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Go for a Walk: 8 Reasons You Should Consider Walking More

We all underestimate the impact that a single 30-minute walk can have on our well-being. Plan to go for a walk sometime soon. It is the most simple and easy form of exercise possible; for both the body and the mind.

Go for a walk

Since the dawn of time, people have been walking to get where they need to go. We all need to go for a walk occasionally. It's the same concept as playing a video game. If you stop moving, you die. Many people could lead happier lives if they feed their basic instinct to walk.
Many of the world's health problems can be solved with walking. Walking is a hidden statistic that saves more lives than doctors, firefighters, and medicine combined. What at first seems like a boring chore you have to force yourself to go do becomes an addicting habitual lifestyle choice.

girl going for a walk outdoors

Reasons to go for a walk

1. Health benefits

2. Transportation

3. Mental health

4. Social life

5. Charity

6. Exploration

7. Time to talk

8. Just because

We are Biologically Wired to Constantly be Moving. Sometimes When We Are Feeling Anxious, the Best Cure is to Get Up and Go for a Walk.

As well as good exercise, walking will also improve your posture. Especially if you spend most of your time sitting. Taking regular breaks to go for a walk is highly recommended for healthy blood-flow throughout your body.

1. Go for a Walk: For a Healthy Body

girl stretching overlooking ocean

Feeling tired? Go for a walk. After a hard day at work, don't even think about laying down on the sofa and start watching television. Promote healthier sleep and state of well-being by going out and walking a mile. You will feel invigorated and all that fresh air does wonders for your circulatory system. You will feel much better afterward than if you had watched the latest episode of your favorite TV drama.

Walking to Lose Weight

Walking is especially useful and viable if you are overweight. If other forms of exercise are too much, there is no excuse not to give walking a try. It's a great way to lose some extra body-fat and doesn't put as much pressure on your joints as running. Instead of dedicating your schedule to mealtimes, replace one of those timeslots with a nice walk or a jog and watch the pounds melt away! Walking is so great for burning off calories if done regularly every day that you'll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner. Since you are exercising you will be able to visit that ice cream or coffee shop on your daily walk sometimes as a reward for keeping in shape.

If you are not going for a walk to make your new year's resolution, then what? Transportation? Yes; you can get around by foot.

2. Go for a Walk: For Transportation

girl on her phone getting out of car

Health benefits aside, walking is also the most reliable form of transportation. Of course the way technology has boomed over the past century, there are far more convenient and faster methods. However, if you have the time, walking will get you where you need to go. Save the hassle of ticket-buying, traffic, and wrong routes by going for a walk sometimes. You are saving the environment, saving money, and keeping your heartrate up in the process.

After you are done getting where you need to go by foot, he is one route you may want to take, walking yourself to answer the questions you hold on to deep inside.

3. Go for a Walk: For an Active Mind

walking girl looking on horizon

Going for a walk gives you more time to think. A mental break of diverting your attention to an activity like walking helps you to think critically. Since walking requires little concentration, you are better able to focus on important matters. You let your mind wander while witnessing life in real-time. We often think about the most important things while we're in motion. We can find many answers about work, love, and ideas that we wouldn't have otherwise while isolated in one place. We can get caught up in such deep thought, that we can often lose track of where we are. Be careful you are not in the middle of a crowded intersection when doing so!

Walking as a Spiritual Activity

Walking can be more thought-provoking than you think. While walking, we witness things about life we can't while being in one place. We can gain inspiration from the average ordinary-day events that happen around us. Through observing people and nature, we form opinions and ideas that can further us along in our journey to a better state of mind. Go for a walk and use it as a time for deep meditation. Even if you're walking along the same trail every day where nothing new is happening, you are etching that place in your mind as your spot. It can be a relaxing get-away from the main stressors in your life.

Go for a Walk to Solve Important Issues

When you have a problem, go for a walk and oftentimes you will find that an hour of walking will leave you with a solution. Whether or not the issue cannot be controlled, walking helps you move forward (literally and figuratively). Walking helps you to focus your mind on what your body cannot achieve at the present moment.

Walking is so lonely... Maybe that's because you are doing it all wrong, not a part of a walking group.

4. Go for a Walk: For a Better Social Life

couple walking together

Walking is also a good activity to do in groups. If you have one or two friends to take with you on your walk, then you can pass the time more quickly. While walking with others I've managed to lose one or two hours without even realizing where the time went afterward! Consider joining local walking groups to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Alternatively, walking is also a good chance for some "me time". There is something especially refreshing starting your morning off with a walk alone and time to reflect.

Can walking help me with my relationship?

Believe it or not, walking also has room to fit into your relationships. Wouldn't it be so fun to- take him on a nice twilight stroll through the park on your first date. It's very romantic, cost-effective, and healthy way to get to know each other better.

Walk for the good people that need your help.

5. Go For a Walk: To Feed the Hungry

Do you sometimes want to give back to your community, but don't know how? There are now many opportunities to use walking as a way to help more people than just yourself. Join charity drives than involve running or walking to feed the hungry. You are doing your part in changing the world for the better while burning calories.

There doesn't have to be any special reason to walk. Walk because you can. Walk because you are physically capable of doing so. Don't take your healthy legs for granted; start using them! We are only given one life. Make the best of it by using the tools we were given instead of letting them deteriorate. A healthy, happy person is always on the go. Walk for freedom.

6. Walk to Go Explore

woman at beach with hands up

Biking or driving around town doesn't quite give you the same experience as does walking through the city. You will tend to notice a lot more while walking without time restraint. If you aren't in a hurry, you might pick up a few things about your neighborhood that you didn't know before. This is why it is crucial to go walking every once in a while. You will gain valuable information that you wouldn't have if you aren't a regular walker. Soon you can branch off to larger areas. You can start out with 30 minute walks and then increase to hour long walks to explore more of the city. We humans are born for exploration and discovering new territory. You just have to let your adventurous side out occasionally.

Walk the talk. Talk the walk. Whatever you do, don't forget that walking is provides a great venue for conversation.

7. Walk to Talk

Nothing more invigorating that having a walk with company. Talk to your friend, significant other, anyone. Bring your dog and talk with it. People will look at you funny, but going for walks are a chance for you to be social and enjoy company. Walks are the best time to have stimulating conversation as there are no time restraints and your mind is most active when in sync with your body being active. You can talk about a lot in a 30 minute walk. Almost everything you need to say to someone can be said in a short to medium sized walk. The feel-good endorphins flowing through your system make walking and talking almost as hallmark as showers and singing. Just something about walks that gets people active and in the mood to share more than they usually would. It works even better than truth serum.

Just walk.

8. Go For a Walk: Anytime

The great thing about walks is the flexibility. You can walk in the morning, afternoon, or evening with the same health benefits. There really is no way you can go wrong with the time slot you choose. Walking during any time of the day will leave you sleepy at night to wake up feeling refreshed. Many testify the benefit of having two or even three different walks throughout the day for maximum health benefits. If you have a lunch break off at work, why not take a portion of that time walking before you eat? Even walking throughout the parking lot is better for you than just sitting down for the entire hour. If you can't sleep at night, it also helps to go out for a walk in the late-afternoon. It's a unique experience. I would recommend this over staying in bed and trying to force yourself to sleep. That almost never works as well as getting out of bed and doing something productive.

Aren't you glad you are considering going for a walk more often?