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How to Read Body Language: 5 Signs He Is Attracted to You

Being in love is great as long as you are the one who pulls the strings. To make sure that this is so you got to be sure that you read him as an open book, and to help you get going we have prepared 5 useful tips on how to read body language.

Are You Getting Mixed Signals: Reading Male Body Language

Being a human means that you have so many ways to communicate with other humans and what is more worthy of communicating than one's romantic feelings. But under previously mentioned innumerable ways of communicating, I wasn't thinking about Facebook, Viber, Skype or any other application for your smartphone or computer, I was thinking about something that you are already equipped with: your body.

Two people standing on a deck in sunset

However, it is not enough just to know how to use your body to show your feelings, it is maybe even more important to know how to read body language that your significant other is trying to get across to you. We will try to save your precious time and provide you with enough knowledge so that male body language would never again be a mystery to you.

If you Feel Illiterate when it Comes to Male Body Language and you Feel that this Is the Sole Reason for Some of your Romantic Failures, don’t Worry because here Is a Solution for your Problems in the Form of Five Useful Tips

So take a cup of coffee, sit back, make yourself cozy, and read carefully: You will certainly find it useful, as these are the top 5.

Mr. Redcheeks

A sure sign of male body language attraction is when you notice that every time he sees you he undergoes a kind of transformation. But he doesn't get some awesome super power that would even increase your feeling for him.

A can with a red Angry Bird.

Quite the contrary, he turns from an ordinary looking guy into a red-faced monster. It's like he just can't help it, being so attracted to you. His desire to make as good impression as he can is really not doing him a favor, it's just making him more nervous in your presence. So, in case red is not your favorite color, be sure that there is a solution. As soon as you open your cards and show that your feelings are as strong as his, he will restore his self-confidence and stop being a color-shifting creature, and go back to being just your sweet regular guy.

Your lips: his obsession

We are sure that he gets every chance to enjoy in your beauty and charm. He is literary absorbing you. But we need to go into more details and establish to what part of your face does he give a special attention?If the answer to this question is - your lips, than be sure that his feelings are true and he is definitely showing a sign of body language attraction. Don't let the skeptic in you spoil all the fun by saying that your special one is maybe just having some hearing problems and is trying to lip-read you.

Close up of lips of a brunette.

The truth is that he seems stuck in limbo, between his desire to kiss you and his worst fear of being rejected. Owing to the fact that he's a gentleman he will certainly wait for some sign of approval from your side. In the meantime make your lips even more desirable by paying special attention to oral hygiene, and make your final blow by using lip balm with strawberry taste. This will make him crazy about you.

Sweet Whispers

So, if you have established that he can't keep his eyes off of you, let's see if he does anything else except looking. He will probably want to establish some kind of communication with you. But pay attention, we are not really interested in what he says but more in how he says it, because understanding body language often requires reading between the lines. Look for any kind of change in his voice. Depending on his character, he will make it deeper to show his masculinity, or softer to show that deep down inside he's a gentle guy.

Girl with a hat sitting on a wall with a guy in red tee shirt.

Either way, you will see that he cares about the impression he makes on you. Moreover, don't be surprised if he likes to talk a little too close to your ear. These whispers are not really intentional, and the only secret he wants to give away is that he is really interested in you. Then again, if his words are as sweet as his voice is, there will be no more need for you to ask for advice on how to read a guys body language because you would already be an expert in any guys-related issue.

His hands are constantly at your disposal

One of the most important male body language signs of attraction is certainly his readiness to establish any kind of physical contact. So, if you think that reading body language is hard, don't panic but take some time to observe him when he’s in your presence.

A couple holding hands.

Does he just stands near you with his arms crossed, seeming uninterested, or, is he constantly trying to find some excuse to touch you? There is always some crumb on your sweater, an eyelash on your cheek that needs to be removed, or your wild hair is always in need of taming by his helpful hand. Believe me, this is not a sign of your falling behind with your hygiene but of male body language attraction.

Two is fine, three is a crowd

Sharing with others should be very important part of everyone's life, except when it comes to one thing: LOVE. In accordance with this all the previously mentioned body language signs do count as long as you are the only person that he gives a special attention to.

A girl punching a guy in the face.

If, in fact, you do not have the exclusive rights to his affection, because you see that his body is shouting to every girl around him that he is interested, it is probably a fine time to start looking for some other guy more worthy of your feelings.

Though they can be sweet and caring, sometimes distant, clumsy or annoying; one way or another life without guys would probably be too boring. Sometimes they are confused with their own feelings, other times they want to make us confused; they seem to be the creatures of whim. But all this is just a part of the universal male-female game of seduction. Try as they might, we know who would be the lucky winner of this competition, and being on your side we have prepared a crash course on how to read body language, and within a few simple steps make you ready for your secret mission of deciphering his body language. There is not much left for you than to put on your best clothes and wear your prettiest smile when you go to claim your prize which is his love.