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How to Keep Your Room Clean: 6 Good Habits to Reduce Stress and Sickness

Many of us need a crash course in how to keep your room clean. Youths of today have less responsibility than they used to. Rooms are messier than ever. The mere act of cleaning has many lesser-known physical and mental health benefits that should not be overlooked any longer.

How to Keep Your Room Clean Properly and Efficiently

You’ve probably thought to yourself at one point why should you be thinking about cleaning your room if it will just get dirty again. There are more incentives to cleaning than just a clean room. Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to reduce stress and maintain healthy peace of mind.

Shelves and a desk in a room with pink curtains.

The bacteria from mold and allergy-inducing dust can wreak havoc on your body and can become chronic if you fail to care for your living space. There are many ways to stay healthy that we often forget about, including these six important habits about how to clean your house.

Avoid the Hazards of a Messy Living Quarters and Regularly Clean After Yourself. Find Out the Secret about How to Keep Your Room Clean and Do the Job Efficiently

Cleaning is a great way to alleviate stress permanently. Make it a morning routine to keep your living space sparkling clean and it will spill into the rest of your day. Take a few cleaning tips about how to keep your room clean.

Only Keep Things You Need

Throw it all away

If you’re never going to use it, why do you have it lying around your house? The less things you have lying around your house, the less stressful it will be to live there. Why do so many people carry so much junk with them wherever they go? Possessions with sentimental meaning are exceptions. If you don’t need it, throw it away. Or even better: recycle it. There is someone somewhere that could make more use of the junk you own than you do.

Keep Your Belongings Minimal

If you have a habit of buying and hanging onto things you don’t use, research the benefits of minimalism and how it can reduce stress in your life. Besides having less to worry about, you also have less to clean. You would be surprised how getting rid of half the useless junk you own can make cleaning your room hassle-free.

How to Keep Your Room Clean: Improve Your Organization Skills


For the most efficient house cleaning, you should know where everything belongs first. The key for organization is that you have a specific place for everything. Being organized means keeping things off the floor and in their designated spaces. Put things away after you are finished using them like a mature adult should. This will cut down on clutter and make your cleaning experience a more pleasant one.

Every Area Serves a Purpose

Do you know anyone that keeps their useless junk in their garage and parks their car out on the road? The importance of using space as it was intended to be cannot be understated. You will be able to easily remember where things are instead of wasting time searching your entire room for it.

Have the Tools to Make the Job Easier

Supply yourself

With modern technology, we are able to clean our rooms a lot more quickly. You should try to keep things simple and buy cheap cleaning supplies. Opt for natural disinfectants instead of chemicals and for brooms and mops instead of vacuums. The traditional means of cleaning aren’t as convenient or quick, but knowing that you have cleaned every spot of your room is a good feeling.

Have a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It


There’s no need to be obsessive about keeping your room clean when you have set aside a certain amount of time every week to cleaning. Think of cleaning as your own personal therapy time while at home. Cleaning does have a therapeutic effect, similar to cooking. You should also make sure to clean up after using something to maintain the cleanliness of your room. Treat your home like it were someone else’s home. Don’t leave the sink full of dishes. This adds stress, because you will have to look at it all the time.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

Everything is great on the day you inherit a brand new bedroom, but without your parents’ constant nagging to clean it, you could possibly forget to clean it week in and week out. Before you know it, you are sleeping and breathing in dust and spotting a cockroach infestation. Don’t let it get to this point. Without responsibility, we are nothing but animals living in filth.

Lay the Ground Rules

If you have roommates, don’t be lenient on them when it comes to cleaning. The rules for sharing your space should be met with respect for equal responsibility. You don’t want to have to stress over someone else’s mess. So make a list of cleaning rules right from day one so that there will be no miscommunication later on.

How to Keep Your Room Clean: Break it Down into Small Steps

Do a little bit every day

Don’t make cleaning more complicated than it has to be. If you have a chronically messy room and it’s bothering you, make a conscious effort every day to clean up after yourself one new thing at a time. You might start by cleaning out and organizing one clothes drawer, then two of them the next day, and then move on to something else. Give your room a regular dusting and put delicate materials into a plastic container.

Make Your Bed

Do it every morning

Doing this one simple job every morning will make the room look cleaner and leave you coming home to a bed you can immediately slip into. Even if the rest of your room is dirty, at least make the minimal effort necessary to clean up after yourself. Having dirty and messy sheets is not a refreshing thing to see day in and day out.

Use Your Bed Only for Sleeping

Doing things such as eating on your bed invites the possibility of bugs entering your room. Nothing is worse than waking up violently in the night because an ant crawled up your nose. Similarly, don’t watch television or do anything besides sleep in your bed. Use things for their intended purposes only, so that you can fall asleep easier at night.