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Healthy Eating With The Morning Curry Diet: The Secrets To Unlocking The Hidden Benefits Of Spice

Join the club. Others like you are looking for a diet routine that fits their lifestyle giving you the benefits of healthy eating along with the flexibility of not having so much dietary restrictions on your plate.
The morning curry diet may be what you've been looking for.

Now there is someone you've never had to pick up on a "Wheaties" box. When it became known that he eats curry for breakfast before big games, MLB Superstar Ichiro's "Morning Curry Diet" hit the shores flooding the marketplace with people searching for roux.

Is having a plate of curry and rice in the morning considered healthy eating?

There are pros and cons to every diet whether you eating heavy or thinking light. Discerning the truth from what may be a fad can be hard given the mixed feeling you get by reading what testimonials are out there.

Are you going to stand back and let others decide what is right for you even before trying?

The health and dietary benefits of curry-rice has gotten the media's attention. Appearances have been made by celebrities who have tried morning curry indicating that they have "lost as much as 40 lbs" while on the diet, making viewers question their own eating habits.

There are mixed opinions to whether it works or not. That is why in this column we will go over how to morning-curry diet without rebounding and the benefits you get out of the spice in curry.

Tips to make the morning curry diet work

There are only 2 rules to the morning curry diet which makes it one of the simplest diets out there that are as follows.

What's the first rule of the morning curry diet club?

The first rule of the morning curry diet is eat curry for breakfast everyday (preferably in serving sizes between 1 and 2 cups)

What's the second rule of the morning curry diet club?

The second rule of the morning curry diet is to gauge the amount you eat during lunch and dinner keeping things at least below 80 percent. This means that you should not get "full" during lunch and dinner, i.e. if you usually eat 10 hot dogs before getting full, eating only 8 will be following this rule. Other than eating it is said to be safe eating things you like to some point.

Once your have these two rule down, you have all you need to get the ball rolling. However, there are some tips that might be of some help to keep on going.

For those having trouble making preparations in the morning adding curry powder to soup as a replacement for curry is said to work.

Not everyone has the time or is going to want to have to get up every morning to make curry. That is why it's recommended that you make preparations ahead of time, making curry the day before storing it in your fridge for quick and easy consumption later on.

Not that its necessary to restrict your diet, stopping before you go over 80 percent is key. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a few beers while you're at it.

With the stress-free environment that the morning curry diet gives you, it is no secret why many people find it so easy to stick with.

The benefits you get out of spice in curry

What do I get out of it?

Curry contains large amounts of spice that are not only good for your diet, but have many health and beautybenefits that you can look forward to.

Chili peppers and turmeric contained in curry add in breaking down fat, making it easier to burn off fat. Garam masala improves blood circulation giving you a boost in the metabolism.

Cardamom, allspice,and clover serve to promote healthy operation your sympathetic nervous system, which in turn increases your metabolism.

How about rice- Will that make me fat?

I'm worried that eating to much rice will make me fat?

With 127 million strong and the lowest rate of obesity in the world, let the Japanese population be a testament that, "No, rice won't do that."

Curry isn't a low calorie food (Calories in Beef curry and rice: 841 Cal / 1 serving). That's why on top of eating curry there may be people resisting eating to much rice.

However, since you are eating rice with curry and eating curry boost your metabolism, the carbohydrates in your rice will be instantly metabolized by your body.

This is why the amount of calories you get out of rice should be thought as negligible. So, don't think too much about how much rice you are eating.

Adding ingredients that will support your diet

What ingredients should I add to my curry to get the best results?

When making curry, it is common to add meat, onions, carrots, and potatoes. For you diet to succeed, adding lotus root and pork are recommended.

Lotus root (Renkon in Japanese)

If you are unfamiliar with what Renkon is and where to buy it, ask for it at your nearest Asian grocery store. Renkon is high in dietary fiber, which makes it good for you when you are constipated. It has a consistency that natural increases your chew time, making it easier to satisfy your appetite.

Pork (Pig meat in Simple English)

Pork contains large amounts of vitamin B1, which is thought to play a role in you glucose metabolism. When you body is low on vitamin B1, it is harder to convert sugars into energy you can use. Although beef curry and chicken curry are finding, do try pork curry if you haven't already yet.

How to step it up a notch

Where are areas to improve that I can use to up my game?

If you are looking to take the morning curry diet to the next level, adding exercise to your routine is a must. Incorporating exercise into your diet not only makes it possible for you to eat more, it plays an important role in stress management.

In addition, if you want to reduce your calorie intake even more, then mixing your rice with low calorie alternatives such as konnyaku-rice or miracle rice can cut the rice associated calories you are taking in by half.

  • Starting Your Day Off

    Starting Your Day Off

    Morning curry help you wake up in the morning being more alert than you would eating dry cereal.

  • The Right Kind Of Curry

    The Right Kind Of Curry

    Putting the right kinds of foods in your body is the first steps toward balanced nutrition. Curry works the same way. Chose wisely.

  • Curry Diet Rules To Follow

    Curry Diet Rules To Follow

    Results differ from person to person. Here are some tips to make sure it works out for you.