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10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Hygienic We Almost Always Forget

These ten ways to stay healthy are overlooked by many. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to do these things tomorrow, your health depends on it!

Ten Ways to Stay Healthy that We Don’t Do Enough!

What if I told you that you could do ten things every day to prevent sickness, practice good habits, and improve your outlook on life? Once it becomes a part of your daily schedule, you will wonder how you ever underestimated the importance of any of these ten things!

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These are ten ways to stay healthy, on a budget. It doesn’t take much effort to incorporate these ten things into your daily life.

Find out now how to take care of your body, eat healthy, and stay fit by only paying attention to small details of your life. The best feeling is seeing the big improvement even one small lifestyle choice makes. Success means nothing if you have chronic health problems. Take it upon yourself to remember what your main priorities are in life.

Using These Ten Ways to Stay Healthy, Never be Tempted to Go to Doctors Again for Your Troubles. By Remembering to Do These Ten Things You are Saving Time and Money

The key to staying healthy is by first getting healthy. Learn ways to manage your overall health and hygiene by focusing on the lesser-publicized daily habits.


If you knew just how much disgusting odor and bacteria was inside your mouth 90% of the time, you would probably remember to floss thoroughly every day. If you have chronic bad breath throughout the day, a common culprit is forgetting to floss the day before.

air kiss

So there you have it! Don’t forget to floss on top of brushing your teeth. And you wonder why it’s number one our list. Wait! There more… No kissing unless you happened to brush your tongue.

Brushing Your Tongue

Secondly and equally important as flossing is getting that gunk off of your tongue regularly with a toothbrush. Alternatively, the odor-causing bacteria on the roof of your tongue can be removed by scraping it with a spoon every night.

Add Lemon Juice to Your Water

Lemons have magical health properties. If you don’t include the sour juice in your everyday diet, consider adding it to your water bottle before leaving for work. The vitamin C in the lemon will help prevent getting sick, and also aids in digestion. Along with flossing and brushing your teeth, lemon juice will get rid of the bad odor in your mouth throughout the day.

woman biting into lemon

Wash Your Hands More Often

Something as insignificant as keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag at all times goes a long ways to stay healthy. If you tend to touch your face a lot involuntarily, you really need to be more conscious of the last time you washed your hands. Even if you haven’t showered in months and every other part of your body is crawling with germs, at least keep your hands clean.

soap container

Stretch More

There is no such thing as too much stretching. I cannot overstress the importance of stretching regularly to relax your muscles from built-up tension. If you are feeling the heat of an argument or bad news, don’t forget to take a deep breath and relax your muscles.

exercise girl

Stretching out in public might get you some strange stares, but it’s always worth it. If you find yourself concentrating too much on your surroundings, don’t forget to exercise. That’s another worth-it.


Stretching and exercise go hand-in-hand. It is important that you get in a daily workout routine and stick with it. By the way-
how often do you exercise in a week?
It turns out that at least 5 times per week is enough for a healthy balanced lifestyle, which we will not go into here. That’s another story.

Go Outside

Speaking of vitamin D, sunlight is our best friend. In fact, it is just as important to us humans as it is to plants for photosynthesis. We need the energy that sunlight gives us as much as we need the oxygen that plants provide.

outdoors girl

We are natural-made solar panels that run off of sun power. If you work indoors, remember to take breaks by going outside to take advantage of the much needed health benefits that sunlight offers.

Get a Pet

Even if you don’t consider yourself an animal-lover, try getting a pet anyways. There are many low-maintenance ones that don’t include dogs and cats. Many animals have the effect of lowering our blood pressure with their cuteness.

girl and cat

We gain attachment to all of our pets, even if it’s a snake! There is something relaxing and familiar about coming home every day to see a friend who loves us unconditionally for the most part.

Get Yourself Some Supplements

Do some research and find out your deficiencies. Many of your minor health problems can be solved by supplementing the vitamins and minerals we don’t get enough of in our diets. Supplements provide many herbs that are otherwise too difficult to prepare for ourselves. Adding a supplement or two to your breakfast or dinner is an easy and low-cost ways to stay healthy.

Take Short Showers

The steam and warm water gives us a wonderful soothing feeling. But like anything else, showering in excess is bad for your skin. If you need a good indicator of when to get out of the shower, it is when your fingers start pruning up. 5 minute showers are sufficient to serve the purpose of cleaning yourself. Any longer and you are just wasting water.

Clean Your Room/House More Often

Those dust mites sure can accumulate quickly. Whether you have carpet or hard-wood floors, make it a point to clean more often. Once a month doesn’t cut it. A dirty house attracts pests and increases the likelihood of you getting sick.

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When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t procrastinate. Cleaning doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny, either. A good dusting and wet wipes can do wonders. Making your living space clean is one of the most important ways to stay healthy.

Listen to a Variety of Music

Music has a wonderful effect on our mental health. Listening to new music will open pathways to learning and keeps our mind active. Listening to inspiring music has the effect of lifting us up out of bad moods and supporting our good moods. Music is essential for a creative, growing mind. If you aren’t a fan of a certain type of music, try giving it another shot. There is so much great music in the world. Most of us don’t even experience as much as 1% of the vast library of sounds available.