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Should I Always Wear Sunscreen? The Pros and Cons Sunscreen Has

A lot of people are talking about the benefits of sunscreen, but what are these benefits exactly? Are there any disadvantages as well? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the pros and cons of wearing sunscreen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunscreen

In many cases when people hear about the benefits of sunscreen they only think of the fact that there is another artificial product they have to apply on their skin. However, we all know that you should always have sunscreen on when you go out, even if you only go for a jog. Although you can’t see the short-term benefits, you will be glad you used sunscreen on the long run.

Sunscreen and sunglasses on a beach towel.

It will prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on your skin which will help you maintain your youthful look. Applying some sunscreen doesn’t seem such a big sacrifice, does it?

Do the Benefits of Sunscreen Outweigh the Disadvantages? Find out Everything You Need to Know about the Matter

So, what are the sunscreen benefits and what are the disadvantages? Read on to find out everything you need to know about sunscreen.

Protection against the sunrays

We all know that it’s good for the skin for you to spend some time in the sun. However, we also have to think about the fact that the sun also has some harmful sunrays and this is why you should always wear sunscreen. By protecting against the harmful sunrays, it also protects your skin against skin cancer (and this might be the most important benefit of them all). If you ask a professional about the pros and cons of sunscreen, most probably they will start the list with this aspect. It is better to think about avoiding the problem than treating it.

Protects against sunburns

If you don’t believe that the harmful sunrays do affect you, for sure you do believe that sunburns are real. Did it ever happen to you that you spent a day at the pool and you weren’t able to leave the house the second day? This is another reason for which you should wear sunscreen. Another aspect you might want to consider is sun poisoning. Although you might think that this is only an urban legend, you should know that it is truly possible. Again, this is something sunscreen can protect you against, so why not use all the protection you can get?

Protecting you against wrinkles

It is a known fact that exposure to sun leads to wrinkles and to the premature aging of the skin. The good news is that sun screen is able to protect your skin against premature aging as well. For sure you know that wrinkles make you look older than you really are and for sure this is something you would like to avoid. Sun protection cream is here to help you. You just have to sacrifice 5 minutes of your time to apply it before you leave the house. If you come to think of it, you will see that it is worth your while.

Age spots

A lot of people think that the skin is a clear indicator of one’s age. However, the wrinkles and age spots can lead to the premature aging of the skin. One of the sunscreen benefits is that it can prevent the appearance of age spots. These are nasty brown spots that appear on the surface of the skin. Although you might think that you can take care of them once they appear you should know that it is easier to prevent them than to make them disappear (not to mention that it is also a lot less expensive). You should think about your wallet too before giving up on the idea of sunscreen.

Sunscreen blocks vitamin D

Although it has numerous benefits, we also have to add that sunscreen blocks vitamin D, which is also referred to as the happiness vitamin. This fact could make you ask why wear sunscreen? As it has been mentioned before, wearing sunscreen has both advantages and disadvantages and this is one of the cons to consider. Before you give up using sunscreen, you should remember that there are other ways as well for you to get your daily dose of vitamin D, such as in form of pills. Women always have to make some sacrifice for the beauty of their skin.

Sunscreen comes with chemicals

In case you are asking how sunscreen works, you should know that it is able to do everything it does due to the chemicals it has. So you may also wonder: is sunscreen bad for you? The truth is that you have to ask yourself which is worse: applying all those chemicals on your skin or getting a sunburn? The jury is still out on the question, but in the meantime you could be looking for the products that don’t contain parabens, sulphates, or phthalates and that are PABA-free. There are numerous products of this kind and, even though they are slightly more expensive than the rest, they are better for your skin.

Sunscreen could ruin your clothes

It is true that some of the sunscreens do leave white spots on the skin that could possibly ruin your clothes or bathing suit. However, this problem has a solution as well: there are some products especially created that were meant to avoid spots of this kind. If you ask what is sunscreen, you will be told that it is a cream or lotion that protects your skin. However, in reality it is a lot more than that. There are numerous kinds to choose from and you just have to find the one that is suitable for your skin.

It prevents you from getting a tan

This isn’t a con, really, it’s more of a misconception. A lot of people think that they can’t get a nice tan if they apply sunscreen. You should know that there is a difference between sunscreens and sunblocks. If you are lying by the beach, you should use sunscreen to prevent the harmful rays from affecting the skin. If you are riding your bike and you don’t want to get tanned in your biking equipment, you should use sunblock. As you can see, it all depends on what you want. There is a good product for every purpose.

There are some people asking does sunscreen cause cancer. If you happen to have questions of this kind, the best thing you could do is to ask your dermatologist.