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How to Get Taller Fast Using 10 Effective Natural and Artificial Ways

A beautiful face, smart physique and long height constitute an ideal physical appearance longed by every girl. By using beauty products and exercising, facial and physical beauty is maintained easily, however, attaining desired height is often faced with failure. Despite of genetic affects, girls can still desire for growing taller by adopting numerous proven ways to get taller fast.

Tips on getting taller for girls conscious about their physical appearance

So many teenagers struggle with height problems they tend to always want a solution to make them look taller. The general assumption is the taller they look, they will seem more mature and even smarter. There is always this rush to seem as if they are young adults. Unfortunately even after we have all gone through puberty and have reached our “ripe old ages of mid twenty”, we still have not attained our desired height.

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Don’t worry about it though not all of us were meant to models, just careening down the catwalk towering over an audience. When teenage girls do not attain an average, good height they always wished for, they suffer from inferiority complex. As for adults the result is no different. For some, being tall is a natural thing; a result of the genes transferred to them from their parents. Some are not so lucky, so besides getting depressed, they might resort to finding methods on how to get taller fast. Maybe you want to impress a guy or want to just feel elegant or whatever the reason, there is a solution that you can at least consider trying seeing that there is nothing to lose. This article will exclusively present tips on getting taller which has already been practiced and remarked with best positive results. So, you can stop thinking about how do I get taller and actually start practicing them on your own!

10 Effective Ways to Get Taller Fast Which Can Help the Short-Heightened Girls Overcome Their Inferiority Complex

It’s time to say goodbye to your teenage nightmare of always being the only short-heightened among your friends and relatives. Being the shortest of the lot can make you feel frumpy and have you stick out among your friends like a sore thumb. Truth be told, shorter people always tend to get lost in a crowd; it is much easier for a guy to notice the tall girl than the short one. Being short can take away yourself confidence but there is a way to reboot. Start learning quick and efficient ways to get taller and enjoy the physical appearance that you always dreamt of. Take a look at the following ways to get taller fast naturally and artificially, and start practicing them today!

By intake of healthy, balanced diet

In order to learn how can I get taller, first of all, you must pay utmost attention on what you eat or drink daily. Now before you even begin dieting, you need to understand that even minding what you eat won’t miraculously make you tower over your friends. When we were young, our parents always encourage us to eat and drink healthy, focusing on vegetables and drinking milk and other calcium products to stay strong and healthy and grow big and strong. Turns out they knew what they were talking about. A healthy diet does contribute to good health and promote cell growth.  A healthy and well-balanced diet is comprised of eatables and drinks enriched with proteins, calcium and vitamins. Proteins are present in meat, fish and soy. Such meals develop your muscles to grow faster and make your bones stronger. Similarly, dairy products and green vegetables provide you with adequate quantity of calcium required for good growth of bones. Vitamins are one of the best supplements which enhance growth among girls. One of the most essential vitamins to get taller includes Vitamin D which is present in fish or mushrooms. In addition to intake of all these healthy products, avoid eating junk food and fizzy drinks. Otherwise, your therapy of how to get taller naturally using the balanced diet and vitamins will go futile. Bear in mind that the average person stops gaining height somewhere around late teenage years but not to worry there are other height boosters that you can easily consider if this tip is not for you.

By exercising daily

Exercises are the healthy activities which keep your muscles active and bones strong. By performing exercise on a daily basis, you can easily see that how to get taller fast was never an impossible matter. Sometimes losing extra fat off your body will make you look not only slimmer but will give the impression that you are taller. Some of the exercise to get taller includes skipping, walking, performing athletic activities and joining a gym. Skipping and walking can be done while you are at home; go to a park or even within the college or institute you study. These exercises keep your muscles active all the time. Likewise, you can perform several athletic activities by joining sports club. These activities are an upgraded version of exercises which take off your fats, and make you appear thinner and taller. Moreover, gyms are the best exercising platforms where you can build your muscles and learn how to grow taller naturally by keeping your body smart and strong via exercising on numerous machines. Gyms include machines for building your legs, arms, and shoulder muscles plus burning extra calories, which undoubtedly is one of the fastest way to get taller.

By taking required sleep every night

Intake of required sleep is essential for every girl and one of the natural ways to get taller. How do you get taller by sleeping you ask? It may sound odd but it must be known that scientific studies have shown that special growth hormones are released into the female body during sleep. Thus, by having sleep of at least 9 hours, you can assist the natural process of your body growth. This will speed up the production of growth hormones and eventually assist you to grow taller. Ever noticed how people who tend to suffer from a lack of sleep or insomnia tend to look slouched, small and frail? Taking your requited sleep keeps you in good posture hence making you seem taller than you actually are.

By avoiding drugs and alcohols

Ways on how to grow taller will not happen to miraculously appear to you one night when you are out drinking and doing drug. By avoiding certain things must be the concern of every girl. Drugs and alcohol are among those intakes which inhibit your growth process and burn the nutrients which are required for your body growth during teenage years. For example, smoking and intake of steroids keep you shorter by badly affecting your bones’ growth and increasing the blood pressure. Moreover, the excessive intake of caffeine also keeps you away from getting required sleep, and thus slows down the process of your growth. So, think can you get taller by taking such harmful things which not only affects your height but also put your life on stake? Not a chance.

By maintaining a firm posture

So far you have come across several ways of how to naturally get taller. Now, let’s look at some of the ways of how can you get taller artificially. This can be done firstly by keeping a firm and straight posture of your body. No matter how short you are or even how tall, maintaining a good posture is extremely important. It could be something as simple as standing straight with shoulder pulled back a little. Try just that in the mirror and notice how you will appear comparatively taller than other around you. Thus, if you want to know the best way to get taller, keeping a firm posture is one of the best options!

By wearing tight clothes and high heels

How to get taller by wearing specific clothes? Sounds interesting, right? By wearing high heels you can easily add more inches to your height. This is one of the more obvious options when women try to add more inches to their height. It is also the most popular method as on a daily basis one can observe women in varying degrees of high heeled shoes. One of the first options for many women when they do not to seem to have attained their desire height is to easily slip their heels on. Similarly, through wearing tight clothes, your body will look slimmer as the material hugs to your skin and gives the impression of a body that is lean and elegant. The thinner you look, the taller you will appear. So, wearing fitted clothes with high heels is surely a best way to get taller by mere appearance. Be careful how high you go though as not all women will manage walking well in shoes that are too high.

By exposing your legs

Here is one of the most interesting tips to get taller, just try enhancing the way your body looks and shift the focus from some parts of your body to other areas. Some women will tell you the best way to get taller or give the impression that you are tall rather, is by exposing your legs! By doing so, you will appear to have a length that was not noticeable when it was all covered up and make you seem taller and more attractive! So, stop wearing leggings or long skirts, rather wear miniskirts and show off the best of the body you have.

By wearing dark-colored clothes with vertical stripes

“I want to get taller”. Is that the voice that keeps on popping into your mind? If yes, then check this other promising way of how to get taller for girls using mind-blowing ideas. By wearing dark-colored clothes, you will appear thinner. And since a slim body adds to your height, you will consequently appear taller too! Similarly, by wearing vertical striped shirts or jeans, you will appear taller also. There is a general rule when it comes to wearing stripes to enhance the type of body that you have; the rules states that your body will appear longer or larger based on the direction that the stripes are going. Horizontal stripes have a tendency to make people look fat, hence for persons who already have a considerable amount of body mass, horizontal stripes should be avoided and left for those who have a slim body type. On the other hand, vertical stripes are suitable for people who want to give the impression of being tall. Vertical pattern makes the body appear slimmer and smarter.

By getting short or medium hair-cut

How to get taller faster if you have passed your teenage years? Is it possible? Mostly, the grown-up girls and women stress themselves out by thinking what can I do to get taller? The answer is quite simple – make use of your body and appearance wisely and carefully. For example, if you have short height but long neck, then you can expose the neck well by getting short haircut. It will expose your long beautiful neck and give gorgeous posture to your face and body. The more you expose or pull attention to the longer parts of your body, the taller you will seem.

Embrace you

There is nothing that makes a person feel taller than just loving themselves and accepting who they are. While you can take advantage of a few or even all the tips listed, stop thinking about how do you get taller and focus on what you have going for you. Loving you is the only sure way to fully appreciate the body that you have been blessed with. Do not try to imagine yourself being someone else. Live and enjoy you.