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Scared of Getting Rejected? 6 Tips to Get over Your Fear of Rejection

Is your fear of rejection holding you back from finding true love? In order to conquer your fears you can learn some strategies to help you cope with the negative experiences from your past. Here is how to get over fear of rejection.

How to Conquer Your Irrational Fear of Rejection

Social phobia is one of our worst fears in life. As humans, we have a biological need to be interconnected with society. When we detach ourselves from society as a whole, we become lonely and lonely people have higher risks of passing away earlier in life.

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On the deepest level of your subconscious mind, you may be afraid that rejection can confirm your worthlessness or that you are alone in the world. After being rejected so many times in life you become distraught and you might think that nobody loves you.

You require a healthy social life in order to be able to function normally. Find out how to overcome your fear of rejection and find out how to find the man of your dreams.
Find out ways to know he is too scared to ask you out and how to take matters into your own hands.

Fear of Rejection Comes from Experiencing Hurt in the Past. In Order to Have a Successful Future, You Must Assume Risks

The pain of being rejected makes you reluctant about taking risks in the future. You hold back your true emotions to people and give up on others without even giving them a chance to reject you.

Rejection is Frightening

Rejection is indeed scary, yet it is a necessary part of life and you must all get over your fear of rejection if you want to find someone who meets your standards. Sometimes the best strategy is to be proactive. Waiting is for people with no courage. Decide to rise above the norm and claim what you want instead of waiting to be claimed. Being embarrassed in public is a rational fear, but isn’t it better to try and fail than never trying at all? Only experience will teach you the truth.

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Should It Be the Man to Make the First Move?

This is just an excuse and doesn’t fit anymore with the rules of modern society. Both men and women approach each other in this day and age and you shouldn’t wait until you are approached by a man you find attractive. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb in order to find out if he is interested. It might turn out he wanted to talk to you but he was too shy all along. In any case, staring at a guy and hoping he will come over to talk to you isn’t a good strategy and will leave you disappointed more often than not.

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The Worst Case Scenario

When you reach out to another human, what is the worst thing that could happen? Sure, they may act cold towards you or they might totally ignore you. However, most of the time, they are glad and flattered that you chose them to talk to.

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Even if they aren’t interested, they will at least return your greeting with some small talk. Only in rare cases will a guy behave rudely and that’s his problem, not yours. Most of the time it is you living in fear that makes you to judge others before giving them a chance.

Don’t Assume He Has a Girlfriend

Many of us assume that just because a guy is attractive, he’s in a relationship. This simply is not true and it never hurts to ask. Assuming he’s in a committed relationship beforehand is a self-defeating attitude that will show in your body language. You have already given up before you began.

Life is a Numbers’ Game

Don’t let your fear of rejection prevent you from approaching as many people as you can, girls and guys of all ages and backgrounds. The best way to meet people is through networking. You will find many attractive guys through mutual interests and events. The key to finding them is to know people and monkey-branching from friend to friend. Life is truly a numbers’ game: the more people you know, the better. You will fail many times before you find success. You just have to be confident that you will find success one day.

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Focus on a Higher Purpose

Rejection isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All people are rejected in one form or another at many points of their lives. These aren’t important and the negative feelings they experience afterward will be temporary.

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However, the experience is permanent in people’s minds. If they can remember the bigger picture regarding the risk of rejection, they can accomplish any task.

Importance of Feedback

Make it a game. Dating is like spending your money in a casino: you will never hit the jackpot unless you take risks. Occasionally you might find a 5 dollar bill on the ground, which is the equivalent of being approached by an average guy. Put the odds in your favor and really dig deep beyond your comfort zone. Having numerous experiences of putting your ego on the line will make you immune to rejection. The feedback and experiences will feed your desire to win the game of dating. Since it’s a challenging game, it is a game worth playing.

The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself

To overcome fear you have to open your heart and brace yourself for possible embarrassment or disrespect in the face of an audience of spectators. Reaching out and making a connection with a stranger can be one of the hardest things to prepare yourself for. It is done with a split second reaction and often doesn’t go well when rehearsed.

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The only way you get better at opening up your heart is to keep trying again and again.

Cultivate Inner Strength

In order to overcome fear of rejection, you must cultivate your inner strength by welcoming new and possibly scary situations. Opportunity comes when the odds aren’t in your favor. As you become more confident in yourself, you will be less intimidated by rejection. Empower yourself by being relaxed and poised in situations of potential rejection and embarrassment.

There Is Nothing to Lose

Stop having the mentality that there is always something to lose by following your heart. Being courageous means not caring about the possibly negative consequences of your actions. You are scared of rejection because it could mean the loss of your reputation, health, or even your life. However, rejection is a normal part of everyday life. If you allow yourself to be rejected, you are also allowing yourself to learn from it.