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General Anxiety Disorder: 8 Science-Backed Tips to Stop Worrying

Negative self-defeating thoughts, racing mind, elevated blood pressure and heart rate; these are general anxiety disorder symptoms. In order to graduate from this stressful condition, we must go back to the basics.

The Key to Overcoming General Anxiety Disorder

The quick and easy way to get over stress should come to no surprise to those who have suffered from general anxiety disorder. When it comes to reducing your worries, you have to think small. Small steps will lead you to a relaxed lifestyle. There are anxiety coping techniques that work better than any medication in the market. But you have to be willing to form new habits and let go of the old unproductive ones.

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Ways to overcome general anxiety disorder

1. More Sleep

It can be as simple as getting more sleep. With regular sleep you are giving your nervous system a fighting chance against anxiety.

2. Deep Breathing

The things that cause us the most anxiety are things that are outside our control. What you can control is your breathing. Give it a shot.

3. No Caffeine

Drinking stimulants like caffeine has an anxiety-causing effect on our bodies when we consume in excess. Find the right amount and drink coffee in moderation.

4. Exercise

Exercise can solve many of our life problems. When it comes to stress, exercise may be the most important change in our lives. Sedentary lifestyles are bad for our mental health.

5. Positive Thinking

The wonders of positive thinking cannot be overstated. Negative thoughts bring is down and our anxiety feeds off of them in a vicious cycle.

6. Find New Hobbies

Fill up your empty schedule with new things to do. It will take your mind off of any problems you may have and thus you won’t have any more time to worry.

7. Socialize

A healthy social life is crucial in preventing and treating anxiety. Is it a coincidence that most people suffering from general anxiety disorder isolate themselves often? I think not.

8. Therapy

Therapy is a good option when you’ve exhausted all other options. Sometimes venting about our problems is all we need. That’s where an idle ear helps sometimes.

General anxiety disorder is characterized by a constant concern of things that are outside of our control. The problem is that we cannot control them; that is what’s causing the anxiety. If we were to start thinking only about things we can control, the anxiety will disappear. Since life is unpredictable and so are other people, we must strive to make our own opportunities. The steps you need to take to relieve your anxiety involve making a radical change to your mindset, which will take time.

General Anxiety Disorder is Becoming Common Among Those Who Overthink Everything. The Good News is that It’s Treatable

If self-help for anxiety is what you need; these science backed tips will surely bring you the relief you have been seeking.

1. Throw Away Your Alarm Clock

Ok, maybe a bit extreme depending on your schedule. But the point here is that sleep is important. Like, very important. Six hours doesn’t cut it when you are trying to recover from general anxiety disorder. Anxiety relief can come in many forms, but I like to keep it simple. Do the things that humans were meant to do. We must sleep one third of our lives in order to function at 100%. If it were my choice I’d change it, but it’s out of our control. There are countless science-backed studies that show we cannot avoid getting a full night’s sleep.

2. Breathing Exercises

Since ancient times, there has always been theories on the effects of deep breathing on our bodies. The evidence is really astounding. And getting into the habit of taking deeper breaths is not labor-intensive by any means. Just by being conscious of your breathing, you are relaxing almost all the muscles and extremities in your body allowing for a freer blood flow. Breathing is really an underrated cure for generalized anxiety.

3. Avoid Stimulants

Artificial energy enhancements are the worst kind of nightmare for someone with general anxiety disorder. The problem is that many people still don’t understand this. Energy drinks and coffee shots are the go-to breakfast for many busy people who suffer from anxiety. The caffeine certainly is not helping their case. Soda also: sugar mixed with caffeine is so bad for your anxiety it is not even funny. Coffee is okay in moderation, as long as it’s not instant coffee. Curing anxiety can be as simple as making a few lifestyle choices like getting your energy from natural sources.

4. Work Up a Sweat

And what better source to get natural energy from than a healthy workout schedule? If you’re lazy like I am, then you can’t be bothered to get out of bed early mornings to get your blood pumping. But the exercise doesn’t even need to be regular. And once you start getting into a routine, you will find that you suddenly have more and more time to exercise. It becomes an addicting habit, and it replaces your unhealthy habits that are the source of your anxiety problems. Treatment for anxiety disorder is all about finding natural healthy alternatives to an unhealthy worrisome lifestyle.

5. Prevent Negativity Before it Begins

Whenever I have negative thoughts, I stop my thought process immediately and recognize that I’m being negative. People who constantly weigh themselves down with negativity don’t even realize when they are doing it. People rob themselves of a peaceful lifestyle by polluting their minds with unnecessary thoughts. Generalised anxiety disorder is mental condition that can be overcome by eliminating the thoughts that cause anxiety. So whenever you feel general anxiety disorder symptoms, write down the thoughts you had before the anxiety attack. You want to avoid those thoughts from ever coming into your mind again. Nip the negativity in the bud.

6. Pick Up a New Hobby

Something you’ve never even considered before would be a plus. I took up yoga without any prior knowledge or experience. It was a great choice and I would recommend it to anyone else suffering from anxiety. General anxiety disorder treatment is simpler than many of the doctors say it is. You want fun things to do in order to take up your free time. Getting involved in a sports team, club, or discussion group every weekend is an excellent way to relieve stress from your busy week. Some people like to stay at home and relax in their free time, but I’ve found that trying new things is what really leaves me feeling refreshed.

7. Don’t Isolate Yourself

When you are experiencing a panic attack or any general anxiety disorder symptoms, it’s important to have a support system. Anxiety help will get you back on your feet when it feels like your life is sinking. Having a healthy social life is one of the primary reasons why people suffer from anxiety in the first place. Human contact will prevent anxiety, and it will help curing anxiety too. Humans require connections, we require touch. By isolating ourselves, we disconnect ourselves from reality and that is where destructive mental conditions start to manifest themselves.

8. See a Therapist

If your generalized anxiety is very severe, it may require severe measures. Don’t knock therapy until you try it. It can actually be, well, therapeutic. Some of us may not have time to make new friends, and we all need someone to vent to. If you have extra pocket money, perhaps consider seeing a therapist as an option. Self-help for anxiety doesn’t have to come only from yourself. There are people out there who will listen to whatever you have to say. Just make sure to find a therapist that you trust.