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7 Tips for Getting a Boyfriend and Leaving the Singles Club

Most probably you have asked yourself how do I get a boyfriend before but if you never found the right answer. This is the time to get on the right track. Just make sure that this is what you truly want.

I want a boyfriend!!

Here is a piece of general truth: one half of single women are just trying too hard to get a man while the other half don’t really try at all. Some women try so hard to leave single life behind that they sometimes settle for any guy that just happens along. So often they complain that the guy is not good enough or that there are no good men left. Oftentimes though there is nothing really wrong with the men but it is ourselves that we should take a look at. This means that you should stop asking yourself “how do I get a boyfriend?” Or “are there any good men left?” and get down to business.

woman with long hair giving thumbs up

Although at this moment single life may all seem lonely and scary, you should know that there are many tips that will help you get past your lonely times. Just make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process; the key is not to make any compromise.
You should never think that he is too good for you or find a million reasons why he isn’t suitable for you; the right one is out there just try so hard you end up pushing him away.
Here are some tips that will help you to land that guy of your dreams without breaking a sweat.

7 Tips for Getting Yourself a Boyfriend and Not Having to Answer the Question “Why Don’t You Have a Boyfriend”? Ever Again

So, how do you get a boyfriend?
For starters, making the first move works wonders. In addition, it might be time to get that makeover you've been thinking about for the longest time. Here is how you find that boyfriend and more!

Make the first move

A lot of women believe that they are supposed to let men make the first move. If that is the case many of us women would forever remain single. Some men are shy by nature so they will have hesitations about making the first move to ask a girl out. If you have your heart set on a shy guy however, you will more than likely, have to wait a long time before he will ask you out. Building up the self-confidence to make the first move might help you catch that big break that you were praying for. Maybe he was noticing you but wasn’t sure how you feel about him. This is why it might be better to start a casual chat with him and see what he is like before even attempting to ask him out. You don’t have to think about anything fancy; just ask him if he would like to have coffee with you or go watch a movie together. If he has the slightest interest, you can be sure that he will say yes and he will be more than glad you decided to make the first move even if you only become friends with benefits.

Give yourself a makeover

If you have been trying for some time now and you are thinking I need a boyfriend, you need to take a look at yourself and ask yourself if a potential guy needs you.
Do you have an overall irresistible personality or do men seem to run in the other direction?
If you can’t seem to land even platonic male friends it might mean a long overdue makeover is on the horizon. Changing some small details might be the key to changing your situation. Change here refers to not just your looks but also your attitude. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect so striving for perfection is useless. Nonetheless, you could do some things to make yourself more appealing in the eyes of men. You could start an exercise routine to get yourself into shape. Working out will boost your self-confidence and make you more self-assured.
Giving yourself a chance for change is something that can not only make your day but also improve your life , so why not go for it?

Change your hairstyle or even your wardrobe and maybe try a new style of makeup. Although you might think that these are small details, they can make a big difference. You don’t have to go all out and change the person that you are, just highlight some parts of you so they stand out more soon that men will surely notice the difference. Changing your hairstyle might seem a small insignificant thin but minute details means a lot. In no time heads will be turning more towards you.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

When you’re thinking to yourself “I need a new boyfriend” you may never consider that it is your perfume that’s keeping men away from you. We focus so much on the other aspects that we tend to overlook little important details. You might have your favorite fragrance that you love while to wear while men are thinking that it smells ghastly. Most men prefer subtle fragrances that requires coming real close to get even a small whiff. You can use perfume to attract men, but the majority of women forget that less is more. You don’t need to empty the entire bottle in an effort to smell good. When you use too much perfume the result is an overpowering scent that makes you unapproachable and cheesy. It is better to have a subtle scent that speaks more to your seductive and sensual side. Dab or spray a little in your hair and flip it gently from time to time during conversation with a guy to leave small lingering scents in the air around you. Men will follow you simply because they can’t get enough. As another tip, keep in mind that men like natural scents. It might be a good idea to take a male friend with you when you’re shopping for perfume.

Smile from deep within

Ever seen someone smile so beautifully they seem to have a glow around them? They seem to always stand out in a crowded room and are always the center of attention. They might seem more beautiful than you are but if you take a closer look, they just simply live life differently. Allowing your natural beauty to shine through to ensure that your persona is warm and inviting is not a hard task. The majority of men agree that the most appealing feature of a woman is her smile and this is where most women make a big mistake: they don’t smile often enough. This is maybe because many women feel vulnerable when they do smile. If you need a boyfriend you don’t need to plaster a grin on your face or force your smile out. Just allow yourself to think of a happy or pleasant time. So many times we wear a scowl on our faces without realizing simply because what we are thinking is projected through or persona. Would you like to be with a person who seems to be serious all the time without any sense of humor? Highly unlikely. This is why you have to show men that you are pleasant, funny and with a good sense of humor.

Make yourself approachable

Your body language says it all. Depending on what your body language is showing a guy might think that you want to be left alone or that you don’t mind him stepping up and talking to you. Do you scowl or turn your nose up when you catch a guy staring at you? Or do you smile and nod in acknowledgement. Even with a smile on your face if you keep your arms crossed and seem unapproachable men will not give you a second look. Most men won’t have the courage to talk to you and you will always be alone. If you’re saying “I want a boyfriend”, show it. This means that you have to open up to people and for this to happen you will have to learn a little something about your own body language. For starters, you should never cross your arms when talking to a man, don’t allow your face to wear a permanent scowl. It can be turn off and will give the impression that you are bossy. Turn your body towards him and lean slightly forward to show him that you are really interested in what he’s saying (even if you’re not). In other words flirt a little.

Work on your confidence

If you are asking “Do I need a boyfriend?” it means you’re not sure yet. As a matter of fact you never need a man; you just want one. In order to get him, you will have to show off your confident. side. So often in the midst of our loneliness we break down and vow to take steps to make friends and start the process to finding a man yet when we go out and get approached we run scared. Self-confidence is a must if you want out of your single life for this you might want to do some shopping; wear clothes that you feel comfortable and sexy in and that boost your self-confidence. Also pamper yourself a bit more so that you will feel more comfortable with you. Get your hair or your nails done. Get a massage even because sometimes to boost confidence all a girl needs is to just feel all “girly”. You can be sure that others will notice the changes. Changing something about your appearance no matter how small, is always a great way to increase your self-confidence.

Do the talking

A lot of women find it difficult to talk to men so when asking “How do u get a boyfriend?” The place to start is with how you talk to men. How do you expect to find a man if you can’t even hold a conversation with one? Learn about the topics that men are interested in and ensure you can hold your place in the chit chats without seeming out of place. Can you keep up with things that they are interested in such as sports? You will have to master the art of small-talk. If you aren’t a sociable person, this is something that you will have to practice. You could start with your friends and family and then move on to strangers. The women who find it hard to talk to strangers ought to begin with the people who are paid to talk to them: salespeople. This is one of the best ways to improve your social skills and to gain some confidence. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions without sounding too much like a know-it-all. Men love intelligent women but acting like you are a tree of knowledge will be a definite turnoff. Try to maintain a comfortable balance.

Did you ever consider the online world?

There are billions of people on earth and you can be sure that there is someone out there for you; you just have to find them. If it seems as if your dream of bumping into a dream guy doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, don’t sweat it, maybe it’s time to sign up to some dating sites. Online dating has grown over the years and has become quite popular. Plenty long lasting relationships begun in cyberspace. People sometimes find it easier to build up a conversation online than in person. Online dating sites makes it easy for someone to find the one that is perfect for them; the great perk is that you get to screen your prospective dates and eliminate the ones who just don’t cut it. Although you might have some misconceptions about online dating sites, they could really surprise you positively. If you are having hang-ups about the safety moving from meeting someone online to actually dating him in person just practice some precautionary measures to limit any chance of problems; meet in public spaces, or meet him with some of your friends close by. Online dating can be great, you just need to approach it with an open mind.
Getting a boyfriend isn’t difficult especially if you know what you want and how to get it. This is the first step that you have to take towards a relationship.

Explore your options without being picky

Just because you are single does not mean that you are going to jump in a relationship with the first guy that comes along. Too often women get blinded by their loneliness and star thinking that any man is better than no man at all. Not so. Ensure that you set realistic standards and stick to them. Don’t walk around with a mental checklist and cross of guys who don’t fit into the requirements 100%. Relationships are a give and take and aren’t meant to be perfect.