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Are We Compatible? 7 Fun Relationship Questions to Test Your Compatibility

The first one will give you an incredible insight into his personality, the third one will get him to open up, and the sixth one will show you who he wants to be in life. No boring conversations, no awkward silence: just fun relationship questions that will help the two of you find out more about each other.

Fun relationship questions for getting to know him better

As the girls working in the place we work, we tend to get a lot relationship related questions from you. And from our friends. And from the friends of our friends. And from their friends. And even from the girls on the other floor. Basically, we know all of your problems and trust us: Handling them isn’t at all that easy.

A couple laughing while sitting near a river.

But we can’t and we will never say no to you, because we are very well aware of just how comforting it can be to have a cold head that can think for you in the moments your emotions are all over the place. However, this time, we are going to deal with one particular problem some of you find really hard to deal with.

Make Communication His and Your Most Powerful Tool for a Healthy Relationship: The Most Interesting Relationship Questions That Will Give You a Better Insight into His Personality

Yes, communication is the key for a meaningful relationship, we’ve said that many times. But do you have to bore him to death every time you feel like sharing? No. And that is why you have us. We’ve prepared your share of fun relationship questions that will get him to talk and see how compatible you two lovebirds are.

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

This time we start off pretty boyish. Well, you were the ones who wanted to get him to talk! You have to startle him at first, get his attention: And this is one way to do it. If he is caught by surprise, you be the first to share your answer and give him time to think.

Guy on a wakeboard caught in the air.

Depending on his answer, you will clearly be able to see what degree of excitement goes with his personality. And also how well you fit in the entire story. How terrified would you be in the same situation?

Would you go bungee jumping with me?

This is so fun for two reasons. First, if he is not an adrenaline junkie but he says that he would jump with you, you can say that he is probably smitten (you lucky girl), and that you can count on him trusting you.

Girl in green shirt bungee jumping.

On the other hand, if he likes bungee jumping but he says he would never do it with you, this clever relationship question could revel you that he probably thinks that you are fragile and/or easily frightened, and that he would never want to do something that would put you in such discomfort. And it would also ruin his precious experience.

What is the craziest dream you have ever had?

For me, dreams are such an amazing topic to talk about. Especially when I’m having a conversation with a guy. My dreams are never as funny as theirs can get. And while both of you can have a good laugh with this fun relationship question, a step further in interpreting dreams can also be of help when it comes to showing your compatibility.

Fantasy floating city and clouds surrounding it.

This conversation can also evolve into a talk about his motivation, goals, and fantasies, and that is what makes it a great relationship building question.

Would you agree on wearing my dress?

Do you have a party maniac by your side? This is a good time to find out. Trust us, if he is a silly little rebel, you will know it right away. For you, this would be a perfect opportunity to find out more about what he thinks about social norms, how flexible he can get when it comes to them, and also another interesting thing: How secure he is about his masculinity.

Fabrics of different bright colors.

If he is 100% sure about how he feels in his body, and how secure he is deep down, pulling off a girly outfit for, say, a costume party won’t seem like such a big deal to him if he is a fun, outgoing guy who likes breaking some rules.

How good are you in the kitchen?

This is a (relationship) question we all want to get the same answer to. However, if you are disappointed, you can always steer the conversation to a bit different direction. Has he ever at least experimented in the kitchen? What is his biggest fail in the kitchen? Would he agree to help you in preparing the dinner one evening?

Kitchen jars, oil, and a bowl with herbs.

With some music and positive attitude, both of you can be pretty sure that you will have good time. But when it comes to food, we are not all that sure (just kidding).

What is your most inspirational non-celebrity?

Asking about a non-celebrity is a clever idea because it can get him talking about a person from his life, meaning that he gets to open up on a more personal topic. If it is his parent or a grandparent, you could also get a pretty good insight on what his childhood looked like or where did he get some of his personal traits.

A young man in a shirt looking up.

But this can also lead you to him telling you some interesting stories from his life he has never shared before, giving you a chance to get to know him even better and bond a little more. And he also won’t be bored.

If I gave you $10,000 and told you to spend them in my company, how would you spend it?

Give a guy some money and only one condition: to spend it while you are around, and see what you can get. If there is an ultimate test of compatibility, this must be it.

A pile of dollar bills.

Would the two of you end up in the restaurant, go shopping for that watch he had always wanted, or on an airplane? We vote for the third option, but his answer could be anything in the world. And the only thing that is important is how well it corresponds to your possible answer. A good relationship question comes with a good relationship answer, but this questions can bring you either the best or the worst.

So go ahead and start asking. And just to remind you, keep two things in mind: Don’t bore him (these are fun relationship question); And please don’t start a fight. These questions are made to give you a chance to get to know each other a bit better and give you something to talk about. Not liking his answer is not necessarily the end of the world. Enjoy those little discussions you have with him.