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Proper Breathing Techniques for Pilates to Relax At Home

Perfect proper breathing techniques at home to maximize the results your get from doing pilates.
Guide to pilates breathing using your chest the right way.

Proper breathing techniques for Pilates are one of the less emphasized aspects of Pilates exercise at home. When it comes to getting the best workout you can from Pilates, practicing chest breathing for Pilates is key not to mention a great way to relax that beats just sitting down on a chair wasting your breath. Quick Pilates >>

How do you breathe when doing Pilates?

In Pilates Breathing matters! Proper breathing techniques for Pilates are just as important as going through the poses. Without Pilates breathing techniques, Pilates at home is not the same as Pilates class.

Similar to yoga exercise, proper breathing technique while exercising makes a big difference in results you see over time. Breathing in Pilates is no different.

In this diet Slism, we introduce proper breathing techniques for doing Pilates focusing on chest breathing techniques along with presenting a simple breathing exercise that can be done at home or around the office for relaxation.

Quick Pilates Breathing

Proper Breathing Techniques for Doing Pilates the Right Way

Executing proper breathing exercises should be done in the same way as practicing form. When doing Pilates at home such as Mat Pilates Exercises for Waist, your Pilates breathing technique determines the efficiency of your Pilates workout.

Breathing fresh air through your nose and mouth keeps you alive. Combing breathing with body movement such as Pilates poses requires proper breathing technique. Just exchanging oxygen alone has more benefits to your health than you would know.

The proper way of breathing in Pilates is breathing through your chest. Here we will discuss chest breathing in Pilates.

How to Do Pilates Chest Breathing Right

There are many Benefits of Pilates Exercise when accompanied by proper breathing technique. Proper breathing exercise doing Pilates helps you maximize the results you get out of Pilates exercise strengthening your inner muscles.

It is never enough to stress that Pilates breathing may be just as important as Pilates poses. Pilates failing in either category is not the Pilates you want to be doing at home.

To do chest breathing the right way double check your breathing technique making sure your chest is expanding as your breath in and vice versa.

Move Your Shoulder Blades


The best way to perfect Pilates breathing technique is to check yourself constantly until you can monitor your breathing technique with little conscious effort required.

Breathing in Pilates is no different than other exercises in nature but a whole different story when it comes to the amount of focus required to plant each pose with proper breathing technique for best results.

Breathing in through your chest…

Simply by bringing your shoulder blades back sticking your chest out is an easy way to force chest breathing stopping your body from using belly breathing.

Suck Your Stomach In Tight


Breathing Pilates help you relax while exercising. It helps you relieve stress caused by anxiety making it easy to move on with your day to day life. This may be one reason why the popularity of office Pilates is on the rise.

Perfecting Pilates breathing technique is the key to making Pilates at home work for you.

Breathing out through your chest…

As you breathe out don't forget to suck in your tummy. What this does is forces your body to use chest breathing, the same technique you will be using in Pilates.

Chair Pilates Proper Breathing Exercise to Relax - Illustrated

Pilates at home may not be the same group fitness experience you would get out of taking a Pilates class but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work for busy people looking to exercise at home.

Relaxing Pilates At Home Using a Chair (Step By Step)

Whether you are at home or at the office taking a break sitting down on a chair may be just what you need to shake off fatigue. Here is a chest breathing Pilates exercise you can do while sitting down to help you relax at work or around the house.

Pilates At Home Using a Chair

[Inhale] Sitting back straight on the edge of a chair with your legs positioned naturally behind your knees inhale slowly as you prepare for the next step.

[Inhale / Exhale] Bringing you shoulder blades together breathe in through your nose. Then, exhale from your mouth while bringing your chest together focusing on your sternum. Repeat steps 1 and 2 doing 4-5 sets.

  • Proper breathing techniques

    Proper breathing techniques

    Depending on what kind of exercise you are doing the proper way to breath may differ. When doing pilates mastering chest breathing is key!

  • Best pilates breathing tips

    Best pilates breathing tips

    Pilates breathing helps you increase the efficiency of your pilates workout in addition to helping you relax more.

  • Chest breathing for pilates

    Chest breathing for pilates

    Breathing with your chest while doing pilates is an important skill to hammer down into you routine. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!