but there won’t be any emotions involved either. When he or she is walking out the door it is best not to look in their eyes and to keep things casual.

Draw a clear line between him and your friends and family

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No socializing

Your friends are the people that you hang out with, but your friend with benefits is the person you do… other things with. Even though it may sound romantic, friends with benefits dating doesn’t really work out. You should think of your relationship as an alternative reality that you can escape to when you need to, but besides those times there is no need for the two worlds to collide. It is best to compartmentalize everything to make sure that there will be no mixed feelings. Ensure that you will avoid the situations when you have to introduce your FWB to your friends or family.

Stay on the lookout because all is fair in love and war

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Keep your options open

At this point you might be asking yourself does friend with benefits work? The truth is that you have to make it work. Although there are a lot of false messages such as the ones sent by the friend with benefits quotes, you have to keep in mind why you started this relationship in the first place: freedom. This means that you should always be ready for a relationship with another person. If this happens you have to make sure that you end things with your friend with benefits. However, until then you will have some nice experiences and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Another aspect to remember is that there is no place for jealousy in a relationship of this kind. Both of you should feel free to find other partners and if your friend finds someone, you will have to move on.