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Positive Body Language: How to Make a Good First Impression

In situations like job interviews, blind dates, and first lunch with his parents, it is of great importance for us girls look and act our best. But what can a girl do to prevent those nasty palms of constantly sweating? Find out with our tips for making a good first impression.

Be Your Best: 6 Tips for Effective Body Language

We have spent a fair amount of time talking with you on the topic of body language so far. It seems that you really like reading about it, and we must admit that we also like writing about it, as this topic can be quite fun, is something that be can easily applied, and for the sake of research we sometimes simply have to go out for a cup of coffee and see what happens. However, this time we put body language into more practical use: making a good first impression.

Girl with a hat holding a camera.

Why? To help YOU gain more confidence in different situations every girl has to go through. Are you going on a blind date? Or applying for your first job? Or applying for any job, but you know how your palms always get sweaty when it’s time for your interview. We’ve all been there, sometimes we failed, other times we aced it, and finally: we decided to try and help you. Interested? We thought so.

When You Know That Only Seconds or Several Minutes Share You from Influencing an Idea Someone Can Have about You, What Can You Do? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Ensure Making a Good First Impression

Though quality is what matters most and is one thing that can lead you best through life, making an occasional brilliant first impression here and there can also do wonders and help you develop different life situations with more ease. After all, a tiny boost of confidence never hurt anybody, right?

What is your impression of you?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you were that cute guy from your history class, would you start flirting with yourself? Have a closer look and consider what you see. Smile at yourself.

A girl looking in the mirror.

Does that seem awkward? Try again. Be natural, there’s no one new around you, you are looking at yourself. And you’ve known yourself for your entire life. Was the other time better? Sure. See, that’s already an improvement, right there.

Now, let’s see… Are you happy with your figure? Is there something you are not really satisfied with right there? Or is there some part you’d really like to point out? If there is something you don’t find especially flattering, you’d probably feel more confident knowing that is not as visible. Making a good first impression is mostly about having confidence, so it is important for you to feel comfortable with how you look.

Don’t dress to depress

You should feel comfortable in what you wear all the time. Especially if you have an important interview, a date you’ve been waiting for months, or if you are about to meet his parents. Not having to pull your skirt down every now and then can do wonders in creating an impression of a lovely, self-sufficient young woman you are.

A red button and a needle.

I remember having a lovely white shirt with embroidered details. It cost me a near fortune to get it, but it had one horrible flaw: there was one annoying little button that kept unbuttoning every few minutes. And no matter how great it matched my outfits, I couldn’t help but look ridiculous looking at my upper body all the time trying to fix it. There was no effective body language there to confirm what I thought about myself.

Don’t overdo it

Going to a job interview in your sweatpants certainly won’t help you make a good impression, unless you are applying for the position of fitness instructor. So being comfortable is okay, but being too comfortable - not really.

A girl with dark lipstick.

Here you might also want to reconsider your makeup. You maybe adore flashy lipsticks or neon eyeshadow, but if you are going to meet his parents or are about to be interviewed for a job, it will certainly seem inappropriate.

But keep it real

Of course, we don’t say that you should ignore your personal style for the sake of getting people to like you. What we want to say that you should reconsider to which level you would like to show it at first.

Girl painting her nails red.

Though we all say that you shouldn’t judge people based on how they look like, most of us actually tend to do so. But once they get to know you, and see how great in person you actually are, they certainly won’t mind a glimpse of your flashy (or goth, whatever floats your boat) personal style.

Watch your hands

One of the examples of body language that can usually worsen our chances of making a good first impression is having sweaty palms. The increased level of stress during interviews, important meetings, or those big first dates can make us feel really uncomfortable, raising our heart rate, clenching our fingers, and making our palms all sweaty.

Girl resting her hands while seating.

But if you pay attention and try not to play with your fingers (which is also one of the body language signs that says that you are nervous), and simply rest them on your lap until it’s time to shake hands (or hold them, if it’s a date), you are surely on the way of leaving a good impression.

Humorous but polite

Believe it or not, an easy-going joke here and there can have a very beneficial impact in such situations. For example, if you are on a blind date with a guy, you can break the ‘awkward’ ice by saying something that can make him smile.

Girl with long hair smiling.

If you manage to do so, it will bring you a huge plus and a good chance of developing a pleasant conversation. It will also show him that you are someone easygoing and someone he can feel comfortable around. And if that doesn’t help you with answering “how to make a good first impression on a guy” question, not much else will.

One thing you should never leave behind are also good manners, that goes without saying. However, in such tricky and often uncomfortable situations, too much politeness can appear like stiffness, and while some parents can find that a good trait, it is not all that recommended, especially if that’s not how you usually behave. The key you are looking for is balance. And, of course, a good anti-perspirant (okay, we admit that this joke is a bit lousy, but you get the point).