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7 Ways to Relax and Ease Tension for Even the Most Stressed Person

Learn how to relieve stress for yourself to protect your health. Stress only makes it more difficult for you to think and to find solutions to your problems. Get rid of it to think more clearly and to be healthier.

How to Relieve Stress for a Better Life?

For sure there is a lot for you to do during the day and some days you might think you will never get everything done. However, if you find some ways to relax, you will see that you can do everything with more ease and stress-free. Relieving stress is just as important as relieving anxiety. When you are stressed, all you may be thinking about is a weekend escapade to the beach. Nonetheless, you may not have the time or the money for it, so you will have to find some other solutions. The good news is that there are some ways to cope with stress that take only five minutes of your time, but will bring guaranteed results.


Ways to Cope with Stress and Ways to Relax to Be Able to Enjoy Life and to Have a Healthier Life for Yourself

So, how to relieve stress? Engage in activities that are entertaining and that will help you get rid of stress from your life.

1. Food can help

If you are wondering how to relax and you are looking for natural stress relief, you should think about some things to eat or drink. You could be thinking about sipping on green tea, having a square of dark chocolate (but only one!), eat some honey, get some mango, chew some gum, or eat a candy bar. If you are worried about your silhouette, you should stick to those that don't contain any sugar. However, if you think that it's worth it, you could calm your nerves by munching on a candy bar. You can allow yourself to indulge from time to time.

2. Meditation

When it comes to the best ways to relax, the majority of people think about meditation. You don't have to go to a retreat to clear your mind and find inner peace. Meditation is known to have numerous benefits. All you have to do is to find a quiet place, feel how the anxiety leaves your body, and concentrate on your breath. It might help you to listen to music for relaxation. Although you could learn to meditate on your own, it might be good to ask for the help of a professional, at least at the beginning. This way you will learn all the right techniques and you will fully benefit from everything that meditation has to offer.

3. It's all in your breathing

In case you are looking for easy ways to relax your mind, there is nothing simpler than to use your breath. Taking slow and deep breaths will lower the heart rate and blood pressure. If you have some experience with it, you could also try pranayama breathing, which means breathing through only one of the nostrils at a time. This is supposed to have the same results as acupuncture, creating a balance between the mind and the body. Deep relaxation can be easily achieved through controlled breathing. You just have to clear your mind and focus on your breath.

4. Hand massage

Getting a massage is the best way to relax. However, you may not always have at hand a masseuse, so you might have to do it yourself. Performing the right kind of hand massage will relax you and it will slow down your pounding heart. This practice is especially beneficial for the people who spend a lot of time typing on their keyboard. It is a known fact that hands carry a lot of stress. In order to make the best of this one of the relaxation methods, you should apply some lotion and start massaging the muscle at the base of the thumb. This will help you relax the shoulders, scalp, and neck.

5. Acupressure

As stressful as a deadline might be, there is nothing that acupressure can't help you with. You could think of acupressure as a kind of therapy by touch which balances the circulation of energies and fluids in the body. This is one of the best ways to relax at home or even at the office. Use your forefinger and your thumb to massage the soft tissue between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. In order to improve the relaxing effect, you could also use some lavender oil. Although you might think that this isn't a professional relaxation technique, you should know that it will work like magic. You should just give it a shot.

6. Yoga

It is a known fact that exercise is one of the best stress relaxation techniques. Different kinds of exercises might work for you, but you can be sure that yoga is one of them. The good thing about this practice is that it works the muscles while stretching them and giving you time to breathe deeply. In case you are wondering how to unwind, you should try the following position: lie on the floor and raise your legs into the air, resting them against the wall. Keep your palms on the floor. This position will give you peace of mind and it will give your muscles a good stretch.

7. Have a good laugh

No matter how silly you think it is, having a good laugh will help you relax and there is science to back this theory up. When feeling stressed, you should come up with ways to make yourself laugh. As one of the ways to relax before bed, you should keep a book with jokes at hand or watch some funny videos on the internet. In the majority of the cases videos with animals make people laugh. As another option, you could have a lighthearted conversation with your partner, telling each other all the funny things that happened during the day. Laughing is one of the relaxation tips because everybody can laugh and it's not that difficult to make someone laugh. You just have to want it hard enough.

Stress is spreading like an epidemic through the world, but relaxation training can bring an end to it. Once you notice the first signs of stress, you should make sure you take steps quick, because the longer it takes you, the worse the effects will be on you and on your health.