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How to Read Your Palm to Predict the Future in 6 Simple Steps

You might think that it is all bogus, but there might be something about palmistry and hand lines. Although there is no scientific evidence, nobody ever managed to prove that there is no truth to it. Trying it will not do any harm to anybody.

How to Read Your Palm to Know the Future

In case you are interested in the matter, you should know that palm readings are also referred to as palmistry and this is an ancient form of fortune telling. Although you can't read men's minds, you can read their palms. The main point is to evaluate a person's character based on the lines in their palms. First of all, you have to choose a hand.

Woman's palm covered in henna.

In case of women the left hand represents the experiences you accumulate over time and the right hand is what you are born with. In case of men it is the other way around. Based on this, you should choose the hand you wish to "read".

How to Read Your Palm to Find out a Little Something about What the Future Holds for You so You Will Not Be Taken by Surprise

So, how to read your palm? Learn everything there is to know to become a fortune teller or to simply entertain your friends.

The major hand lines

ringed hand in hand with visible lines
Do you have all the lines?

Although not all schools of thought agree with this, some consider that there are four major lines: heart line, head line, life line, and fate line. Note that only some people have the fate line. These lines might be broken or they might be short, but all people are supposed to have at least three of these four lines. If you are interested in how to read hands, these are the lines you should follow.

What does the heart line tell you?

hand pose as heart
Just like Florence's song

Based on the tradition you follow, the line can be interpreted from both directions, starting from the pinky towards the index finger and the other way around. In case you would like to know how to read your own palm, remember that this line is supposed to represent romantic perspectives, emotional stability, cardiac health and depression. If the line begins below the index finger, you should be content with your love life. If it starts below the middle finger, you are supposed to be selfish in your love life. In case it begins between the middle finger and ring finger, you will fall in love easily. If the line is short and straight, you aren't really interested in romance. When the line touches the life line, it means that you can be easily heartbroken. In case the line is long and curvy, it means that you can freely express your feelings and emotions.

What does the head line say about you?

palm of hand
Is your curved or straight?

The head line indicates your learning style, intellectualism, thirst for knowledge, and communication approach. It is believed that a curved line means spontaneity and creativity while if the line is straight it means that the person in question is practical and down-to-earth. In case the line is short, it means that you prefer physical achievements instead of mental ones. If you have a sloping and curvy line, you are supposed to be creative. Furthermore, when it comes to how to read palm lines, you should know that if the head line is separated from the life line, it means enthusiasm for life and adventure. Having a wavy line suggests a short attention span. Palm readers believe that a deep and long line means a focused and clear thinking. If you have a straight line, it means that you are a realist. If you have circles or crosses in the line, it suggests emotional crisis.

How about the life line?

Woman with wide smile
Indicator of physical health

In case you are interested in reading palm lines, it is good to know that the life line begins at the thumb and it travels towards your wrist in an arch. It is supposed to suggest physical health, major changes in life, and general well-being. While some people might think otherwise, it is good to know that the length of the line is not connected to the length of a person's life. If the line is close to the thumb, it means that the person in question often feels tired. On the other hand, if it is curvy, it means that they have a lot of energy. When reading your palm, you should know that a long and deep line means vitality. However, if the line is short and shallow it suggests that the given person is easily manipulated by others. In some cases the line swoops in a semicircle. In this case it suggests enthusiasm and strength. If you are interested in how to read palm, keep in mind that if the line is straight and ends close to the edge of your palm, it means that you are cautious regarding relationships.

The fate line

young woman sitting in middle of track
Does your break?

If you like reading hands, you should know that this line is also known as the line of destiny. It is supposed to suggest in what degree is a person's life affected by external factors that they have no control over. The line usually begins at the middle of the palm. If the line is deep, it means that your life is strongly controlled by fate. In case the line breaks and continues in another direction, it suggests that your life will be changed many times by external factors. If you are wondering how to read my palm, you should know that if this line starts joined with the life line, it means that you are a self-made individual who developed aspirations at early stages of their life. However, if the line joins the life line at the middle of the palm, it means that at one point you will have to surrender your interests to the interests of others. In case the line starts at the base of the thumb and crosses the life line, it means that you will receive support from your family and friends.

It's not only about the lines

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Is it all that simple?

In case you are asking is palm reading real, you should know that there is a lot more to it than the lines. Your fortune also depends on the hands shape, on the mounts of your hand, and the size of the hand and of the fingers.

You might say "I want to read my palm", but you should know that this is a complicated matter. Nonetheless there is nothing that you can't learn if you wanted to.