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Plant a Tree in Your Backyard Today for Surprising Benefits

A lot of people are thinking about planting a tree, but the truth is that very few act on it. You should try to make a change in this world and take matters into your own hands. Plant a tree in your backyard today.

All the Right Reasons for You to Plant a Tree

There are many different reasons for which people might want to plant a tree. Maybe you are an environment conscious person or maybe you just want to change the way your backyard looks. Another possibility is that tree planting has always been on your couples bucket list. We all know that trees offer shade to your garden and they produce oxygen, but there might be some benefits that you have never thought about.

A tree on a hill.

These could make you plant even more trees around your home. If you like the idea, you could also take part in tree planting programs as a volunteer.

Plant a Tree to Benefit from All the Advantages That It Has to Offer and to Do a Good Deed for the Environment

So, why should you be thinking about planting a tree? If you want to do more than save trees, you could take part in planting new ones.

Being eco-friendly

This is the first aspect that pops into people’s minds when it comes to planting a tree. It is a known fact that green plants can break the bond between the oxygen and carbon molecules, thus decreasing the CO2 levels of the air and increasing the oxygen levels. In case you would like to have fresh air in your garden, you should learn how to plant a tree. Aside from the advantage of producing oxygen, trees also keep the air moist through a process known as transpiration. This is especially benefic during the summer as transpiration keeps the air cool.

Cutting costs

Think green

For sure you know that heating and electricity are quite expensive, so you might want to look for some trees to plant that will help you cut costs. As it has been mentioned before, trees keep the air cool during the summer. If you plant the trees near your home, the shade will protect your home from overheating, thus you won’t need to use air conditioning for long periods of time. If you take a look at a tree planting guide, you may notice that you should plant the tree in the north or northwest portion of your garden. This is important because during the winter the trees will act as a windbreaker and you won’t have to spend so much on heating.

Trees offer protection

Keep the soil safe

You certainly know that soil erosion is a major issue at the moment because of all the trees that have been cut. The root of trees helps filter the groundwater and they also prevent soil erosion. In case you happen to have problems with noise pollution, you should definitely learn how to plant trees. This is because trees can absorb sound and so they reduce the pollution. Let’s not forget that you can use trees to maintain your privacy as well. Plant a tree near your fence and you can be sure your neighbor won’t be able to spy on you anymore.

Plant a maple tree

Red maple tree in backyard
Lovely bright leaves

In case you are wondering about the best trees to plant, you should think about red maple tree. It will make your lawn more attractive through its bright green colors during the summer and red and orange colors during the fall. The good news about this tree is that it’s not high maintenance and if you ever change your mind regarding where you would like to have it, it is easy to transplant. The tree grows quite fast. You don’t need to know much about how to grow a tree because this tree doesn’t need much to grow. Its large leaves will offer you shelter on hot summer days, turning your garden into a pleasant place to spend time in. If you’re thinking about growing maple trees to produce maple syrup, you should know that sugar maples grow very slowly so they will benefit your grandchildren more than you.

Pine trees

You must love the smell of it

These trees are popular because of their evergreen color. If you are wondering when to plant trees, you should know that you can plant a pine tree anytime you’d like. The best thing about the pine tree is that you can use it as an organic Christmas tree in the winter. Decorate it with popcorn garlands and dried berries (which will feed the hungry birds). Depending on the kind of tree you are planning to plant, you should make sure that it has enough room to grow because some of them can reach great heights. You could be thinking about planting ponderosa pine, loblolly pine, or white pine. In case you would like to plant a tree in memory of someone, the pine tree is a very good choice as it can live for hundreds of years.

Fruit trees

This is one lovely idea:

A lot of people consider it important to eat organic fruits and vegetables and what better solution is there than to have your own fruit trees? While some of the trees can be grown only in given regions, such as pears, plums, peaches, and cherries, other trees, such as apple trees, are suitable for any region. If you choose to plant an apple tree, you should make sure that it has enough sunshine and fertilize it sparingly. Also make sure that you prune it regularly.

If you don’t want to wait eight years to have a crop, you may want to consider dwarf trees. These produce fruits in about four years. Another advantage of these trees is that they don’t need too much space. However, in order for the trees to produce fruit, you have to make sure that there is a possibility of cross pollination. Regardless whether you’d like to have organic fruits or not, you will have to think about pest control. Make sure you use products free of chemicals. For instance, you could be thinking about spraying the trees with neem oil. Aside from offering you organic fruits, these trees will also offer pollen to honey bees, which, in turn, will take care of pollination.

In case you are wondering how much does it cost to plant a tree, you can be sure that the costs are way smaller than the benefits that the trees bring. No matter how you calculate, it will always be worth to have trees in your backyard.