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6 Must-Know Sleep Walking Tips from Sleep Forensics Experts

Do you know anyone with a sleep walking problem? It can sometimes be harmful to people suffering from it, so it is important to understand the causes of sleep walking and what you can do to fix it.

6 Expert Tips to Cure Your Sleep Walking

Sleep walking is bizarre, and funny to people who have never experienced it or have known another person who is always walking while sleeping. If you or anyone you know is currently having issues with sleepwalking, then take these tips with more than just a grain of salt. The sleep walking experts all agree, there are 6 definitive steps to cure any sleep walking habit. With these effective sleep tips to break bad sleeping habits, you can conquer your sleep walking habit once and for all.

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Sleep Walking

1. Get Better Sleep

Should be easy enough right? Not for someone with sleep walking problems. It’s a vicious cycle, but it’s possible to snap yourself out of it.

2. Consult Your Family

There is a possibility that your sleep walking problem is genetic. Double-check with your parents and their parents just to make sure.

3. Take More Relax Time

Stress is a common symptom from someone experiencing sleepwalking. It is a serious condition, so consider taking some time to yourself until it’s resolved.

4. See Your Doctor

Don’t allow your sleepwalking to run your life. See a doctor before things get very severe. I’ve known some cases that required an emergency room visit. Don’t get to that point.

5. Have a Roommate

The purpose of a roommate is to monitor your sleepwalking habits and give you feedback and support. They can also prevent you from doing dangerous things in your sleep.

6. Don’t Wake Up a Sleepwalker

Don’t do it. Some people have the tendency to wake up violently out of slumber. It’s best to just gently guide them back to their bed.

It is possible to fix any sleep ailment you have. Sleepwalking is a common one that many people experience up from childhood. In order to get to sleep in bed, and stay asleep in bed, you have to understand your condition first. It’s not easy to cure your sleep walking habit, but it is definitely possible for anybody.

While Sleep Walking, You May End Up Harming Yourself or Others. So it is In Your Best Interest to Take This Bad Habit and Nip it in the Bud

You don’t want people to find out about your embarrassing sleep walking habit. So instead of hiding it from everybody, find out finally how to get rid of it once and for all. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

1. Fix Your Sleep Schedule

The number one thing you need to know about what causes sleepwalking, is that it normally signals a lack of sleep. So if you are always caught up in the middle of the night walking in sleep, it might be time to set that alarm clock and start going to bed at a more reasonable hour. Sleep walking is a common occurrence in those with poor sleep habits since childhood. Usually, sleepwalking in children is outgrown by the time they are adults.

Sleepwalking in Adults

Sleepwalking in adults is more uncommon. It normally stems from an unhealthy sleep pattern, which causes fatigue and thus abnormal brain functioning during sleep. The sleep is less restful, and sleepwalkers often have bouts of insomnia as well.

Sleepwalking and REM

People who sleepwalk often have more non-REM sleep than people who don’t sleepwalk. REM sleep is the “deep sleep” you achieve for short intervals in your sleep, which is often accompanied by dreams. Sleepwalking is a mixture of a waking state of consciousness, and non-REM sleep. The reasons for sleepwalking can be explained by a disruption to one’s REM sleep cycle.

2. Research Your Family Tree

One of the other major sleepwalking causes is genetics. That’s right- your parents can predispose you to be a sleepwalker. The reasons for sleepwalking passed on through generations of families hasn’t been proven to this date. Ask your parents if they have any ancestors who have suffered the same problems as you. Suggestions for sleepwalking treatment since birth include keeping the right sleep schedule, the right diet, and eliminating caffeine from one’s diet. Sometimes, prescription medication can be obtained for severe cases of walking while sleeping.

3. Chill Out and Take Some Relax Time

One of the more common causes of sleep walking happens to be stress and anxiety. If you are having a rough week or month, then consider taking a vacation soon. If you don’t have a history of sleepwalking and all of a sudden you’ve had more than one instance of it recently, that’s a red flag that something is off in your life. Sleepwalking in adults is no laughing matter, and definitely an illness that is worthy of taking off work for to see a doctor.

4. Talk to Your Doctor

Talking to a doctor is highly recommended if you can’t control your sleep walking. When all else fails, you should definitely consult your doctor because this is a problem that can get worse when left unchecked. If you aren’t sure how bad it is yet, then look for the signs. Other sleepwalking symptoms, besides walking while sleeping, can include:

Sleep Talking

Mumbling to yourself while sleeping sometimes is normal, but sleep talking takes it to the next level. You can have intricate conversations with yourself while talking. If you’ve never watched someone talking while sleep walking, it is quite bizarre.

Almost Impossible to Wake Up

Throw a bucket of ice cold water on them. Try anything that would wake up a normal person. Chances are, a sleepwalker will stay asleep.

In a Dazed State

If you’ve ever witnessed someone sleep walking, you would know that they are in a half-state of sleep. So if you try talking with them, they won’t be able to answer you consciously or coherently. If they are able to talk, then what they say will most likely be confused gibberish.

5. Get a Roommate for Support

There are many dangerous consequences that could result from someone being a sleepwalker. This is why you should consider getting a roommate that can help you through your sleeping woes. Your roommate can lock the doors and windows and hide the key so you can’t wander outside. They can also hide your car keys, preventing you from going out on a dangerous night drive in your sleep. If you have no option to live with anyone, then you can simply hide your keys in places where you normally wouldn’t look. When you are sleepwalking, you are in a stage of sleep and less likely to remember the reality.

6. Never Wake Up a Sleepwalker

Last but not least, never under any circumstance wake up a sleepwalker. If you have a child or friend that is suffering from sleep walking, let them do their thing. The correct procedure if you find them out of bed, is to gently guide them back to bed. Some people who are walking in sleep can get violent if woken up. You want to lock all doors in the house if you know someone sleepwalks, and you want to cut off access to any dangerous objects like knives at nighttime. If you are the one who sleepwalks, then tell whoever you are living with to not risk waking you up.