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Things that are going to help you slim down the easy way without making you give up on your health

Here are article on diet and exercise to help you lose weight the healthy way in addition to healthy recipes, top vitamin rich food lists, and exercises for your face to slim down your jawline and get rid of a double chin such as face yoga. Don’t miss out on simple diet plans like the apple diet that make getting results in your weight loss program that much easier.

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The Blueberry Diet: Eating Blueberries to Lose Belly Fat

Does the blueberry diet work? Yes, if you eat 2-3 cups of blueberries a day studies show that you can lose weight even on a high fat diet. Diet eating blueberries.

The Coconut Diet to Lose 10 Pounds worth 20 Dollars Down

Lose 10 pounds eating 2-3 tbsp of virgin coconut oil a day taking advantage of medium-chain triglycerides in your diet. Saturated fats are not trans fats.

No Good Foods? The Dangers of Too Much Bad Cholesterol

Foods that increase your cholesterol is the bad cholesterol contemporary of foods you should never slip through your diet goggles.

Detox Is What? Getting Rid Of Harmful Body Toxins Fast

Are you so sure you don't need to detox? Check again. If you've check of any one of the items on the detox checklist then you need it right now.

Detoxing Your Body Naturally With Your Lymphatic System

Massage the nodes in your lymphatic system to flush out bodily waste and toxins detoxing your body. 6 Steps for the best lymph detox at home.

Thigh Cellulite Cure: 2 Not to Stretches for Thin Thighs

Cure thigh cellulite before it happens stretching for thinner thighs and preventing cellulite damage in your legs. Anti-cellulite stretches.

Dancing Exercise Benefits: 3 Ways To Dance It Off Fast

Dancing exercise is off the hook! When it to losing inches off your waist there is no better way to dance it off. Get your curvy dancing on! Dancing as exercise.

Lowering Cholesterol Diet: 7 Foods to Eat Now Not Later

There is good and bad cholesterol. Not every cholesterol lowering treatment such eating foods to lower cholesterol or exercise works the same way.

Love and Weight Loss: How to fall in Love to Lose Weight

Hormones are a daily part of a women's life. When you are not dealing with you period, what's left is trying to balance your hormone on a diet. What happens when you fall in love?

MUFA What!? The Flat Belly Diet MUFAs and Sassy Water

Not all diets are created equal and neither is the flat belly diet. If you haven't gone out and bought the book yet, this may be your first sassy look.